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Damir Juretic
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User Reviews for Bookshelf-Your virtual library

Freedom in the Tracks

I’m not a heavy user of apps on the phone, but I have grown, especially fond of bookshelf. Being a free app, it had the potential to be something not too sturdy, but that has not been the case as I have used over the past four months because I have a way to log where I am in several books without using random bookmarks, although I still have them, my reading habit has been stronger and consistent because of using this app. I’ve already recommended it to many friends and even a few strangers who also like to read so if you don’t already have it, download it and enjoy your reading journey, the title of this review is in reference to trains the train is powerful, but I can’t go anywhere without its respective tracks. Therefore, this app becomes the “tracks” needed for your powerful reading train!

C_R_Hammett, Jan 31, 2023
Every book lover should download the Bookshelf app!

This app is phenomenal! Using it is easy and there are so many options! Plus it’s FREE! I can add the books I own, save books to my “wishlist”, note if I let someone borrow books, etc. That way I ALWAYS have my current book list and my future book list, in case I find myself in a book store and have a “did I already buy this” moment or a “is this on my list” moment or “what’s the next in the series” moment!! And if I lend someone a book and I can’t remember who or when it was, I can just check my Bookshelf app! There’s even an option to Explore other top-rated/new books and if you find something you like, it’s easy to just click and add it to your Wishlist!

JessieB44, Oct 30, 2022
The App I’ve Been Searching For

A few months ago, I downloaded five or six different apps all for the purpose of helping me organize my reading. I wanted to sort books by 1) what I was currently reading, 2) what I intended to read soon, 3) books I’d read in the recent past, and 3) a backlog of books, mostly nonfiction, that I found interesting or helpful in some way. I also wanted to sort material by either fiction or nonfiction, and I wanted an app that was easy and intuitive to use, that would allow me flexibility in how I catalogued my reading. Within a week, I deleted all the other apps I downloaded, except for this one. This one was the obvious keeper. Checked every box. I’ll be using it for years, maybe forever, as long as it remains free. Awesome app. (Side note: If I ever streamline my phone and delete all my extraneous, time-wasting apps, I will not be deleting this one.)

Josh Gyllenhaal, Dec 24, 2022

This app is beautiful. I’ve been looking for one that is simple enough to use efficiently, yet has many options. I love being able to make different shelves for borrowed books, or for books I read as part of a book club. I like that I can keep track of how many pages I’ve read and what date I started and finished reading the book. You can keep track of how many copies you have, whether your book is signed or not, when and where you bought it, and for how much. I also really like the search bar function when I’m at a book store and a title sounds so familiar but I can’t remember if I have it or not. With a few quick taps, I can check if the book is in my collection or needs to be added. This app is perfect.

juliiebabiie, Feb 22, 2023
This is the one!

I’ve tried several book apps, and this is by far the best. It has all of the features I wanted, is easy to use, and it looks good. One request I do have - maybe you can make it an option in settings - is that I would like my box sets counted as individual books for a more accurate number of books to appear versus only counting the whole set as one book.For instance, Throne of Glass by SJM has 8 books. However, scanning the box set to show in my library only adds one book to my overall book total. This can be remedied by scanning each individual book, but I have multiple copies of some books that I collect and would like to record them as accurately as possible for cover references.

nrbrous, Apr 10, 2022

I love this app as it has many features I can’t find on similar apps. I enjoy being able to keep track of all my books, reading progress, etc. I gave the app 5 stars as it is fairly new but there are a few things I think they could add that would improve the experience for all. Adding or editing the amount of pages -Some books don’t have the same amount of pages listed as my physical copy and it makes it a little tougher to track my progress. Some books don’t even have the amount of pages listed at all. I think a good fix to this would be allow each individual to put in the amount of pages on their own as you would with the price and what not so that it is tailored to each individuals books/preferences. Allowing the option to organize by reading progress- It is hard to track my reading progress with certain books as I add new books to my bookshelf. For example, I am reading a book right now and it’s all the way at the bottom with my older books. I think any books in the process being read should be at the top and ordered by the amount of progress (e.g. 60%, 10%, etc.)Even without these additions, it is still a very good app that I would recommend to others.

rafsorrow, Sep 25, 2022

This app has been invaluable for my child’s library collection. With almost 700 books for a 7 year old I had to find a way to organize the collection. Upon our initial use we found many duplicates that we were able to gift to friends and our classroom. This app has prevented me from buying several other duplicates since and I couldn’t continue the library collection without it! Thank you for also making this FREE, though after using it I would happily pay for the continued use. I look forward to using the other options next school year where we keep track within the app of the books they have read for our school log! Thank you so very much for this amazing resource!

sewcew, May 06, 2023
Great app

This is the only app I’ve found that allows me to add my entire collection without having to pay a subscription fee for the large amount of books I own. It also allows me to add shelves so I could organize my book by which bookcase they are on or each shelf on each bookcase that way It’s easier to locate a specific book within my collection. It also has a place that I can put who I let borrow a book and when I let them borrow it. There is also a feature that allows you to quickly add books by doing a batch scan but it will also tell you if you already have a book within your collection when you scan it. This comes in handy when I’m at the bookstore and can’t remember if I’ve already purchased a book or not.

sillymonkey1108, Dec 28, 2021
Very happy with this App!

Just downloaded today and I LOVE it so far!!! I’ve needed this for years to help manage my extensive book library (over the years I’ve accidentally bought multiple copies of books solely because I couldn’t remember if I already had it or not!).I’m cataloguing both my personal and educational books and putting them on “shelves” (lists). I’m also adding “tags” (or categories) so I can easily find what I’m looking for. For example a cookbook might be on the “Cookbook” shelf but tagged as “Christmas” and “Desserts”; a children’s book might be on the “School Counseling Books” shelf but also tagged “Big Feelings Groups”, “Anger”, and “Coping Skills”. So far, the app is free (no in-app purchases), ad-free, and I think you can add as many books as you’d like. Win-Win-Win! Thank you to the developers!!!!

SuperMom and SuperTeacher, Jul 15, 2021
The perfect app for cataloging a home library!

I originally found this when looking for an app that I could use to digitally catalogue all the books in my physical library, and let me tell you that it’s really hard to find one with unlimited storage without having to pay a monthly or yearly fee. But Bookshelf is that app! Not only does it have an unlimited number of books you can add, but is also super easy to use. The batch scanning function is particularly easy to use to scan in a bunch of books at a time. I also really love how it has an option for you to add in a book manually if you can’t find it by scanning or searching, and it’s particularly helpful with old books that don’t have bar codes or an ISBN. I can’t think of a single thing I would change about it!

the ink wyrm, Sep 30, 2021


Catalog and organize library or book collection on multiple virtual bookshelves. Track your reading progress and maintain a wishlist of books you want to read. Discover great new reads and share book recommendations.

Bookshelf is a free service with a sleek, functional and user-friendly interface. BOOK CATALOG FOR YOUR LIBRARY - Add books using fast and easy to use ISBN barcode scanner - Batch scanner option allows to rapidly scan multiple books at once - Books can be added using search functionality (title/author/ISBN) - Old and rare books can be added manually - Import books from a CSV file generated by other popular book apps SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE BOOK ORGANIZER - Organize books by creating custom multiple virtual bookshelves - Create personal notes or add other useful information for books in your collection - Use search functionality to quickly find books on your shelves - Sort your books by title, author, number of pages, publication date, etc. - Use filters to display books you have already read or books that you never got a chance to finish DISCOVER GREAT BOOKS AND SHARE BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS - Discover bestselling books in over 100 categories (data by Book Depository) - Rate books to help others to find their next read - Share your favorite books with your friends on social media or email - Maintain a wishlist of books you want to read TRACK YOUR READING PROGRESS - Easily log how many pages you have read so far and when did you start and finished reading a book - Get a comprehensive visual report about your reading statistics NEVER LOSE YOUR DATA - Your data is securely stored in the cloud - If you change your device or even a platform, just log in with your username and your data will be there - You can export data to a CSV file to create your own backup FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Stay in touch with us as new features and improvements are coming! - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bookshelfconcept/ - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bookshelfapp/ FEEDBACK If you have any feedback, questions or issues please email us at: [email protected] or visit: https://www.bookshelfapp.info * Privacy policy: https://www.bookshelfapp.info/privacy-policy.html * Terms of service: https://www.bookshelfapp.info/terms-of-use.html

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