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User Reviews for StoryGraph: Reading Tracker

incredible tool for readers!!

i love this app so much!! i heard about it on tiktok & immediately downloaded it. i’ve been using it for about a week or two now & it’s so so amazing!! the features & interface are so so great and it’s evident that the people involved in making the app love reading & have a passion for this project. there’s nothing i don’t love. I know it’s a work in progress so i’m super excited for things like the reading recommendations to become even more personalized, and for more nuanced privacy settings!! i use this app pretty much daily. it’s made reading even more fun, and i’ve told everyone I know about it. i love to put in my TBR, update my reading progress w my current reads & use the private journal to list my thoughts, see what my friends are reading through the community tab, and organize all my TBR, owned books, DNF’d books, etc, with tags. if you like reading even a little, try storygraph!!!

aldoforpwoslcmfme, Jul 05, 2021
New kid on the block?

I just realized almost all reviews are within past couple of days so there is my evidence :) The app has a simple streamlined also uncluttered interface. I like the general minimalist aesthetic which plays a big part for continued use as a new user. I am impressed with the recommendations as I have been building a small ‘library’, online or offline. The books fall neatly into the niches I am currently focusing on while bearing surprise factor to expand on my own list. This is a gem for sure.I guess it really depends on the longevity of those apps, growth potential, user base…Last Goodread replacement seems to be out of the cyberspace before I get to check it out (after I first learned about it some years ago)…At least I am a front runner for this one! So maybe share some findings, 1st, the app doesn’t stay signing in, so it’s a bit inconvenient having to type credential every time. 2nd the Current On…section is like a young adult gold mine, pretty irrelevant to my reading selection. So no idea what’s the algorithm behind…Question is if I start to add data to this, how long will they stay on? Also how good is the archive the app is searching? How solid is the search/display algorithm? The order of the search results are quite interesting…

AppDeeDee, Jul 01, 2021
Pretty good, but recommendations function not intuitive

I switched to mainly using Storygraph, because the toxicity to the social side of Goodreads exhausted me, and the stat and other review features are a plus. But I don’t feel the recommendations section is that intuitive. I tend to read in a lot of broad genres, but within those, I can be picky, and I wish there was a way to account for that. I loved fantasy and romance, but I’m *tired* of getting paranormal and urban fantasy romance recs, because I’m more of an epic fantasy person…with some exceptions, depending on author, tone, characters, etc. Also, I’ve definitely gotten some dark and taboo stuff that isn’t tagged as erotica (a genre I listed as “not interested” in my survey), and it happens way more often than I’d like. Also, why am I being recommended stuff I already have as “want to read?” There’s an option to not see them when doing a filter search, so why would they come up in standard recommendations?

CourtieKay71, Jun 05, 2022
Awesome! (4.5 stars)

This is better than Goodreads in my opinion. The homepage is accessible and easy to navigate. I like the quiz at the beginning so that your recommendations are personalized and you can change it at any time. It is quite obvious that the creator loves to read and knows what their doing. It also has reading challenges just like Goodreads. There is stats that shows you what genre, author, mood, ect. that you read the most; which I don’t think goodreads has. Another thing that this has that goodreads doesn’t is detailed reviews. Instead of 1 star increment ratings, it’s in increments of .25. You can also fill out a checklist about the book and submit that with the review. And one of the most useful things is that if you already have an account on goodreads, you can transfer all of your information to StoryGraph. There are a few small things, though. The page count on books is always around 20 pages over what the actual page count is. And since this is a smaller reading app, there isn’t any actual author reviews or anything. This is obviously not the apps fault though. Great app overall!

Dimebizzle, Jan 16, 2022
needs work

Going to need a lot of work to adequately compete with goodreads. The stats are great, but that’s about the only improvement. The interface is confusing, and certain pages can only be accessed by several unintuitive clickthroughs. The look of the whole thing just feels outdated as well. The fact that everything, including going “back” to a page, scrolls from the right is just weird. There are lots of covers, page info, and correct editions missing from this database, and searching editions by ISBN has yet to actually work correctly for me. Importing from goodreads made a mess of all of my information; thankfully I don’t have a large library so it only took an hour or so to manually update all of the books that inexplicably were marked as being audiobooks. (The edition noted on goodreads appears to have been fully disregarded in some cases). The reading tracking also needs work. It automatically marks ALL pages as being read on the final day of reading unless you manually track throughout. And it has to be *throughout* because there seems to be no way to back date entries, it will only allow me to add one “journal entry” per day, even if I update it to be for a day last week.

Hershey96, Jan 06, 2022
The app is good, but imports are difficult

I am a fan of the app. I like how it focuses on the topics the reviewers put it under rather than ratings. I also like the stats feature it provides and how comprehensive it is. However, I imported my data from goodreads since I’d been using that app to track my reading for about 5 years. The dates when I read things is one of the most important things I keep track of, but the imported books do not say the correct dates for when I read things. Because of this, I can’t look at any of the stats for the books I imported data for. In 2020, I read over 100 books but the app says I read 1. This past year I read about 34 books and the stats only show data for the most recent ones I put in manually. Because of this, I don’t know how likely it is that I will consistently be using this app over goodreads.

jd64491, Jan 08, 2022
So much to love!!

I love so many things about this all! I love that you can do half and quarter stars and all the options when reviewing! I love the break down of stats! The main thing I don’t like is that you can’t see whole follows you! This makes me extremely uncomfortable! I also love connecting with people over reading and have friends and being able to interact with them on a site like this I love! I am able to do that on goodreads which I really appreciate and feel like I can create more of a community! I love being able to interact with my friends and see what they are reading and if it’s a book I love I love being able to comment on their update. I know the creators have said they don’t want this to be a social media website which is why they won’t let you see who your friends are. But I think the social aspect of reading is really fun! I truly love this app so much and it has so many amazing features but I really hate that you can’t see who you’re friends are and who is following you. It makes me extremely uncomfortable as a woman.

kalynobyrne, Aug 23, 2021
A great independent site + app

I’ve been searching high and low for an alternative to Goodreads—for some reason, I wanted *all* of the same features so that I didn’t feel as if I were missing out on something. What I didn’t realize is how much those features drive me up a wall! I genuinely love Storygraph because it has helped me fall back in love with reading, not just *talking* about reading. Its goals are fun but not obnoxious to check in with, its catalogue is ever-growing, and its design is far more relaxing than Goodreads. Additionally, it means a lot to me that Storygraph is independent. I plan to subscribe after I finish cataloguing my library, and I urge you to do so as well. It’s not often that we find a website & amazing group of designers like the team behind Storygraph. They are transparent, creative, and hold a relationship with those that frequent the site. Cheers to more reading, with more vivacity than ever!

Lwestb01, Oct 06, 2021
Almost great

I really love a lot of aspects of this app’s functionality around reviews since it gives a much fuller picture than a simple star rating. Personally that’s a much bigger draw for me than the ability to give fractional stars, but since they’re there I do also make good use of them. I haven’t made use of the reading challenges yet, but that’s on my list for this year.There are a few weird things with the design of the app that make it difficult to find things. For some reason, I always have a hard time remembering how to get to my own reviews to look at and edit them. I also have not been able to finish any of the handful of books I started after seeing them on their recommendation engine. Perhaps I just need to get more reading history into it, but the books I’m being recommended all seem to have very mediocre ratings and few to no reviews. On the one hand, it’s nice to not be recommended just a list of NYT bestsellers, but their current recommendation algorithm seems to be swinging too far in the other direction.

mowilk, Jan 12, 2022
Bugs Galore!

I saw this new reading app being suggested on TikTok so I thought to check it out. I downloaded the app and began to create an account and decided to also import my info from Goodreads. It stated that it may take some time and I’ll receive an email once complete. While waiting, I took their book recommendation survey and was really enjoying it and getting exciting to play around on the app. I got an email saying the import was done as well. Once I finished the survey, the app got stuck on a loading page. It wouldn’t change and so I force closed the app. I went to re-open the app and the loading screen was still their even after I force closed it. I waited and eventually it opened back up to the homescreen but it logged me out. I tried logging back in, but an error popped up saying that the page isn’t working. As a new user, this puts me off and I cannot say whether I’ll continue to use or even attempt to navigate this app as it isn’t working at all. Please fix it!

Peanutbutterluv, Jul 27, 2021


Import your Goodreads data: We will import all of your currently-reading, read, to-read, and did-not-finish shelves. Any custom shelves will be mapped to a custom tag on The StoryGraph. Simple tracking and insightful stats: Easily track and learn about your reading habits with our wide range of charts and graphs.

See how your reading develops over time and use that to help you pick better books. Get smart personalized recommendations: Our machine learning AI is like your trusted go-to friend for book recommendations. It'll understand your reading preferences and find the best books for you. Discover books by mood: In the mood for something adventurous, funny, and fast-paced? What about a darker, slower, more emotional read? Mix and match our comprehensive set of filters to choose your next perfect book. Read with friends: Add live reactions to specific parts of the book without fear of spoilers. Comments are locked for other participants until they reach that point in their reading. Don't have people to read with? We’ve got machine learning-powered suggestions for great reading buddies. Reading Challenges: Want to read one book from every country in the world? Or how about read a book per week across a range of genres? Our reading challenges feature help you set up personal goals or join in with others. Custom Tags: Enhance your book tracking and discovery by making use of our custom tags feature. You can search and filter books by your tags and share curated lists with friends. Content Warnings: When you review a book, you can let us know if there's any content within it that might be triggering for others. Then, when searching for your next read, all of this information is at your disposal. Features: • Import your Goodreads account • Reading charts and graphs • Buddy reads • Personalized machine learning recommendations • Follow your friends to see what they're reading • Annual reading and page goals • Search/browse books by mood, pace, and more • Custom tags • Lists to share with your friends or the public • Create your own reading challenge or join in with others • Browse similar books • Find similar users • Half and quarter star ratings • Built-in DNF (Did Not Finish) functionality (including tracking pages read) • Progress updates with built-in reading journal • Author-approved and user-submitted content warnings Want to support an independent, Goodreads alternative? Consider upgrading to Plus! • Keep the platform ad-free: You'll help The StoryGraph stay independent! • Advanced Stats: Compare any two time slices of your data side-by-side and get stats pages for any of your custom tags • Up Next Suggestions: Not sure what to read next? We'll look at your To-Read Pile and give you smart, personalised suggestions • Buddy Read Book Suggestions: Want to read with friends but don't know which book to choose? We suggest books that we think the group will love • Unlimited Recommendations: Search for personal recommendations, based on your mood and reading preferences, as many times as you want to! • Advanced Similar Users: Search for users based on what they typically like to read in order to expand your personal book community and discover new books • Personalised Similar Books: When browsing books, see similar book suggestions that are unique to you • Shape the roadmap: You get to vote and comment on upcoming features as well as submit official requests for new ones • Priority Support: Your support tickets and requests for book information updates will be handled first Privacy Policy: https://app.thestorygraph.com/privacy Terms of Service:https://app.thestorygraph.com/terms-of-service

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