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User Reviews for NetGalley Shelf

Could Be Better But Will Still Use

I will be praying for improvements with this app. I just downloaded and can feel like I should just use my Kindle app the read these books. But I thought this app would help me differentiate between the books I’m reading for Netgalley and the ones from other sources. When you are downloading the book, a little window pops up and it says “Start downloading the book.” I feel like it should just say “Downloading” I was really confused at first because when I read that, it made me feel like I should click on it to download. Also, when you are flipping the pages, should it be like the kindle where you feel like you’re actually reading a book and not a document? Scrolling makes it feel unnatural. I haven’t tried the audiobook feature yet, but the reviews make me hesitant to do so. Sooooo many improvements are needed for this app. I was so excited for it when I read it. Anything that can be done on my phone makes for convenience. I hope there will be a better update soon.

Bookworm4days, Dec 30, 2020
Audio quality issues do serious disservice to authors/readers

While I greatly appreciate what the app offers re: access to audiobooks, the significant audio quality issues are doing a disservice to the content creators.Audio always sounds robotic, and often echoey. It gets noticeably worse at faster playback speeds, often to the point of distraction or not being able to understand what is being said. I am leery of even providing feedback on the narration in the current book I am listening too, because I am having a very hard time distinguishing whether issues are from the narration or audio quality. Will still use it because I love audiobooks, but publishers should be cognizant of how the quality of their product is impacted by this when using the feedback they receive.

CinnamonGirT, Mar 27, 2022
Audio books aren’t functional

I downloaded this to listen to a review copy of an audio book, but discovered you cannot listen to them sped up without awful distortion (it sounds like a robot or someone talking through a box fan). The audio books also freeze after every chapter, forcing you to close and reopen the app, which completely breaks immersion in the story. Downloading the audio was also a pain. If my screen went to sleep, the download stopped. If I tapped or bumped my screen at all, the download stopped. If the app was minimized or interrupted in any way, the download stopped. It took 20+ min to download one book, and I had to turn my screen to never go to sleep and was unable to use my phone the whole time it was downloading. The only reason to use this app (I use my kindle to read DRCs) was to access the review copy of an audio book, but the app is unusable in the regard. I’m very disappointed!

Fallchick08, Sep 06, 2020
Audio is terrible!!

Considering that the only way to listen to audiobooks is through this app, the audio quality is a massive issue. The audio is echoey—like listening to every word spoken in a multi-octave chord. Speeding up the audio makes it even worse. I can’t listen faster than x2 speed (which is slow for me) or else the audio actually skips and is unintelligible. It is difficult to concentrate and definitely has a negative affect on my experience with the book, which in turn hurts my review. I am constantly busy with chores, so audiobooks are my biggest percentage of my reading consumption. Having a bad experience with this audio makes me not want to use this app / give reviews this way. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

FineTunesReviews, Jul 12, 2022
Audiobooks have some technical glitches, but overall not bad!

Audiobook seems to take a while to download - longer than other apps - but not too bad. Audio sounds overly distorted when reading at a faster speed (e.g. 1.25x and faster), which can be disconcerting. Also, app tends to freeze when starting a new chapter; the timer keeps going but no sound is heard, and the problem is only fixed when the app is closed and reopened, which is inconvenient (and dangerous when driving). Conveniently, the app does faithfully recall the last location listened to when opened back up.Note: I have an iPhone that has the latest software update (NetGalley recommends 13.0 or later, which I have).

i <3 FOB, Aug 25, 2020
The App will not let me sign in

I’ve tried for weeks to access my books through this app, but it will not let me sign in. I keep getting a message that I have the incorrect password. Even when I change my password I still cannot get in. This is so frustrating being that I read a lot on the go. It is extremely convenient to be able to access the books from my phone. Now I can only access the book from my KindleFire. But the books do not go to the Kindle app on my phone. Therefore, I cannot read the books on my shelf from my phone at all. This is highly frustrating. I should be able to send my books this app like I once did in the past. I don’t understand what is going on but I hope it will be fixed soon!!!

IAmTaraHicks, Oct 01, 2021
Need to reboot at chapter break

I loved that audiobooks have been available and the app does lots of things well. I’ve no quarrel with features and sound quality, but the known issue of only being able to play 1 chapter at a time and then having to reboot my phone to continue is making me nuts. I certainly can’t listen to anything while driving due to this. At home, it takes a while for the audio to start going to my earbuds instead of the phone speaker— meaning that when listening at night, getting started with a new chapter means unexpected noise that wakes my husband, so listening to more than a single chapter then is out, too, although this may not be an app issue— this is the only audio I’ve played recently on my iPhone XS. Seriously, I’d prefer to rank this a 1, but hate to discourage NetGalley. I’m running the latest iOS, 14 something

janmaus, Oct 18, 2020
Horrible Audio Quality

This app is the only way to access audiobook from NetGalley, but the audio quality is so horrible that it’s hard to even listen to them. The narration always sounds robotic and echos. If you try to increase the speed, these issues become noticeably worse and the audio will start to jump. It makes listening to audiobooks, something I normally love into a chore that hurts my ears. When reviewing audiobooks through NetGalley, the website always asks for feedback on the narration. I never felt like I can give any because this app warps the sound so horribly that my experience with the narration is nothing like what an actual reader will experience when listening through a better app. If I was an audiobook narrator or an audiobook publisher, I’d be hesitant to have my work on NetGalley simply because this app makes the experience so horrible for the listener and that is bound to effect reviews. As a reviewer, I find myself hesitant to request audiobooks simply because the listening experience through this app is so horrible.

ls4578, May 22, 2022
Problems when listening to audio ARCs

My biggest problem with the app is that the audiobooks are difficult to listen to. Frequently the audio quality isn’t great, with echos or tinny sounds. The app also frequently hangs when the novel should advance from one chapter to another. It’s problematic if you listen while driving. I frequently have to close and then reopen the app in order to advance to the next chapter, which means I have to pull over if I’m listening while driving. Also, the poor resolution and overlapping of title text mean it’s difficult to use any screen captures of the audiobook for SM promotion.

MarielleGK, Nov 22, 2020
Need to update audiobook functionality

Audiobooks take an unusually long time to download and do not continue to download in the background, so they monopolize your device for upwards of a half hour until you can use the device or listen to the book. Has options for increased listening speed, but caused an oddly digital sound, even at 1.25, which is unusual as most audiobook and podcast players players can manage that without too much sound distortion.EBooks don’t always save your place, often reopening 5-10 pages behind last read position if you leave the app and return later. Seems to be some sort of delay?Otherwise a pretty convenient app.

Why these particular ads?, Aug 17, 2020


NetGalley Shelf is a reading and listening app for NetGalley members. NetGalley helps publishers and authors promote digital review copies and audiobooks to book advocates and industry professionals. Publishers make digital review copies and audiobooks available for the NetGalley community to discover, request, read, and review.

NetGalley does not sell any content, including books or audiobooks. Each book on NetGalley is provided to specific members by the publisher directly, at no cost to the NetGalley member. Books on the NetGalley site are used for review and promotional purposes only. Users of the NetGalley Shelf app will need to register as NetGalley members on NetGalley.com or NetGalley.co.uk, then all your approved NetGalley books and audiobooks will automatically appear in this app. No need to press Download on the NetGalley website! Reading is easy and convenient using the NetGalley Shelf app. Download approved books for access on the go, or start listening right away with streaming for audiobooks.

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