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Andrew Bennet
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User Reviews for Reading List: Book Tracker

Best Book Tracking App!!

Love this app so much!! I do have Goodreads and I keep it so I can see my friends books and they can see mine, but other than that I only use Reading List. I love the simplicity of the app, whereas I find Goodreads to be kind of visually cluttered if that makes sense. I would rather have simplicity and organization than an abundance of recommendations and reviews so this app is perfect for me! Its design is simple and clean—it makes finding books and making lists so incredibly easy! I love the feature of being able to scan the barcode to find books, especially if you have a special edition of a book you want to add. Even the fact that you can add books manually is super cool! (Although I haven’t used that feature yet.) And being able to customize my lists and easily sort the books in them is huge also. And lastly, although there are many different features you could add to this app, I think it’s great how it is :) Definitely the app I will be using to track all of my reading, so glad I found it!! ❤️📚

💜 CLP 💜, May 02, 2022
Love this book tracking app!

I just downloaded this app to keep track of all the books I’ve read, listened to, bought for my dad, etc. and it’s allowing me to keep track of everything I need via separate lists. I love how you can name your own lists and don’t have to use pre-fab ones, so thanks to the developer for that flexibility! I love that I can scan a books ISBN and all the info pops up or enter it manually, exactly what I needed!! And it really is free with no ads! I’m going to be purchasing to pro version so I can use this on my iphone and ipad, which will be really convenient. Thanks to the developer for creating an app that helps a book nerd like me track all the things I love to know about each book I’ve read and want to read, this is the only app I need, so relieved to finally have found the right one after trying so many others 😊

agilmore8, Jul 09, 2021
Big Fan after 7 months

A passing comment on Facebook led me to this app. It is so user-friendly; I have been able to adapt it to my own style on both my iPad and iPhone. I have recommended it to numerous book club friends as well. I purchased the pro version so that I could add books from any location or device. I am highly pleased with the Reading List app. Would be fun if there were a way for users to share how they organize, maybe on a blog. There is still one feature that I would like to see added. I emailed Andrew and he agreed with me so I am still waiting for that update. Because I do not waste my time on books that I am not enjoying, I set up a DNF section. But to get rid of that book in my reading list I must hit the Finish button which lumps them all together. Did Not Finish needs to be a separate option.

Donette1957, May 01, 2022
Excellent app!!

I love this app! I do use Goodreads to track books but I wanted someplace non-social to track the spiritual books I read since people seem to be so judgy these days no matter what faith or eclectic spirituality you espouse. I was immediately impressed w this simple book tracker and how easy it is to look up books by barcode or title, author etc and add it to custom shelves, track your reading, add a rating. Not sure why book reading always has to be a social event, tied to social media, when it’s a mostly solitary endeavor. I love that I finally have a very nice non-social book tracker! Not all features are intuitive to figure out but there is a help menu that helped me figure out for example, how to add a book to a shelf. (Have to add book to Reading list first, then scroll to bottom of book description page to Manage Lists.) LOVE that I can have a book on multiple lists! In addition to categories & book club lists, I like to have lists that tell me whether the book is in Kindle, iBooks, physical etc so I can find the book if I want to re-read it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app and tipping the developer if you like the app since it’s completely free to use. (Tipping is under the in app settings menu.)

Jacquelinef18, Nov 24, 2020
Simple, efficient, & the best thing since white bread! ;)

I love this app!!! It helps me keep track of what I’ve read, what I want to read, what I need to buy, which series I’m reading & want to keep up with & more. You can create lists that fit what you want to know, add notes about each book. You can keep track of how long it takes you to read a book or which & how many books you’ve read in your life time. It is so simple to use, just scan the barcode of the book, import the info from the internet or type it in yourself. There are no adds & if you change devices just export the lists to a spreadsheet which can be imported to your new device. (I think I’m explaining that correctly. I haven’t had to do that yet so idk.) I really do love this app. It is so easy to use & saves so much time that I can spend reading. - Stephanie

jinmyjy, Aug 22, 2020
More features

I just downloaded this app and I really love how clean and well designed it is, and appreciate that there aren’t ads cluttering up the space. It does what it’s meant to do. However, I actually found this because I was looking for an app where I can create a calendar view of books and goal dates, which doesn’t really seem to exist. So, for example, if my library book is due back on a certain date, how many pages per day do I need to read to meet that date? And if I can’t read one day, adjusting those numbers so I still meet the due date. I’d love to see a feature like this added. I also noticed I could only sort books to the top or bottom, but it would be nice to be able to move them up or down anywhere in the list — maybe I’m doing something wrong. In its current state this app is similar to how I use Goodreads, so without added features I’m not sure it makes sense for me to use both apps.

kalthoffdesign, Jan 31, 2021
Finally a reading app that tracks reading well!

This app is exactly what I’ve been searching for literally all year. The UI is so much easier on the eyes than other sites and apps, and the overall functionality is very intuitive. The search function is so much better than any other site I’ve tried as well. I can spend less time configuring my lists and more time actually reading because lists are much quicker to create using it! This app isn’t bogged down with features most people won’t use, which in other apps equates to a lot of visual noise. This app even allows you to create custom lists! And I love that it correctly pulls the cover of the book you list so you can skim your lists quicker.I’m so appreciative to have this app after searching through so many apps and sites all year. It’s incredible how hard it is to find a reading app that helps you track your reading with a sleek UI, so thank you to the developer!The only feature I can see being something I’d love to have in the future would be a way to set reading goals for the year/month/etc. so I see some kind of progress meter (just a nice motivator to have). But with the custom lists feature, I can still create what lists I’d like to get through in a given year, so even that isn’t essential. Seriously love the app and hope it continues to be updated! :)

Kaye507, Nov 29, 2019
The PERFECT Reading Log

This app is perfect in every way for logging books you have read, and for keeping a list of books you want to read. You can also scan barcodes at the bookstore with a touch of a button to add those titles to your “want to read” list.You can mark your progress through Books and look back on books you have finished as well as how long it took you to finish them. You can also categorize books into a series or a genre. I use it to record my physical books, Ebooks, and audiobooks that I have read and want to read. I can also look back and see how many books I read each year since it logs when you start and finish each book. Excellent app for every bookworm!Update: I have really been enjoying the widgets feature added to the Reading List app for iOS 14!!!! Being able to see my book progress for multiple books at a glance, and then update my page number with a tap is phenomenal. Keep up the excellent work developers, I love Reading List!

ReaderJoe200, Oct 25, 2020
Simple, powerful, focused on the right stuff

I am a long time Goodreads user getting increasingly frustrated by the “noise” of the app— the number of screens I have to go through in order to enter or find a book, the intrusion of other people’s comments, the invitations to vote on new books. This application is a just exactly what I was looking for— a way to keep track of my reading, privately, so I can enter thoughts without sharing them, and remember books from long ago— and not turn reading into an AI driven contest. Thank you! I spent a happy afternoon transferring ten years of data from Goodreads to your app. Goodreads doesn’t have Google data, so it was challenging to get the meta data in, but I perservered! I’m sure this is WAY off your radar, but I would love it if you one day added the option to keep track of watched movies and TV series— there are NO options that do that simply. I would also love to know what you have planned for the future— is there a timeline? Thanks for the excellent app.

shelley181, Jan 18, 2022
Very happy so far...

I haven’t seen any ads. The app is very straightforward and easy to figure out. I didn’t encounter any limits on adding books. I like how elegant it is. I felt like other book-tracking apps were over-complicated. The features were so layered and I drowned in them. It distracted from the goal of reading and took up too much time. I feel more productive with this app. The interface is very clear. At a glance I can see my progress on several books. I like that I can edit the information for books and add custom covers because I have a lot of old books that have no ISBNs and are hard to find for sale or listed online. Thank you very much to the developer! It’s an underrated skill to know just what to include in an app and not to have too much. Less is indeed more when it means that you’re not drowned in complexity or unnecessary features and can get your work (in this case, reading) done so efficiently. :)I just wanted to add that I’d love to see support for Roman numerals (they are usually used in the introductions and prefaces). I hope you consider adding that feature in the future. :)

sky_blue02, Nov 10, 2019


Easily track books you’ve read, books you’re reading, and books you want to read. Record your progress by adding the start and finish date of your books. ADD NEW BOOKS • Scan the barcode of a book to quickly add it to your list • Search online to find and add books • Alternatively, add a book manually by typing in its details • Sync your data between all devices via iCloud TRACK YOUR READING • Quickly log the dates you start and finish each book with a tap or swipe • Order the books, to help plan what to read next • Create your own custom lists, like "Wishlist", "Favourites", etc • Record the current page of books you're reading • Add your own rating and notes to each book • View your reading statistics PRIVATE & PERSONAL • No online account or signup needed • All data is private, stored on-device or in your iCloud account • Export and import all your data Some premium features require Reading List Pro, which can be purchased in the app.

The app remains fully-featured when used without Reading List Pro.

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