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User Reviews for TBR - Bookshelf

Favorite Book Review App!!

I’ve been using TBR for over a year now and I absolutely love it! I have a few suggestions tho. I would really like a way to log in or save my data. I would be seriously upset if my phone broke and I lost all my notes and reviews and what not. Another thing I keep accidentally doing is when I look at my reading goal I keep trying to click on the titles to open up the reviews and thats not how it works. Maybe that could be a feature in the future?? I really like how each book has its own color when you log it. When I’m looking at my read section I wish there was a way to organize it. Right now its every single book I’ve ever logged and if I wanted to find a book review for a book I read say in May of 2021 I would have to scroll all the way down. I would like if there was a way to sort by year or month. Over all though I am the biggest fan of this app. Especially with how much content you can access with just the free version. I am looking forward to buying the premium version and updating all my reviews! I feel like the app is simple enough that adding a review doesn’t feel like a chore (like on other tracking apps). Though it would be cool if there was a way to share your reviews with friends/be able to view other peoples reviews.

best idke cat game ever, May 04, 2023
Good start but needs updates to be usable

I love the concept of this app and would love to use it, but there are features missing that make it so I won’t continue using it. For one, if a book isn’t in their database you cannot add it in yourself (a feature that apps like StoryGraph allow). So some books I’ve read I cannot track on this app. When you go to add a rating it will make you select a category (e.g., romance, self-help, classics) but there are only 6 categories. You cannot add a rating if you don’t select a category but many books will not fit into the available category options (e.g., memoirs, poetry, mysteries). I only used the app briefly but these were the issues I ran into while trying to add all the books I’ve read this year. I’m hoping to come back to it in the future and maybe it’ll be more user friendly then :)

cattmom4, Apr 03, 2022
GREAT app!! a few suggestions…

Hi! I love this app so much… i am an avid reader and have just recently gotten into tracking my books. I love the way this app is presented… it is so colorful and cute! You can access pretty much all the features in the free version, which i really appreciate! it’s so visually pleasing and functional, great way to track! my only few critiques:lately on my phone i’ve been struggling to scroll up on the calendar when rating a book for when i started it. when i go to input the start date, i can only see some of the dates. usually days 9-30. so if i start a book at the beginning of the month, i cant put in those dates. possible bug?my only other suggestion would be to create a way to sign in!!! this way you can save your progress and have it go across multiple devices (for example phone and ipad). I have thought this for a while and just assumed it would come with future updates. also this way if you purchase premium you don’t have to buy it again if using on a separate device.All in all great app… THANK YOU DEVELOPERS!!

CoolKidz123456789, Oct 04, 2023
Back up

I’m enjoying this app. I just came across it. I love how I’m able to organize and rate my books. Would love it even more if I’m able to save my progress and all the input I have entered. So far I have the free version but the only reason I don’t pay for the subscription. Is just incase I lose my phone, I won’t lose all that money I have spent on the app. But as soon as they have a back up. I would pay for the subscription. :) Also I would like to see the book pages on the rating section. So I can have a visual on how many pages were on the book.

Jbugarin93, Mar 23, 2023
4 1/2 Stars! I loooooove this app!

I had the free version of this app for a couple of days and immediately subscribed for the extra paid features because I am loving the app! There are SO many options for adding information about the books you’re reading — way more than other apps I’ve used. The only thing I’d love to see be updated is when adding newly read books to your reading goal shelf for this year, the books going to the bottom / end of the shelf (I hope that makes sense). I input all of my read books from the start of the year to now but had to do it backwards (Oct—>Jan) so that the books I read first this year were at the top, but NOW when I add a new book it goes right in front of what should be #1 on my shelf… which makes it seem like I read it early this year instead of being #55 like it should be… ya know?? (I really hope this makes sense) lol!! Another feature I’d love is an option to mark off what version(s) of the book you own because sometimes I have a kindle AND physical copy, or audio AND physical copy… because yes, I have issues lol Anyway. This is just me looking for things that could be improved because other than those things, I am so pleased with this app!! 🤗📚

JoAnna((;, Oct 20, 2022
Still love

I love this app because I borrow and return a lot of books with kindle unlimited and then often forget the names and potentially want to re-read one. I’m just wondering if the selection of books is going to expand. I like that I can add my own if they aren’t on there but I feel like I’m having to manually add a ton which isn’t ideal.I would like to see maybe a search bar in the read section. To not only look up books but the notes made on a book. If you are trying to find a book based off something you maybe wrote in the notes section of the review but don’t remember the name of the book itself. This would be crucial because you often remember a key part of a book and likely noted that but when you try to look up a book based on that on the internet it probably won’t show up. But you would be able to find it here.

k.k, Sep 27, 2022
Perfect! Less focused on social sharing than others.

I love this app! It’s exactly what I was looking for. I can include just enough details from my reading to capture the experience of the book without getting bogged down in tedious stats i don’t care about.What separates this app from the others is the lack of social sharing of reading. Yes no social aspect! My reading is personal to me and I’m not interested sharing what I’m reading or what others are ( there are many other places on the internet for that). I love that this is essential a digital book journal just for me. I’ve seen many reviewers request a social feature. My ask is that if this feature comes to be, that there is an option to be “invisible” . I don’t want my contacts knowing I’m on the app and have to awkwardly turn down their requests to connect.A feature I would love to see is the ability to add unique book shelves for books already read ( different from tbr shelf). I’d love to create shelves such as “all time favorites” or “books I recommend” or “ books that helped me grow” whatever categories users want to create.I adore this app it, perfectly fits my needs and’s is visually appealing. I can’t wait to see how it evolves and grows! Thanks developers!

KCD8188, Jul 19, 2023
Great app but it doesn’t sync

This app is great for organizing the never ending list of books you want to read and books that you have read. It’s pretty easy to search for the books as well. The biggest problem that I have is that the app doesn’t sync with my iPhone and iPad. I have tried everything and nothing works. I tried to find a way to contact support but was unsuccessful. Also, there is no button to login for your account either which is really annoying too. Hopefully future updates will fix these problems.

kitcat252019, Jul 30, 2023
Good at the start…

When I saw this app on tiktok I immediately fell in love with it. I have been trying for months to get back into reading and creating a TBR without being a hassle. I enjoyed the app at first until I realized that in order to see titles and make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye, I had to pay for everything. I wish there were at least a few free options for things and then if you wanted more you had to pay. But the fact that it’s just plain and grey unless I pay is upsetting…And it would be cool to se other people’s ratings. (I know it’s already been said multiple times but it would be a really cool feature.)

LaughwithsPuppies, Jan 05, 2023

I’ve already left my raving review and now I have some constructive criticism for the developers! #1 For a series I’d love for there to be an options for putting the whole series in your TBR and/or read list with one button and to somehow keep them in order when looking at them so it’s prettier and more organized! #2 I would love a way to see other peoples reviews on books! #3 I would love some sort of sign in option so I don’t have to worry about losing anything if my phone breaks. #4 I love to genre option but most of what I read is fantasy/romance and thriller/romance. When reviewing I’m only given an option to choose one genre and I would love it if I could pick multiple! And lastly I’d like to say that for the app being so new it’s still a hit! And I understand all of what I’ve said above is probably being worked on for future updates! I’ll just be here patiently waiting :)! Great work!!

MareWolf300, Sep 08, 2022


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