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User Reviews for BookBuddy: My Library Manager

Just what I was looking for

This app is truly what I've been looking for. I had bookshelves full of books that I have read and on more than one occasion I have bought the same book twice. This app allowed me to scan all of my books (around 300, and it didn't take that long, I added the books I've read on my kindle with the Internet search option which works well also) and add ratings and comments to them. Now when I'm at the bookstore I can easily see which books I've read and, using my ratings, I can tell which authors I really like. I've also emailed myself the book list and so now I have a backup copy in an Excel spreadsheet. It's been perfect for what I was looking for.Update: I have been using this app for years now (with over 1000 books) and it is still working perfectly for me. I haven’t bought or checked out a book I have already read since using this app.

A Gilbert, Jun 06, 2022
Enjoying the app

I am enjoying the app very much. We are a home school family and have many books coming and going from multiple libraries. Keeping track of them all can be a crazy task. With this app I can enter in all of the books as I check them out and know quickly what books we have. I really like the feature of returning the books. Sometimes our libraries may not get a returned book scanned in and I comes up over due. But I have no way to prove I have returned it. With this app I can have a record I have returned it. One change I would make to this app would to allow scanning in movies, cds, magazines, anything that could be checked out in a library. This way app users could keep track of these loaned items also. Thank you for a sanity saver!

blessed by Jesus, Sep 10, 2018
Sync problems

I wish I could give this a 5 star review. The organizational capabilities are superb. However- I’ve had this app for over a year. And the syncing problems between devices have resulted in so much wasted time and frustration- including requiring me to re scan several hundred books due to sync problems: either the sync Will not sync or it takes a very long time for it to show up- it doesn’t help if info doesn’t sync from 1 device to the other like it’s supposed to. This app really needs some kind of sign in process to store things online and easily access info from any device without constantly having to check to be sure things are “syncing “ fromOne device to another. Would also be nice to have compatibility with Google cloud for storage…would also be nice if info was stored on the web instead of device (or at least the option to pick either one) for people who don’t have tons of storage on their actual device.

Ddrgfts, Apr 12, 2022
Almost Perfect

I would of given this a 5/5 if it weren’t for the fact I don’t have a have to fix the way it sorts multiple numbered volumes of a series in order. It will list for example volumes 1-9 in order numerically, but then volume 10 will be inserted after volume 1 and not after volume 9. Not sure if this is how things are sorted via some method I’m unaware of. I am admittedly not a librarian, just a guy trying to keep track of my books. However, other than that the app works great. I can scan multiple books via barcode, or manually enter. Multitude of sorting options. Interface is good. I did pay $5 to unlock unlimited cataloging, which if you have a big collection I think is worth it for ease of use.

Dormitorius, Feb 11, 2022
Great for us teachers

I started with the free version and then quickly upgraded to the plus which I’ve had for a little over 3 years. I teach middle school and I’m constantly checking books in and out. Some suggestions/wishes I have are the options of uploading a document to have all students names at once, like a CV card or something? I don’t know what those are called. That as well as it would be great if I could simply scan the book when its time to loan it out and then return it. Searching each time, whether it’s checking out or returning, is time consuming. This is definitely the best app to keep a library organized and I love having knowledge of all the books I have and all the ones checked out. I even use this for my teacher books since I loan out Kagan books and reading resource materials! Excellent app but just a few minor fixes would get it 5 stars from me.

jcm1979, Apr 10, 2019
Great app for a home library, classroom, office, or small library

I can’t say enough good things about this app!!! You can even do a backup to Dropbox or Google drive with ease. Great app for a home library, classroom, office, or small library & anyone who needs to quickly keep track of a small collection. The following are merely suggestions as I’m hoping the develops will read this review: As a librarian, I love how it allows you to choose your own categories and it allows you to get down into the details. As a layman, there are just too many options. Suggestions for update1)Create two areas one that is simple and one advances users. 2)More suggested answers for say genres, categories, & format for the non-librarians vs the advances users

Linnzeemarie, Oct 12, 2019
NEVERMIND FOUND EDIT OPTION. Needs to update ‘cover coming soon’ books

This is probably nitpicky but I was testing the free version out before I bought then-aid version and I scanned 4 books and 1 came up with a ‘cover coming soon’ picture when the book has been our for a few months. I like this program specifically because it shows the covers but if they aren’t going be keeping up to date with new release covers then what’s the point? Also covers get released way before the book even comes out so there really is no excuse. I like the multi scan feature and the simplicity but what’s the point if I can’t see the picture.Edit: I found the edit title option but once again if I’m going to be paying for this I shouldn’t have to do this except for maybe special editions not in the system

rigormorti, Jan 08, 2019
Good App - Could Be Great

I tried several apps before deciding on this one to organize my home library. I was looking for something that would sort my books by genre and alphabetize them so I could put them on the shelf in order. I like that this scans ISBN; however, the majority of my books are older and can’t be scanned. It would be nice if this incorporated business card scanners so that I could simply take a photo of the cover and it would recognize the text. Instead I am using the search online feature to look up titles and add them. The other thing that could be improved is the genres. They get ridiculous. Nancy Drew mysteries will come up as fiction for juveniles, juvenile fiction, adventure, young adult, etc. Fortunately, you can manually change the genre, but it would be nice if there were a way to limit the options. I’ve entered close to 200 books at this point and have several hundred more to go. It is time consuming, but I’m looking forward to finally having my library organized!

Scatter Joy, Jan 13, 2020
I simply love this app! I have my entire book collection with a picture in my hand at all times.

I didn’t know how much I needed this app in my life. I am a true book lover. I have bought multiple books on by accident not realizing I already had the book in my collection. Now no matter where ever I am in the world I have my entire book collection in my hand with a picture of it. It also has a feature where you can list the exact location of the book. So if you have a book in a storage location, you can included that under the book’s profile. There is a feature for loaning books, borrowing books and a wish list. Absolutely love this app. It also tells you how many books you have ( for those of us who don’t know how many books we have.) You can included the exact price of each book, also it contains the list price a great feature for people who love to buy bargain books.

successfultea, Feb 07, 2022
Great for book collection and wishlist

I used to keep track of books, movies, and shows etc. on plaintext lists, but these apps designed specifically to keep those lists yet also provide additional information and a better interface are so nice, this is the best one I found for keeping track of books.The app is updated fairly frequently for this type of app also the developers seem to care about improving this experience.Update: using this app again after not using for awhile and book collection has grown exponentially. I love the variety of types of categorization (categories, tags, physical location, and many more options including custom fields you can create. This is helpful as my books are all over the place-multiple physical locations, kindle, Apple Books, audible, etc. There are also many options for tracking progress and status of books. The design of the app allows for vast complexity in organization while maintaining simplicity in user interface and makes it easy to edit the metadata on the fly. I also own book track app, which also has Mac app, but the design and usability of Book Buddy made me confident going all in with this app. Hopefully, with Catalyst and other developments on the Mac, this app will eventually be ported to the Mac also, which I would absolutely pay for again!

what what 82, Oct 29, 2020


BookBuddy is a powerful book management app that gives you access to your entire book catalog, anywhere. Using BookBuddy is fun and easy, allowing you to quickly find any book in your library, share your favorite books, and keep track of borrowed and lent books. FREE VERSION - BookBuddy has all the features of BookBuddy Pro with a 50 book limit. - BookBuddy can be upgraded via In-App Purchase for unlimited book storage.

KEY FEATURES • Adding Your Books Add your books using the following options: - Scan barcode - Enter ISBN - Search online by keyword - Add manually - Import from CSV file • Organizing Your Books Place your books where they belong: - My Books — books you own - Wish List — books you wish to own - Borrowed — books you borrowed from others - Previously Owned — books you no longer own • Syncing Your Library Sync your library across multiple devices using iCloud or Dropbox sync. • Sharing Your Library Share your library online via the BookBuddy Companion website and invite anyone to view it (requires a monthly subscription). MORE TO LOVE • Universal app — pay once and use BookBuddy on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Silicon Mac. • Personalize — use categories and tags, mark favorites, add personal notes, and much more. • Appearance — choose either list or grid view to best match your needs. • Loans — instantly track books that are currently loaned out. • Multiple selection — apply batch operations using multiple selection. • Reading Status — filter your books by their reading status. • Quick find — instantly find books by entering search keywords or scanning their barcodes. • Export — quickly export your library into CSV, PDF, or HTML formats. • Print — easily print selected books to AirPrint-enabled printers. • Backup — create backups to any cloud service. • Activity History — view the full history of your reading and loaning activities. • Duplicates — quickly detect duplicates and easily remove them. • Privacy — your library is saved locally and privately on your device. • And so much more! CLASSROOM LIBRARY MANAGER (for teachers) • Manage — use BookBuddy to manage your classroom library and track student checkouts. • Checkout History — easily track checkout history and view statistics. • Contacts — save your student names in BookBuddy Contacts rather than in your personal Contacts app. • Reading Level Fields — use various fields to track the reading level of your books. • Online Sharing — allow students to self-checkout books via the BookBuddy Companion website (requires a monthly subscription). FEEDBACK We love staying in touch with our users and we look forward to hearing from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at: [email protected] or visit: http://www.kimicoapps.com/support.html Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KimicoLtd * Privacy policy: https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/12652322 * Terms and Conditions: https://www.iubenda.com/terms-and-conditions/12652322

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