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User Reviews for PangoBooks: Buy & Sell Books

Great way to thrift books!

You’re buying real books from real people at a usually discounted price! The quality of the books is typically fantastic unless otherwise specified by the seller. It is difficult to get interaction for your own books after the first few hours as the app works like a social media platform. And my “books you might like” don’t align up with what I picked as my reading interests in the beginning. But as I’ve searched for more books, that’s becoming less of an issue.My only complaint is that I don’t see the point of having a like button as well as a wishlist button. It feels redundant.Overall, this is a great place to thrift books, but if you’re just starting out selling, don’t expect this to become a sustainable business very quickly. I mainly use this app to get rid of old books

.AbbiP, Jul 10, 2022
Allow Bulk Purchases/Standard Shipping to a Specific Weight

I was going to order the rest of a series (7 books) that I needed but since they were from different sellers I was going to have to do separate transactions for every seller along with widely varying shipping costs. I ended up only buying one book, which had to be cancelled and rebought because the shipping label PangoBooks made the seller was not enough to cover the actually costs of shipping the book even in the lightest packaging. This app could benefit from a standard shipping weight up to a certain weight and then charge more of it weighs more. I lost my welcome discount since that order was cancelled and was lucky enough to find a work around and use the “pangobucks” so that I wasn’t spending even more over having to reorder the book with new shipping costs I was already adjusting to.

~Kiki Baby~, Jun 29, 2022
Great but needs some work

There are so many selections on the app and the community is just fantastic as they are also avid readers who understand your love for books. It’s also extremely easy to post books you want to sell though, it is a bit more difficult to be able to get that book to sell. The main reason being there are more sellers than there are buyers on the app currently. A lot of the people on the app are ones trying to get rid of books but they also buy from other sellers while there are only very few people who sign up to actually buy books. I actually feel the prices are very reasonable especially the shipping (compared to apps like Mercari). As a buyer and seller I really wished that I could split my earnings on different books unfortunately, the app only lets you use all your savings on the whole purchase when I just want to use some and save some money for a different purchase. Another thing is unfortunately if a buyer reviews their purchase you still have to wait three days til you get your earnings. I wish they’d take after Mercari where as the buyer is rating their package they can also confirm receiving their package so that sellers can instantly get paid.

BananaDroppz, Dec 25, 2021
Better than the rest!

I am an avid EBay and Poshmark seller, yet always struggled to sell books on those platforms due to the limitations of their descriptors/variety of other listings. I also always hated to donate books or sell to Half-Price Books (or others) because I was only making cents back on books I paid good money for. PangoBooks was the solution I was looking for! It’s really easy to list items. I particularly enjoy the option to scan the barcode and have PangoBooks fill in details about the book you’re listing. Selling is a breeze as well; once someone purchases from you, the label is available in multiple ways. I am very pleased with this process. I haven’t purchased anything yet, but there are tons of great options, including many new releases and harder to find classic editions of books.

BethVaro, Jul 08, 2023
Game changer

I absolutely love this app. I own hundreds of books and sometimes in order to make room for new books I have to get rid of other books. I’ve seen BST groups on Facebook but I never knew how much I should charge for shipping, and on the occasions where I wanted to purchase, I didn’t feel comfortable just sending money to a stranger and hoping that they’d sent me what I paid for. This app takes care of both of those issues for me. It’s super easy to list and sell books as well as purchase. I’d love it if eventually we could sell other book related items like the things that you get in book subscription boxes that you might not want to keep.

Crystal G 83, Sep 28, 2021
Tried this app out with skepticism, but wasn’t disappointed

I learned about this app through a Facebook add and decided to try it out of curiosity. Given the relatively low user base and the questionable nature of most FB adds, I was a bit skeptical and fully prepared to be scammed. I purchased a copy of Milton’s “Paradise Lost” for $1 (plus ~$4 of taxes and shipping), and was pleasantly surprised when the book arrived at my doorstep in fantastic condition. Obviously, not all buying experiences will go exactly as this one did, but I have confidence to buy from this app again after that transaction. Technically, the app could use a few tweaks here and there to make the service a little more seamless. For instance, finding your purchases and accessing a tracking number takes some searching, even after I had done it a few times. Placing that option a little more prominently on the hot bar could help. The forums are a great idea, but clicking off of them resets you to the top of the page, making scrolling to read more than the first few posts a bit frustrating. Overall though, this app is one that I will continue to use in the future, and look forward to seeing many more people use it as well!

Daniel.July7, Sep 28, 2021
Simple Yet Effective!!

I have both bought and sold books on PangoBooks and have been very satisfied! As a buyer, the UI is super easy to understand and find books. Every order is shipped within 3 days, and includes a tracking number. I have one package delayed by usps, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that PangoBooks emailed me as soon as it was delayed to explain the next steps. They are a very attentive team to their members. As a seller, it’s just as easy. I’ve sold multiple books already, and I love how PangoBooks deals with the shipping so that all I have to do is stick the label on the package and drop it off! The fees are 20% of your listing price, which I think is a decent amount for how streamlined the app is. My only suggestion for the developers involves the pending PangoBucks. Currently, PangoBooks holds on to your earnings until 3 days after delivery in order to give the buyer time to file any disputes (which I think is great). I think that if the buyer writes a review for the seller, it should release the funds early. I’ve had buyers leave extremely positive and pleased reviews (that even reference the condition of the book), but I’ve still had to wait for my money until after the dispute period.

finchgrey, Mar 21, 2023
Such great prices!

I’ve had this app for about a week and I’m loving it so far! I’ve found some books for super cheap in great condition. I also think that this app is cool because I’ve been finding books that I’ve never heard about before. I will say that most of the selection is older books but there are some people selling the newer popular books too! I just think that the prices are great, especially shipping! I also sell on this app and think it’s pretty easy to navigate through and it’s nice to get a little something for books I don’t read anymore. Since it is a new app, there are always ways for it to improve and here are a few. When you wishlist books, it doesn’t add them right away in the shop portion of the app. I think you have to exit the app and swipe up to restart the app for it to show up or it just shows up whenever. I’ve also found myself accidentally deleting my listing for selling so I think automatic saved drafts of listings you want to sell would be a good idea. Finally, after you look at a certain thread and want to go back to the thread homepage, it takes you back to the top/all the way to the beginning, not where you were before. This makes it so you have to scroll all the way to where you left off or miss threads that people posted. But these are just little nit picky ways to improve an otherwise great app!

jae5678, Jan 10, 2022
Excellent app

I have a huge book collection and have started selling them through the PangoBooks app. It gets you a little more for your books though parting is such sweet sorrow. I can’t take them with me and like to see them go to a good home and not chucked out in a yard sale after I am gone. The app is for person to person sales and it has the advantages of putting you in contact with like minded book lovers. I always include a card and a bookmark with my sales. There’s nothing like receiving a book in the mail especially with a little something extra. Easily the best way to sell your books online but needs a wider audience. It’s intuitive and easy to use. You get a fair price for your books rather than cents on the dollar. The only improvements I would hope for though I don’t know if it’s possible, would be a chat/ discussion room though that might create a an admin headache and also a way of sorting my page into catagories.

JustinMcKen, May 14, 2022
Great app! Few minor issues.

Overall I love this app. It’s very easy to use and navigate. Listing books only takes a few seconds, which is a nice contrast to some other platforms out there. Linking your PayPal or bank account is also simple. There are a few technical issues that can be frustrating. Sometimes buttons don’t work, and occasionally when I’m filling out information on the book I’m listing, the text will disappear and I’ll have to start over. These are minor inconveniences that I’m sure will be worked out over time. I also wish there was a way to see and edit your followers/following list or the lists of other users. If there is a way to do that, I haven’t noticed it. I enjoy it overall and I’m happy I found it!

krowstain, Dec 17, 2021


PangoBooks is the easiest way to sell your books online and earn some extra cash in the process. Our easy-to-use book marketplace app takes all the guesswork of selling and shipping and is an outstanding way to find savings on used books. You earn more money when selling and save more money when buying, which is why Pango is today’s fastest-growing book marketplace!

WHY READERS LOVE PANGO AT A GLANCE: · Bookselling made easy! List your books for sale in seconds. Get prepaid shipping labels when your book sells. · Endless savings on awesome books! Browse a vast selection of affordable used books coming directly from the shelves of other readers. · Top-rated customer support and protection! All book sales are guaranteed and our support team is always here to help every buyer and seller on our platform. · Connect with other book lovers! Track your book buying and selling, discover your next read, and get recommendations from real readers with our fun social interface! · Open your own little bookstore! Instantly create a Pango shop and kick off a new resale side hustle. Fuel your book buying by selling your old books off your shelves. EASY BOOK RESALE: · List your books in seconds with our super simple selling tool. Our streamlined app walks you through the whole process even if you’ve never sold books online before. · Earn more money per book than selling locally or to online book wholesalers. · Scan the ISBN barcode on your book to pre-fill its information. · Get instant pre-paid shipping labels. Just drop your books in the mail without waiting in line at the post office (or use a QR code if you don’t have a printer). · List as many books as you want for free. · Instantly open your dream bookstore. · Sell textbooks, bestsellers, classics, antiques, self-help books, and any other type of book with ease! · Easily transfer your earnings to a PayPal or bank account, or spend them on others books on Pango! BUYING BOOKS AT HUGE DISCOUNTS: · Explore a vast selection of fantastic used book deals at super-low prices. Buying books direct from other readers is an amazing way to save and expand your library! · See photos of the exact book you’re buying so you know the edition and condition ahead of time. It’s like exploring the world’s largest used bookstore from the comfort of your home. · Support other readers and small businesses buying books direct. Your book order may even arrive with some thoughtful personal touches in the box. · Find limited-edition, collectible, and rare books like Fairyloot, Owlcrate, BoTM, and international editions. · Unlock special discount offers and free shipping by buying a multi-book bundle from an individual seller. · PangoBooks backs every book purchased on our platform and if anything should arrive different than what you expect, we will issue a refund or arrange another solution. CONNECT WITH OTHER READERS: · Join our incredible community of book lovers! · Discuss book recommendations and other topics in Pango Threads. · Follow sellers with similar tastes to see what they’re reading and selling. · Create a TBR on your wishlist to find savings on your next read. · Save searches for hard-to-find books or copies of books at a certain price point and get updates when matching listings hit the Pango marketplace. Read through our reviews to find out why the book world (and #booktok and #bookstagram especially) is rapidly turning to Pango as their first stop for bookselling and affordable book shopping. Some think of us as the Poshmark or Mercari of books, others see us as an easier-to-use and more fun alternative to eBay and Amazon bookselling. Hardcover or paperback, fantasy or textbook, young adult or self-help, there’s no limit to the books you can sell and the fantastic reads you’ll discover! Let us know what you think on social media by tagging @pangobooks!

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