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User Reviews for Xfinity Stream

APP won’t work

I have been trying to watch Xfinity Stream on my phone away from home for the last five days either with data or wifi.I keep getting the message “We’re sorry. Something unexpected just happened. Please try again.” After going rounds with xfinity chat in which their support did not have an answer to my question, I spent an hour on hold to speak to an agent who me to uninstall the app and wait five to ten minutes and then reinstall. Agent wouldn’t listen to me telling her that I had already tried that and my issue was signing back into the app. Now when I press the Get Started, I get the same message. Now I am back on hold to try to be able to sign into an app, that according to other reviews, is not working anyway. On top of that she gave me a number to call for technical support that is no longer working. So much for their commitment to keep us connected during these times. I would give zero stars if that was an option.

'LethaK, Mar 21, 2020
Xfinity Streaming has not worked yet!

I have had mine since Feb 20th and still can’t stream. From what I can tell you can download the streaming app on newer versions of my TV in the family room but mine is 7 years old but still a 55” LG Smart TV. I mainly started my service back up because I desperately needed the Internet to job hunt and that is where all my time has been spent (easy when your Cable isn’t working). I paid extra for the 300 mb/sec so I would be prepared to accept any type of position available including work from home, independent consultation, or partial commute. That is when the sales rep talked about the awesome streaming app and no monthly fee for equipment because there are no cable boxes for every TV. The 300 mb/sec Internet comes with a different router than other plans and it is also required for the streaming app service. The sales rep really unsold here on the service and by lowering my monthly bill due to no charges for each cable TV box, that is what sold me on this plan. Sales reps should verify over phone the make/model of your electronic equipment to ensure compatible for streaming services to work as intended for optimal performance. This would make sure customers have a good experience getting up and running efficiently and effectively with the new service being introduced. Plus, it is just the right thing to do.

disappointed to Nth Power, Apr 22, 2020
Worst streaming app

This app is hands down the worst streaming app I currently use. Xfinity/Comcast also has the worst internet service I have EVER used. Unfortunately they have the market cornered in my area and I have no other option. I gave 2 stars because I do love being able to set a recording from anywhere with the app. However, the streaming is way under par for the amount of money this company charges for their services… any show that I record off the Oxygen channel freezes 1/3 of the way through… I have to then switch to the Oxygen app to watch the rest (with commercials)… As far as Comcast/Xfinity itself… when I get home from work I have to turn OFF the WiFi on my phone to watch or stream ANYTHING if I don’t want any interruptions… which in turn made me HAVE to get the unlimited data plan on my phone…. SERIOUSLY??? Not to mention the “Spoty” service it gives me on my home cameras and Ring doorbells… when it comes to my home and family security that is UNACCEPTABLE!!! I PRAY for the day a higher class of service becomes available in my area 😡

Jadedems, Jul 18, 2022
Recorded movies skip, ESPN channels don’t work, etc..

I used to be able to watch my recorded shows/movies with ease on my devices, but now I cannot. They don’t play, it skips during playback and it’s annoying and frustrating! I’m sick of it freezing! The whole point of me recording them is to watch them later, due to not being able to at that moment. But at this rate, I might as well just not record anything. I keep getting an error message for ESPN channels saying it’s not available because nothing is live. Which makes no sense, seeing that ESPN ALWAYS has something on! I go to the tv and it’s funny how something is on, but cannot watch on the app. That’s frustrating! Why advertise you can watch from anywhere, when you cannot. I’ve updated the app, I deleted and reinstalled it, and still nothing. On top of that, the pictures/graphics won’t even load! You pay an arm and a leg for this service and nothing works like it says. I am able to watch channels, however it’s always freezing or shutting down in the middle of watching something. And I have a strong WiFi network(all bars showing). This is very irritating, frustrating, and ridiculous! This needs to be fixed ASAP!

Jiarre, Nov 13, 2021
App not working

After about a week after posting below, I was on phone with Tech for about an hour. Help at 2nd tier with consulting help at 3rd tier, resolved my issue and app working fully now.Not changing stars, so people having same issue may find my post helpful.Only, less than 10 live channels. No recording option, On my IPhone 11 Pro or Ioad Air streem app. Spend about an hour with tech center. They were nice but could not resolved issue. I was advised to wait day or two if problem is resolved, after my waiting for 7 days to report to issue. I was told every thing looks good on their part, it must be some issue with app itself. Deleted and reinstalled app few times, sign in and out few times but nothing is helping. I was told my call ticket will serve as lead to what they have to do. I hope thing get resolved soon, great app otherwise.

Laljibhimani, Feb 10, 2020

Me and my husband went on vacation and I was wondering what I could do to watch my shows without getting so far behind on them. Also I have a lot of channels and me and my husband loves football and the place we was staying didn’t have all the stations we needed to watch football so I looked up on the internet to see if there was a way to watch my shows without being at home and I found this app and it has changed everything for me. That week I was able to enjoy my vacation with my hubby and stay up to date on my shows. Plus watch all the football games we wanted. It was so nice. Also being a mom my kids always have the TVs occupied and having 3 kids who like different things all the TVs are always occupied so now I can watch my tv on my phone at any time and any where. I never have to use the tv again and honestly I don’t because I have it on my phone: this is the best thing Xfinity could of ever done. I literally can watch all my recorded shows or live tv. I couldn’t be any happier with this app

Magicstick87, Mar 04, 2021
Able to watch shows but the app is slow and glitchy

The app is nice for watching your shows that air on cable directly on your phone or iPad, however, there are many issues with the app. For one, just searching for the show lands you in many loads of the title - each time you type a word or letter the titles take a moment to load. Now the load time isn’t longer than a couple of seconds, but when it goes multiple times the time starts becoming significant. Another major problem I have with this app is the functionality. When I tried to scroll through an episode of my show it would take me back to the spot I was at before scrolling and it would show me an additional advertisement. This specifically bothers me because I despise ads and I seriously despise when an extra ad is fed to me when it shouldn’t have. Wanting to watch my show while I ate, I kept trying to scroll and the same issue persisted - forcing me to watch 5 or so of the same Allstate ads (yes... bland). My food was getting cold and I was hungry so I gave up, closed the app, and moved on the the tv channel’s app. The app is okay, but it would a whole lot better for the customers to not have to experience multiple Allstate ads even though television needs to be a little bit greedy.

Megfgkkdjf, Jul 23, 2020
Sound only option & ability to run in background/Lock Screen needed.

Please allow the app to play in the background as well as in lock screen mode. There are times I want to sleep to a TV but get blinded with the light that comes off it. With my iPad or iPhone I could listen to TV without that annoying bright screen in my face. Sadly you have to leave your device turned on to listen to the program. When you turn your device off during a program, you only get a few seconds before the app mutes itself. This could be a bad thing because if you leave your device turned on It can make it hot or run down the battery. T The ability to run the app in the background or in the lock screen (without video playing) would make it easier do use at night while trying to sleep. Plus if you're blind you can't see the video anyways. So to be able to have the video switched to sound only would make a huge difference for those who want sound only while using the app.I definitely love that Xfinity went the extra mile to make the app voiceover accessible for those who are blind. As well as contrasting colors for those who are visually impaired. However, I would like to see the app be compatible for those who have large print enable on their devices.Otherwise I love the app but it could definitely use some tweaking.

Midnightstar81, Jul 01, 2021
Ads are out of control.

I wouldn’t mind the crashes as much if when watching movies with ads, if it crashes, which is still common when using PIP and coming back to the app, it didn’t go back 2 ads earlier, so if the app crashes you have to sit threw two set of 3 minute ads. I’ve already wasted 20+ minutes im one spot, and like 6 in a earlier part when it crashed as well. Ads are already bad with 5 minute ads every 20 minutes, so in a 3 hour movie 9x5 is 50 minutes of ads. But if the app crashes like for me that’s 1.5 hours of ads in a 3 hour movie. If they make ads every 30 mins, 5x 6 = 30 minutes of ads which is pretty acceptable. Also if I’ve already seen a part and the app crashes making it rewind it should not play new ads. I’m just so frustrated right now. I don’t mind ads but the lengths of the ads and the frequency is painful and gives me a headache. One movie a while ago I didn’t even brother because it was an ad one, after the first one I gave up on that movie, I’ve become weak to accept this many ads. I might look for alternate apps and will stick to ad-free movies for this app unless they fix these problems, but idk because obviously it makes them money

NizG12, Jul 07, 2021

One of the worst apps I’ve ever used. The internet speed is much more than needed and even when this is the only thing streaming on WiFi it pauses, cuts out, buffers, etc. it won’t allow you to watch networks you pay for on live tv (CBS and more). During Stanley Cup Playoffs (while on TNT through this app) the video cuts out and leaves you a message that it’s trying to reconnect but never does visually. Sometimes the audio comes back but that’s useless when you can’t actually watch the game. If you use an app you don’t expect to need to back out and re-load the app every single time a commercial comes on. Half the time we try to continue watching a show we’d started earlier it will leave a black screen with no audio or video until you completely back out of the app. Sometimes you have to try and back out 3-4 times before it’ll load. Extremely disappointed in an internet service providing company having apps that don’t work.The only reason I’m leaving 2 stars is because recorded shows usually work.

Ravyhn, May 23, 2022


Turn any screen into a TV with the Xfinity Stream app––included with your Xfinity service. You never have to miss must-watch TV. Stream top networks, live sports and news, plus thousands of On Demand shows and movies on any device.

Top Features: • Watch up to 250+ channels of live TV on the go and your entire channel line-up at home • Schedule DVR recordings from any device • Access thousands of shows and movies to stream On Demand • Download your recordings and movie library to watch offline • Start watching right after order, and get your full set of channels and features as soon as your services are activated in your home Help & Support: • Features may vary based on level of service. • Additional information on the Xfinity Stream app minimum system requirements: https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/xfinity-tv-app-requirements • Look up your existing Xfinity ID (email, mobile phone, or username) or reset your password: xfinity.com/password • Learn more about 'Do Not Sell My Personal Information' options at https://www.xfinity.com/privacy/manage-preference • Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

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