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User Reviews for Write It! Hebrew

No support

I liked that it presents the Hebrew alphabet in mono line and without all those confusing curlicues. So that’s to the good. No matter how you slice it, learning a new alphabet is a bit of a slog. I liked the sound, but today, the sound suddenly snapped off. Setting and resetting it in the settings dialog did nothing. There is no help file. Worse yet, there is no obvious way to contact the maker via email or text. Moreover, in the reviews section, it seems the developer fails to respond to questions raised by the reviewers.For these reasons, I give it 3 stars. If this review gets a response from the developer with a solution, I will consider raising it to 4 stars, or if the developer provides some sort of support mechanism, maybe 5 stars.

AlanStan, Sep 02, 2019
Such a wonderful app!

This is such a wonderfully made app. It does what it says, which is to let you practice writing Hebrew letters, but the app itself is just made so well. It breaks the letters down into groups. So you can focus only on one group at a time until you master it. The handwriting recognition works so well. I’ve seen some handwriting apps where you have to write the letter just so in order for it to recognize it. This one only counts you wrong if you write down the wrong letter. It has very clear audio that helps you to remember what the letters are called, and my favorite part is that there is a test at the end of the section where you are asked not only to write the correct letter when prompted, but you are also tested on your ability to correctly identify the correct letter from a multiple choice set of letters. It is such a perfect app that I chose to pay the five dollars to have the ads removed. The ads were not annoying in any way, but I decided to pay to help support the developer because this app is so good.

BenGenGal, Jun 05, 2021
More please

This app is quite nice. The lessons are broken down and there is a final. If all language apps started like this we’d learn faster. Bravo! Suggestions: 1. There needs to be vowels. 2. Also words in different categories like food, household, family, animals, etc. 3. Then followed by easy sentences read and write. 4. Verbs, pro noun, etc 5. Needs corrections. (Meaning) it needs to keep track of the letters you struggle with and create a focused lesson on those particular letters.

chaztrip, Jan 16, 2022

This is a great app! I am using this to help me learn Biblical Hebrew! It is helping however there are differences between Biblical Hebrew Alec bet and modern Hebrew aleph bet could you please add an option to pick which aleph bet you want to learn? This would be amazing if you could have Modern Hebrew and Biblical Hebrew and Paleo Hebrew! I would love to learn all three! Maybe you can add the other two as an in app purchase! I would not mind supporting ya for the work you out into this! Btw which I already did thank you for making this app! It’s a great help! 😀

CK52, Dec 24, 2019
Good app

overall this is a wonderful App. I like That the senses of sight, sound, and touch are utilized, And with the upgrade to the paid version, test functions can be customize. Possible areas for future improvement include greater sensitivity to the writing of the characters. Sloppy writing can lead to pass on the tests. Stricter enforcement of writing style would be a very positive addition. The inclusion of A small set of Hebrew words will also be A great addition to this awesome app. May God bless you with the resources to continue to Develop this application, and others that you might have in the works. Amen

dlsapointed, Aug 07, 2019
Good app but…

I am on the third lesson and have a continuing problem in the practice, maybe even on the test. As others have pointed out, the line of text between the progress bar and the practice box isn’t always readable. Sometimes it is missing parts of the letters and sometimes it looks like some parts of the previous text is still visible making it difficult to read. Another issue is the verbal description of the letter isn’t always the same as the written text. This occurs with the final form. I love the way the practice writing is done. Hopefully the other issues will be resolved and I’ll give it 5 stars.I am using the app on an iPad.

Find me seeker, Oct 07, 2021
Let’s ascend together

As an Israelite male first born in my family I find it really beneficial to learn to write the language I feel that this is an incredible way to start to learn how to write the language and then later move on to something bigger and better as I learn the meanings of each letter and then how to read the language I’m appreciative for the developers of this app I’m appreciative of everything they put into this app may the most high bless you and your family

jabir hardie, Aug 17, 2020
Would love to upgrade

This app is EXACTLY what I was looking for, and works beautifully. My spouse is a Jewish educator and is really excited to recommend this to students. However, I would love to pay for the upgrade to use the custom review feature (I’d like to be tested on the whole pool of letters, not just the chunked batches in the lessons) and nothing happens when I click the green $4.99 button. When I tried clicking “Restore Purchases” just to see if I could get to the upgrade page that way, it crashes the app. I tried resetting my data in the app, deleting and re-installing the app - nothing. I am trying to give you my money but there’s a bug that won’t let me! Please fix it so I can pay you! 😂 I will update my review to five stars once the bug is fixed and I’ve been able to upgrade.

katemilia, Sep 07, 2020
Hebrew is Written Right to Left

The stroke order given, and required to get credit, is based on writing the letters left to right, the opposite of the way you would actually write in Hebrew. If you are using this to learn to read Hebrew, no problem, but if you want to write in Hebrew this will make you very inefficient.For example, for the bottom line of bet/vet the app has you draw the line from the left, but if you are writing the next letter to the left (as one does in Hebrew) you are better off starting from the right.

Patrick Berz, Jul 14, 2022
Great For First Learning

This app is good for first learning Hebrew. The characters are fairly close and give you a good initial handle on the Hebrew alphabet. It helped me really learn the alphabet initially by writing it in practice and then on the test over and over again, just like elementary school. You need to move onto an app with more accurate characters later for reading but this is a great first start. It is also good to force you to write the characters. I find it useful to come back from time to time as recognizing the characters in reading and writing them can occupy two different parts of your memory. Both need to be challenged to really pick it up well. I like the timer in the tests as it helps me to compete against myself and to get better.

Shaneb1275, Aug 15, 2021


Learn how to write the Hebrew alphabet in a fast, efficient and fun way. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’re able to remember new things with our real handwriting recognition and guided lessons. • Practice and test Learn stroke by stroke how to correctly write each letter and then test your ability to write and recognize what you’ve learned. • Earn stars The faster you’re able to complete tests the more stars you’ll earn. Can you prove your mastery by achieving 3 stars on each lesson? • Custom review Review everything you’ve been studying to make sure you don’t forget anything you’ve studied. • Audio support We had our own audio professionally recorded so that you can start pairing sounds which what you’re learning. • Offline support Need to study on the go?

No internet connection required so you’ll be able to catch up on your learning whether you’re on a train, plane or bus.

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