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Infinite French

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Infinite French

  • Education
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Jernung, LLC
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User Reviews for Infinite French

Great for French Learners

I’ve been learning French on and off for years, but this app makes it a lot more fun, and is therefore more motivating! It’s mainly just vocab, so if your planning on learning the language itself I would recommend using an app like Doulingo along with this one. Also, here’s a tip- whenever your playing, repeat the words so you memorize it faster and also improve your pronunciation.

antim@tter, Aug 30, 2020
Waste of money

I downloaded the free version first as a way to supplement my French vocabulary. It was okay and a quick way to study French nouns. The free app has about 25 categories and the review format is limited. The app said that the $6.99 upgrade would customized reviews and open more categories. So I upgraded…reviews are a little better, BUT NO MORE CATEGORIES! That’s ridiculous…Open a French dictionary, you’ll learn more.

bruinkelly, Nov 16, 2021
Not bad

Its a decent app for learning vocabulary. There aren’t a ton of words and the words they close to teach you can be a bit strange for example the appliances section. Thankfully you can speed the game up but it can still be a little slow waiting for the meteors to fully appear on screen.My one complaint about the app is that when you select a written word it doesn’t speak it aloud for you so you miss the opportunity to learn how to read the language.

chantihey, Jan 25, 2023
I love it!

This game has been great to play ! It’s fantastic, especially if you’re looking for something to help review the basics. It repeats the first set of words you learn while bringing in new words. You get to hear the pronunciation and the spelling. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to start learning simple words, start here.

JRaven20, Sep 24, 2020
Not what I expected

Maybe this is meant for kids and I didn’t realize, but this app is pretty boring and monotonous. I thought if I paid for the app then custom review would mean I could take some kind of placement test and have it tailored to me…but that’s not the case lol. Maybe this would be good for children who are beginners but other than that this is so easy and boring I don’t see the benefit of it. The words I really need help remembering aren’t numbers 1-10…also no articles which is strange

jul111111111111213221, Jun 25, 2021
The best game ever

Im going to a trip to my ant in paris so i needed to learn french and me and my mom were gonna buy a app for money but i saw this app and i got this one insted and it was worth it and i learned how to count to 10 ij french in 5 Minutes this game is the best

koalosow, Apr 01, 2020
Free and Easy

I have never seen an app so awesome. Like if you want you can pay only $4.99 which is crazy cheap compared to other French learning apps. And it’s sooooo easy to learn. Because you’re playing games that a pretty fun. Anyways I recommend this app to a lot of people. It’s fun and easy and the best it is free unless you wanna unlock more stuff it is only $4.99.

Melanie Sparkle, Jun 05, 2019
Great for learning languages but need slight improvement for french

I love this app because it related the french word with pictures rather than english words. This way, you can learn naturally and not have to translate in your head. My issue with this is that there are no articles in front of the words. In french, knowing the gender of a word is very important so it seems strange to learn the words without learning the gender of it.

Sarah08641, Dec 01, 2020
Great for beginners and children!

I just started trying to learn French about a week ago and was looking for things to help me stay interested while learning. I think this a great way to learn some basics!

spamaddie, Apr 30, 2023
Love it!💕

It’s great for learning and studying vocabulary! I like playing it whenever I’m waiting for something, or I’m simply bored. It’s cool cause I’m learning while I play a game. The stars you get for getting things correct remind me of angry birds. It makes me a little more competitive to get all three stars😅

Sunbear5000, Apr 30, 2019


Learn French by playing fun and interactive games in space! Infinite makes learning the most common words of French easy and fun with it’s game-first method of learning. • Learn French without using English, just like a native! • Gain mastery of words by being tested on the audio, text, and images individually. • Quicken your word recall by answering questions against the clock. • 30 second levels allow for learning no matter how much time you have. • Customize your review by selecting words from any category to be tested on.