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User Reviews for Write It! Arabic

Good when it works... EDIT: turns out it does!!

SEE END OF REVIEW FOR UPDATE! This app seemed great until I got to the fourth letter. At one point it just won’t let you trace it and you can’t move on. I thought maybe I could just skip that letter and go on to the fifth, but the exact same thing happened on the fifth letter. And the sixth. EDIT: So it turns out that it does work. If you are having the same problem, just keep in mind that on the fourth, fifth, and sixth letters (middle) you are NOT supposed to trace the entire figure in one stroke. Just trace the short part that the little circle keeps going over and over and then it will show you how to finish the figure. Hopefully this helps someone! This app is awesome!!!One other thing: I saw a review that mentioned “missing letters.” The app does teach all 28 letters, it just combines the six letters that do not connect from the left into pairs.

11JET, Dec 05, 2020
Missing a few characters?

Am I the only one who noticed there are only 24 characters here? I’m American, but I saw a few other characters on google that I did not recognize. Then I looked up how many characters were in the MSA alphabet, and it said 28.... am I missing something?

8iTCRUSH, May 26, 2020
Weird stuff.

I downloaded and tried once seemed helpful, later that day I was receiving strange calls and my phone was trying to reset itself, I uninstalled the app. It stopped I then had checked my attempted wifi access and saw something had attempted to go to strange websites that were flagged dangerous on my phone. Maybe it was a fluke but I don’t know why it started and ended the same day. If you want to download and see, be very cautious of this application.

BasicWhiteB, Nov 10, 2020
Rare find

Arabic is hard enough to find apps to learn with, let alone for free, and most of them don’t include writing. Thank you for a free and helpful source so I can practice writing in Arabic on the go!

Bellllllllaaaaaaaaaaaa, Jul 06, 2021
Great way to learn

The app is easy to use and tests you on all the forms of related letters one at a time. I love the writing part, which helps me remember. The tests test both writing and recognition. Plus it pronounces it repeatedly. Great learning strategy. I don’t know if it will go beyond the alphabet but recognizing the letters in real words would be a helpful addition.

Cauliflower pizza, Feb 01, 2022
Just 1 itty bitty flaw

This is awesome! I already knew how to talk in arabic, but I did not know how to read and write. Thanks a lot! For those of you trying to learn areabic and skip this app, you got a serious problem.

ijsnuhrebguhrtviuhrrfviug, Dec 05, 2021
Amazing. This is the app that can help you write AND read!

I’d use this app in conjunction with pen and paper as well as with copying down ayat in the Qur’an to learn, but this app helped me learn to read SO FAST! So simple and awesome. 🌹 thank you developers!

itsnouraalbalawi, Jun 28, 2020
Super Helpful!!!!

It allows you to learn the single, initial, median and end part of the letter. Since arabic is a cursive alphabet you need to know how the letter will look at various points in a word. It also enunciates the sound the letter(s) make so you can work on your pronunciation. What I like about it is it groups letter(s) together that are made in a similar fashion so you can see that an additional dot or tail makes a new letter vs learning in the traditional alphabet format. I’m trying to teach myself to read and write arabic, this is a great beginners tool to learn the most fundamental part of the written language...the arabic alphabet.

lsdango, Jan 15, 2020
This is an excellent app

It teaches u to learn single letters ب to ي it could be mixed up but it still has the same letters they didn’t forget I am a Arab child in America so I don’t know how to wright or read I am learning this app is really fun and helpful I totally recommend this app if you want to learn how to read and write Arabic

rvftbyb, Apr 17, 2020
Amazing App!

This app has made a day and night difference in my journey to learn the Arabic alphabet overtime. I tried many apps, but this one actually got me to learn the alphabet and begin to sound out things I read. I may not 100% understand, but it got me to a point where I could ask a friend what words I was seeing meant.

salomoney, Aug 16, 2019


Learn how to write the Arabic alphabet in a fast, efficient and fun way. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’re able to remember new things with our real handwriting recognition and guided lessons. • Practice and test Learn stroke by stroke how to correctly write each letter and then test your ability to write and recognize what you’ve learned. • Earn stars The faster you’re able to complete tests the more stars you’ll earn. Can you prove your mastery by achieving 3 stars on each lesson? • Custom review Review everything you’ve been studying to make sure you don’t forget anything you’ve studied. • Audio support We had our own audio professionally recorded so that you can start pairing sounds which what you’re learning. • Offline support Need to study on the go?

No internet connection required so you’ll be able to catch up on your learning whether you’re on a train, plane or bus.

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