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Infinite Italian

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Infinite Italian

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Jernung, LLC
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User Reviews for Infinite Italian


This app is the best app to learn a language on I’ve only had one of their apps and I already know how to count and say colors it’s very good and I would recommend to anyone.

AJRed22, Dec 21, 2018

I know it’s technically for children but it is really helping to refresh my memory. I studied Italain two years ago but get very little day to day practice. Useful tool.

biapayne, Nov 27, 2018
came here from infinite Korean because i love it.

I love they way the app is designed! you have each category, and each category has 12 levels and a review. each level you complete you get a certain amount of stars for how well you do. once you get a certain amount of stars you unlock a new category. it’s a really smart design to keep people interested while also learning a language. half the time i’m just enjoying the app as a game, then later on i’ll hear myself randomly counting in italian. this app is lovely.

breeze274, Sep 13, 2020
Good basics

I love the simplicity and it’s just a good way to try something new.

Bryan Da Vinci, Feb 02, 2019
Great Vocabulary App!

Infinite Italian is all about learning daily usage nouns. Unlike the other apps I’ve tried, this app keeps me interested. It does exactly what it says it does, nothing more or less. The game is fun while being super helpful in learning basic nouns. I look forward to the updates for this app, even while I am still working through the first categories.You get lots of practice hearing each noun, seeing the noun spelled out, seeing an image of the noun, and matching between the 3 options at varying speeds. You can repeat every level whenever and as often as you want. Each time you play you will get the same nouns as you always get in that level, but they will be mixed up so each level is never the same twice. I’m using this app as an addition to my Italian class, as well as a few websites.Honestly, so far, this is my favorite app for learning Italian. If I could purchase extensions for each category of nouns, I would do so with enthusiasm!

Collette de Rayncheval, Oct 20, 2020

One of the best apps for improving your vocabulary in italian

Dragon@@@@, Mar 20, 2020
Awesome app

I never really write reviews but this app is really useful to learn simple words in Italian. It has been a big help and it’s completely free!!! If you’re trying to study, or learn something new or both this app is great. Highly recommend

Nicole10cute, Aug 09, 2022

It has a fun way of teaching things but it’s to simple for what I’m looking for. As far as I can tell there’s no grammar or sentence structure lessons. Just basic vocabulary.

Person0023, Apr 10, 2022
Overly simple & I enjoy it, for that.

Great little app to use as an aid, along with what ere your main Italian learning program is. Games are very simple & just easy to repeat daily.

SirDarkKoala, Jun 10, 2022
Cute and easy way to practice

Nothing. Complicated, but it’s great to practice in free time from other apps. They don’t all have to be comprehensive!

tasha32217, May 21, 2020


Learn Italian by playing fun and interactive games in space! Infinite makes learning the most common words of Italian easy and fun with it’s game-first method of learning. • Learn Italian without using English, just like a native! • Gain mastery of words by being tested on the audio, text, and images individually. • Quicken your word recall by answering questions against the clock. • 30 second levels allow for learning no matter how much time you have. • Customize your review by selecting words from any category to be tested on.