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User Reviews for Write It! Greek

This works great! Thanks!

There is a wrong letter in the lowercase test for delta. Otherwise, this app has been perf!

ashleyeriksson, Dec 05, 2020
Easy to learn

Really helped me learn the Greek alphabet! The app is pretty good, but some letters end up getting chopped off in the multiple choice questions.

Azyvli, Feb 23, 2021

I’m using this app to learn the Greek alphabet and I have used this app for Korean as well and it is amazing!!!!!! It really helps and you can practice as long as you want and take tests over and over again if you need to. I love it 😍😍😍

Bodhioctober30, Apr 06, 2021
Good, but two issues

This is a great app that was really helpful to me. But it has a couple issues: 1) It often seems needlessly picky about the order and direction of the strokes one makes to form the letters. 2) The voice uses Modern Greek pronunciation for the letters, but the transliterated (i.e., English phonetic) text uses Erasmian pronunciation. Using either for both would be fine, but mixing them like this is needlessly confusing.

FriendElf, Aug 23, 2020
Wrong way to write the letters, pronunciation wonky

(1) This trains you the wrong way to write the letters. I purchased the app and found that out the hard way. (2) the pronunciation is wonky and indistinct. It’s hard to discern whether the speaker is saying one of three or four different letters.

George McFly Jr., Feb 21, 2021
Write It! Greek

Learning the Greek alphabet with the letter name being sounded out is very helpful. It is fun to write the letter and be corrected. There is even a hint feature. I like being able to be quizzed also. Practice time is enjoyable. Thank you for an excellent learning too.

grandmacolleen, Sep 12, 2018
God bless you for this work.

I was looking for this way of learning Greek a long time, finally i founded it.Really, asking our Lord to protect all from all disease, light your soul and have more success to all your team for this work.Go ahead from success to another to be on the top.Best RegardsBr. Youhanna (John)

J.K.79, Nov 02, 2021
Good app, save one complication.

I've noticed several times there are multiple correct answers to a multiple choice question - for example epsilon, Ε or ε. The problem is that it is expecting you to pick a particular case - so you have a 50/50 chance of picking correctly. Minor critique but it stands out when trying to get all questions in a review correct.

Jayson.T, Sep 25, 2018
stroke order and direction required??

This might be a great app if it let you draw the letters in more than one way. It makes no sense to require two strokes for the kappa, or that the alpha must start from the top down. who cares? Made the whole thing very frustrating.

Zeepers Cypress, Sep 27, 2018

I have learned the Greek and Hebrew alphabet easily using those apps. No problems.

סכטט, Apr 10, 2021


Learn how to write the Greek alphabet in a fast, efficient and fun way. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’re able to remember new things with our real handwriting recognition and guided lessons. • Practice and test Learn stroke by stroke how to correctly write each letter and then test your ability to write and recognize what you’ve learned. • Earn stars The faster you’re able to complete tests the more stars you’ll earn. Can you prove your mastery by achieving 3 stars on each lesson? • Custom review Review everything you’ve been studying to make sure you don’t forget anything you’ve studied. • Audio support We had our own audio professionally recorded so that you can start pairing sounds which what you’re learning. • Offline support Need to study on the go?

No internet connection required so you’ll be able to catch up on your learning whether you’re on a train, plane or bus.

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