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Infinite Spanish

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Infinite Spanish

  • Education
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Jernung, LLC
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User Reviews for Infinite Spanish

Love it!

This is a super fun app to use when learning or reviewing Spanish. Spanish is such a beautiful language and it has become very necessary to be learned as a huge population of the entire world speaks Spanish! As such, I took Spanish in high school as well as college and in absolutely loved it. Sadly, I, somehow, did not have anyone around me that could speak Spanish fluently or was learning Spanish as I was. My inability to speak Spanish with others has greatly hurt by knowledge of the language. Somehow, I can read Spanish rarely good, understand some Spanish when it is spoken, but I can barely write Spanish at all. This loss of the ability to speak such a beautiful and needed language greaves me greatly and I have attempted to re-learn Spanish on my own with the use of various apps and programs. This is the latest program I am trying to help me re-learn the Spanish language and, so far, I greatly enjoy using it and have high hopes for it performing well and addressing my needs.

AnnaZP, Aug 11, 2018
Good for beginners

Positive:- What I like most about this app is that you learn words solely in Spanish. You are supposed to match pictures to words (either written or spoken) in Spanish only. This makes it a lot easier to speak that language because you’re not constantly translating words in your head when trying to convey your thoughts.Negative:- There aren’t that many words. This app works great for those starting in Spanish because the words they teach are very basic. However, if you want to become fluent, this can’t help you all the way through- Spanish nouns will have el/la in front of them. However that is not introduced to you. El/la are very important and learning it separately is hard work.I think this app very easy to use. This is definitely the BEST app for beginners.

AnnLeeMarkLee, Mar 21, 2020
Fed up with lack of sound

I can’t be the only one with this problem. Over half the time there is no sound when I try to use this app, and of course it’s useless without sound. Wrote the developer many weeks ago: still no sound. It’s a shame because it could be a really good app. Same issue with Infinite German . No sound problem with any other apps.By the way, why is there a request for my Apple password every time I open this app? Never occurs with other apps. Of course I don’t give it, and the app opens anyway.

Clonsheefior, Jan 06, 2019
Definitely should cop this 😩‼️

I love how it’s not a monthly subscription to it. Yes you have to pay. No nothing is free in 2018!! It’s only $4.99 and the full app is unlocked for you. NO FURTHER PURCHASES! However, there is a free version of this app which allows you to learn numbers and other basic stuff but you should definitely get this!! It is a life-saver especially when you have to learn a different language for school!

gurl_on_fleek26, Jul 27, 2018
Countries Level Not Working Properly

Hello, I enjoy the app and have been learning new vocabulary however right now I give it a 3 because there is no place to contact support that I can locate. The link in the App Store just brings you to a place to download the app which makes no sense since I just clicked a link from the download location. Anyway, my support issue is for the “Countries” level. There is no sound byte for “Inglaterra” the England flag. The level is achievable simply because it’s the only flag without sound so that’s how you guess. Even under the “eye” icon menu there is no sound for England’s flag. Just wanted to inform you of the issue. Thanks!

HDTv22, Feb 01, 2019

This is way too simple and there’s no way to jump ahead to learn new vocabulary. It’s really only for absolute beginners since it starts with numbers. Each level takes over a minute to do and it only teaches one or two new words at a time. There are also too many ads, which is an immediate mistake. Why would they think someone would pay to unlock an app without a chance to really get a feel for how it works? Not only that, but on the third level there was suddenly no sound for some of the words. Since the entire concept is listening then tapping on the correct word, this is a terrible start. I deleted the app within ten minutes and came here to write this review.

jinglejanglemorning, Jul 08, 2023
Good but could be better

For 4.99$ I’m hoping they add another 200 words. I do like the game style but each level of difficulty should include the more difficult Spanish words to learn, and not just make the game part harder. I understand the concept of that but easy is exactly the same as hard except the things drop faster and more frequent. But the words stay the same so you already know them by the hard level. Otherwise I like this way of learning :)

Marc6983, Jul 28, 2018
This is it

Best way to learn a language I have found. This is after only an hour of playing and I already feel I learned more than 2 years of Spanish back in high school. Straight to the point, simple, and addicting. Best of all I’m actually learning. Much better use of time than other brain dead click games found for phones. Good job team you guys nailed this one. Everyone should have this app I see this going to the top soon.

Poppinkneecaps, Jul 26, 2018
Vocab and Fluency

I’m actually really impressed with this. It tests your speed and fluency so that your vocabulary evolves. I’m a level 2 Spanish speaker getting back into my groove to increase proficiency after several years off to focus on my degree and this has been great for jogging my memory as well as learning new words. In conjunction with Spanish radio/books and another app I’m using for mechanics, I’m very happy with my results.

Sharla Avery, Jul 19, 2020
Clever game

Simple and well designed. Learn basic spanish by speedy association. Probably gets more advanced as you go but I haven’t gotten very far. Can change difficulty settings. Will not become fluent in Spanish obviously, but could be very useful for direct Spanish association instead of translating to English first. Would be interesting to see if the developers can take the idea further. Keep a free ad tier for sure but man if you keep building on this basic idea it could be very profitable.

silversauce, Dec 12, 2019


Learn Spanish by playing fun and interactive games in space! Infinite makes learning the most common words of Spanish easy and fun with it’s game-first method of learning. • Learn Spanish without using English, just like a native! • Gain mastery of words by being tested on the audio, text, and images individually. • Quicken your word recall by answering questions against the clock. • 30 second levels allow for learning no matter how much time you have. • Customize your review by selecting words from any category to be tested on.