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User Reviews for Infinite Korean

Great App for Learning Simple Words

I wanted to learn Korean (again. I knew how to speak Korean when I was a child but forgot how to.) My family speaks it from my mother to grandmother, but I don’t want to be the one messing up the traditional language in my family by not teaching my child in the future the language. This app is very simple. It teaches you words, that’s about it! Although you may have to get other apps/help to learn Korean better because this app does not teach sentences, just words, it’s very helpful. You can learn a lot of new words very easily!

an undertale_fan-, Jun 06, 2021
Best free Korean app I’ve seen so far.

Out of all the apps I’ve downloaded to study korean, this one is the best. It’s repetitive (which is good) and feels like a game, so it’s fun and enjoyable to use the app and study korean. I’ve found that the sound only works when I use earbuds, which is fine, but I’d still like to be able to charge my phone without earbuds and still be able to hear the sound. I like how it doesn’t show premium membership rewards until you buy it. My only concern is that, for the numbers section, it only teaches you 0-12 in Pure-Korean numbers only, not sino-korean. However, I’m not sure if you get more numbers with the membership upgrade, so it could be just that I’m using the free version. Overall, it’s a fun and helpful app for learning simple vocabulary words. Also, I like how it’s completely free and doesn’t limit your time. Thank you, Infinite Korean, very cool.

bayern25580, May 01, 2019
Great concept but buggy

I downloaded this app to build up my vocabulary. I love the design and the setup of this game but I’ve only played it once successfully. I had issues with there being no sound at first when I played it then I redownloaded it and had a successful play with the numbers level. After the one successful run, and ad came up and since then it doesn’t work right for me. I have to open it twice each time because it force closes on me the first time. It also seems to have an issue with the volume. Even with my volume maxed out, the volume in the game is super low. I really like this app, but it doesn’t seem to work on my phone.

BellsNWhistles, Mar 09, 2018
Love it!!!

I don’t really right reviews but this app is awesome!!! I am 10 and I plan on moving to South Korea 🇰🇷 when I get older. I even planned on going to college there and learning how to speak Korean. With this app it helps me do that. I just started this app yesterday and I already know how to speak about ten numbers in Korean. All thanks to this app. So whoever made this app I really appreciate it. You should be proud of yourself because your making a little girls dream come true right now. Thank you!!! I will continue to work on my numbers with this app!!❤️

I D HD ft x tutu y g, Jan 28, 2021
Turning off romanization is a game changer

I’ve only recently started my journey into learning Korean, and I’ve spent about a month just focusing on the alphabet and syllables alone so far. I’m currently using the “이화 1-1” textbook in conjunction with this app and by staying away from romanization, I have increased my reading speed and created muscle memory of how to properly pronounce syllables much faster than I could have imagined. I see and hear the Korean language everyday, and even though I haven’t moved onto grammar and sentence structure yet, I really feel like I have such a good foundation of reading ability, pronunciation, and basic vocabulary because of the help of this app. It’s colorful and really fun. The categories are appropriate for beginners of any age. I look forward to playing this on my iPad every night. I’m so motivated to learn Korean, and it’s useful resources like these that’s made this, by far, the most fun and effective time I’ve spent learning a language ever.

Melodieee, Jan 24, 2020
You can turn off romanization

Normally I don’t write reviews but, I feel that this app really deserves it! There’s so many great features to this app being free. Let’s start off with how it provides great strategies for memorization, One thing throughout my journey of learning Korean memorization is something I struggle at the most. This app however, as a great way of showing memorization as you can redo lessons how many times you want and it always makes sure you remember the terms that has already been taught. Secondly the option for Turing of romanization. Of course to new learners this may be a bit intimidating but think of it this way. You didn’t learn Your native language by looking of another language. You learned it from its own alphabetical system. Same goes for learning a new language. The option of turning off romanization helps in numerous ways and helps me learn hangul as I go through all of the lessons. Overall, this is a great app! Especially for it being free. It gives you lots of advantages for learning Korean!

miintyoongiii, Nov 25, 2020
Good App!

I really enjoy using this app. It is fun and educational, and I like that it is only a one time purchase of $5 for the premium version (which I payed for). I definitely think you should purchase this app as a supplementary source or for practice, it definitely is white a lovely app. One downside though is that when changing the difficulty levels, you have to redo all that you do. Don’t worry when you change back to the normal speed your progress will stay the same, but it is slightly frustrating how when you change it you have to re-earn all the stars there and yeah. Anyways i really recommend this!!! Have a pleasant day. ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

PulsarPink, Nov 08, 2020
CHILE if you don’t have this app.. GET IT!.

honestly this app is the best i’ve come across so far. i’ve been trying to learn korean for a while but the way everything is taught in hangul i just couldn’t get it. here you can turn on romanization👏🏾! it’s been much easier for me to learn and trust me i have like 15 apps teaching me right now and this is the only one i actually look forward to using. it’s helped me a bunch and i can’t wait to see how much practice speed i can get. i understand that it’s a PRACTICE app. it won’t teach you why certain vowels sound a way but it’s definitely a game changer to how you learn you catch on to the sounds of the korean alphabet quick. i’m about to pay the one time $5 for premium because CHILE!. just get it. you won’t regret it.

rr ammmm, Jul 09, 2021
Fun! Easy to learn!

This app is extremely easy to understand and navigate! It’s got so many great features for being a free app! I love how you can have fun and learn at the same time. It even has different difficulty speeds for learning which really came in handy once I started getting better! You can change the romanization! The app has a vocabulary section listing of all the words you already know with the audio to the words. This way you can see it and hear it as many times as you want if you’re only struggling with one word. You can always just play the reviews over and over though, which is fantastic! Overall, I am really happy I downloaded this!

Smallfry44448, Dec 19, 2020
You can turn off romanization! :)

In my onion, one of the main downfalls of most korean-learning resources is that they show the romanization for everything with no option to have only 한글. I understand that romanization can be helpful if you don't read 한글 yet, but it can also impede the learning process--the longer you rely on romanization, the longer it'll take for you to really understand and pronounce 한국어!I get it if romanization works for you, but I really wish more apps worked this way. It has helped my reading and listening comprehension immensely! :)

Teragrams, Sep 25, 2019


Learn Korean by playing fun and interactive games in space! Infinite makes learning the most common words of Korean easy and fun with it’s game-first method of learning. • Learn Korean without using English, just like a native! • Gain mastery of words by being tested on the audio, text, and images individually. • Quicken your word recall by answering questions against the clock. • 30 second levels allow for learning no matter how much time you have. • Customize your review by selecting words from any category to be tested on.

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