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Write It! Russian

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Jernung, LLC
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User Reviews for Write It! Russian

An honest review

I think this app is very, very helpful. But, it does have one tiny con that I think everyone will be okay with. I love how natural the voice sounds. Some apps make the voice sound too robotic. A very robotic voice makes it difficult to learn, well for me at least. I am a little annoyed that this app has you write what I believe to be the cursive version yet quizzes you on the keyboard version. I believe this is because you're supposed to be lightly familiar with both versions. I didn't know a thing about the Russian language and I didn't have a problem with this small con. I am learning two other languages and I can gladly say I will be able to rely on their other apps. I hope you found this review helpful.

BGGI!, Apr 05, 2021
Truly excellent

It’s a perfect app... and the ads are not annoying. Definitely pick it up!

Blotsm, Dec 01, 2020
Perfect for Russian cursive

A lot of people are complaining that it teaches the cursive, however, all handwritten Russian is in cursive. It shows you the basic letter above where you’re writing so there is no excuse for this to be a problem. If you want to learn Russian you need to know how to write it in cursive as well as read it.

Lastovitsa, Mar 22, 2021
Great concept

Being able to practice handwritten Russian is super helpful and no other app or tool really helps with this. BUT the app usually (not sometimes but usually) does not recognize a correctly formed character. You have to do it exactly according to the provided outline to be considered correct. I understand that image recognition is a tough machine learning problem, but the human eye is much more forgiving.

lilczr9900, Aug 05, 2020

I just started its getting really easy its a really good app if you are starting might not be good for some, but I’m getting the hang of it

llllllloooooovvvvvveeeeee, Oct 24, 2020
Needs lessons for block letters

Repetition has its place in pedagogy. However, it would be nice to lesson the block letters prior to testing. Otherwise 5 stars.

MichaelRabern, Jan 06, 2021

Breaking up the Russian alphabet and allowing me to memorize sounds and symbols while having me write out each letter has proven to work very well for me. This app is perfect if you wish to learn the Russian alphabet in a timely manner. On a side note, adds are present but not excessive and I will always gladly deal with them for a good app like this.

Ocle Pinata, Mar 17, 2022

Positive:It is very useful, a requirement even, for anyone looking for a simple way to learn to write in Russian.It is the only app of its kind that is fully free and does not have some letters locked behind a pay wall or subscription.There is an option to watch one ad to be ad free for the rest of the day. Just one ad daily makes for an easy learning experience without interruption.Negative:There are times when letters are marked incorrect even if they were written correctly. It isn’t a major problem as one can still learn what the letter looks like, regardless of whether it is marked right or wrong.Conclusion and final note:I recommend this app to anyone who is trying to learn or memorize written letters. Don’t be put off by the reviews that suggest that beginners aren’t ready to learn script. Learning the alphabet is far easier than it seems at a first glance and learning script is a necessary part of it. Russian is not written in print letters, only in script unless it is typed and printed. Start your lessons with an open mind and you’ll find that it isn’t as difficult as it appears to be to the beginner.Edit: The feature to watch one ad to remove them for the day has disappeared after the latest update, but I still consider it to be a five star app. The ads aren’t particularly long, inappropriate or intrusive to date and the benefits of the app outweigh the inconvenience.

Oleg Garin, Dec 05, 2020
Needs comprehensive test

This is a great app for learning how to write Russian. I’m enjoying it. Focusing on a few letters at a time is good for learning, but the real test of one’s ability would be if any letter could come at any moment. So I would suggest adding that. But as for what it does now, it does very well, so I give it 5 stars.

philharwell, Feb 29, 2020

It’s really helpful app.I really want to learn Russian but... but now with this app its very easy. Thank for making this app👏👏oh and it will be good if yall will add voice thing💕

qetsonaa, Jun 25, 2021


Learn how to write the Russian alphabet in a fast, efficient and fun way. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’re able to remember new things with our real handwriting recognition and guided lessons. • Practice and test Learn stroke by stroke how to correctly write each letter and then test your ability to write and recognize what you’ve learned. • Earn stars The faster you’re able to complete tests the more stars you’ll earn. Can you prove your mastery by achieving 3 stars on each lesson? • Custom review Review everything you’ve been studying to make sure you don’t forget anything you’ve studied. • Audio support We had our own audio professionally recorded so that you can start pairing sounds which what you’re learning. • Offline support Need to study on the go?

No internet connection required so you’ll be able to catch up on your learning whether you’re on a train, plane or bus.

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