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Write It! Japanese

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User Reviews for Write It! Japanese

Love it, but…

I love this app, and highly recommend it to anyone who’s trying to learn Japanese, especially on a beginner level. But, I wish they accommodated for more advanced students, too. Such as, they only have Hiragana and Katakana writing practices. I would’ve loved some Kanji, since that’s what I struggle with most in writing (stroke order). At least some Grade 1/N5 Kanji would’ve been nice, since if you already know Hiragana and Katakana this is kind of just a refresh/stroke order type thing. (Which I still love). So, please add some beginner kanji, at least, and I will love this so much! Thank you!

~BlueFox7~, Jan 23, 2022
Best hiragana/katakana learning app there is

I have tried them all, and this one is my go-to. The auditory, visual, and touch combination is perfect for me and I’m learning much faster than I thought I would. It is very easy to navigate and well organized. It functions very well as a free app, I appreciated that the ads were not at all intrusive. I decided to purchase anyway because I prefer it so much.This app is set up well for optimal learning. I like that each lesson set includes the diacritical marks that go with each syllabary. Lends to a good sense of learning pace and takes the pressure off having to learn the diacritical marks separately. I like the review option. It is easy to locate and there are options within it to control what you’re reviewing. When I discovered this, I realized I didn’t have to use a bunch of different apps to help me retain what I’ve already learned. All in all, I highly recommend this app for learning hiragana and katakana.

fannanna, Apr 01, 2023
Learning System Could be a Little Better.

First off, I’d like to say that the writing is a little too forgiving. It sometimes says I’m right when I know that I was far from matching the line. Second, the practice lesson before the tests are too easy. In the practice lesson it tells you the answer and immediately after you write it so the practice problems are ultimately useless because you just saw the answer. Thirdly, the review tool on the app costs money to use. I realize developers need to make money but I thought for free learners like me I’d just mention that. And lastly, the app only covers hiragana and katakana. No kanji, vocabulary, or anything.

Giga_Savagss, Jan 21, 2021
It’s completely free! And a great app! But...

I love this app because I’m learning Japanese and it helps me to be able to learn how to write the letters and see the detail so I can memorize them and learn them even better, and it la completely free!?! WHAT?! I’ve downloaded so many apps to help me learn how to write Japanese and they all only let me take one small lesson and then I have to pay but this app is amazing, other than the adds which you barely get this app is amazing, it’s just that o have one thing, it’s kinda annoying when you write something and it corrects the lines, it can be frustrating and it kinda stops me from perfecting the lines when the app does it for me. But that’s all, it’s just kinda annoying, like auto correct . But other then that this app is AMAZINGGG

ITS INCREDIBLE!!!, Nov 27, 2020
LOVE. Just 1 suggestion.

Love love love this app. Its interface is intuitive and easy. The writing tests are not too picky about matching the kana font perfectly, as in it leaves enough grace for handwriting/font variance when you’re obviously writing it correctly. REALLY good. My only critique I think is that I would prefer to not have to tap the bottom of the screen every time after I correctly write a kana during tests and reviews to move onto the next one. I would prefer it to automatically move on. However the way it is now is good for when you screw up so you can stare at it and redo it a couple times. Over all amazing and exactly what I want from a kana app.

japanez, Mar 09, 2023
Some things you can add!!

This is overall a great app! It’s really easy to use and there are little to no adds! There are some things that U can add to make it even better though, the first being tips on how to remember the way you write it. When I started out, I struggled with the last part of the a (the twirly part) and the o. When someone fails it 3 times, there can be a pop up of tips to remember it. Idk if I’m picky on my way of learning Japanese, but you could also add reviews before tests (Ik there are practices). Sorry if I’m being picky tho. These aren’t exactly NEEDED but they can make ur app a lot better. 👍🏻

kamia 💓, May 21, 2023
The best app ever if you don’t want to pay and if you want want to learn Japanese

This is THE BEST APP EVER like do i even need to explain it has everything that you need to know you can even take notes while your practicing your hiragana. It tells you if your wrong or not. When your doing your test it times you so that you see how much time you spent on it. It is really easy to use and getting to know it and study it. I really recommend they try doing an other app about if you want to learn korean or study it. Overall IT IS THE BEST APP EVER it needs an oscar for that.✨✨

kattyblizer, Jan 23, 2023
Super simple in the best way!

After searching the App Store, Write Japanese is the only app that kept learning super simple without anything too fancy or having a ridiculous point system to “level up”. It teaches you a character and immediately lets you try to write it yourself. I love that you’re also hearing the character sound along with writing the character. Less is more and the simplicity of Write Japanese takes the cake!

Liesl 2, Nov 10, 2021

Really good app for memorizing Katakana as well as refreshing on Hiragana. Only con is that on certain characters it is nearly impossible to get correct. The (A) Hiragana is extremely difficult to get correct and while I know how to write it, it still marks it incorrect and makes my overall star rating lower in the app for each level. Otherwise, it’s a good and handy dandy app to have.

makennaleethop, Feb 06, 2022

I’ve been taking Japanese for about 6 months now, and at the beginning I was struggling to get a hang of the hiragana and katakana. It took forever to memorize the characters, and at that time the app I was using didn’t show me how to write the characters. This app honestly helped so much, I definitely recommend it for anyone learning hiragana/katakana, or just anyone who needs a refresh on writing characters. This app got me to the point that I could read and write hiragana and katakana characters without thinking about it. I highly recommend this for anyone learning Japanese!

Mitsuba!, Apr 02, 2023


Learn how to write Japanese hiragana and katakana in a fast, efficient and fun way. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’re able to remember new things with our real handwriting recognition and guided lessons. • Practice and test Learn stroke by stroke how to correctly write each kana character and then test your ability to write and recognize what you’ve learned. • Earn stars The faster you’re able to complete tests the more stars you’ll earn. Can you prove your mastery by achieving 3 stars on each lesson? • Custom review Review everything you’ve been studying to make sure you don’t forget anything you’ve studied. • Audio support We had our own audio professionally recorded so that you can start pairing sounds which what you’re learning. • Offline support Need to study on the go?

No internet connection required so you’ll be able to catch up on your learning whether you’re on a train, plane or bus.

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