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User Reviews for Wehear - Audiobooks & Stories

Great app love the books

This is an amazing and clean app. The books are sexy and steamy with plenty of “scenes” 😉. If I could give one bit of constructive criticism, can yall offer us some free books? You may already have it. I love the fact that I can listen while driving or doing other tasks that require me putting a book down. The chapters are not expensive at all and the top ups are very well priced compared to other apps I’ve visited. Like I said the audio book feature is a HUGE plus!! They even offer multiple ways to earn coins for chapters. Overall great app!

BSTUMP1130, Nov 02, 2023
Love it

I really like this app it’s really good the story’s are good and I just started using the I’m for one day. The story’s are very interesting and they make you want too listen to more off the story and what happened next by something I don’t like about it is that is the coin you get your daily coins but you have to wait to get your next coins or you purchased them which I’m kind of not a fan of but it’s fine and another thing is that some of the stories I’m reading right now are a little short like I’ll be like four minutes five minutes short and that kind of bothers me but other than that I really like it overall

bts_191, Oct 23, 2021
Love the audiobook but

I love this audiobook and what you guys have done to it but the only thing I don’t like is the fact that I sent days saving so I can spend it on an audiobook but then it gets taking away it ask me to spend a certain amount of coins in like three days and if I don’t spend it, it takes it away. That’s one thing I don’t like about the app because I spend a lot of time saving them so I can spend the morning audiobook. I really enjoy, and it just takes it away, and sometimes it doesn’t even ask me to spend them and it still just takes it away that’s one thing I don’t like and it’s every single time I reach 200 or above

bts_191, Jun 19, 2023
I love these audiobooks…but

Ok I absolutely love these audiobooks and the fact that I can do missions to earn free coins. The only issue I have is the “watch ad and get 5 coins free” doesn’t work for me. I watch every ad till the end, hit the x button then it takes me to the claim part but the whole time it’s trying to load. I have kept it open for half an hour and nothing. It won’t let me hit the x to close it and go listen on. Instead I have to leave the app and refresh it and then lose the 5 coins. So what’s up with that? Sorry had to take a star for that cause it’s my 4th day on this app and have yet to claim any coins after watching the ads!!! I’m new here and would love to keep listening to more books, just fix that glitch please.

ChinaC23, Jun 01, 2022

OK I’m ADHD so it’s hard for me to focus on a book and but with this I can focus on it and drive so I’m actually “ reading “a book while driving and I get to actually see it in my head just like I would when I’m reading it but be able to focus on stuff that I can and have to do Some of the people who read the books to you might have some annoying voices but you just got a test book and see if you like the person who’s reading it but most of them are pretty good at it so yes I would rate this five stars and would recommend and do recommend to all my friends

FoxAngel1990, Jun 09, 2021
My opinion

I really like the app overall it’s really cute and good idea and I can’t physically reading my books because I’m busy , listen to the book makes it 30 times better. Unfortunately I would probably say I don’t like nor enjoy all plots. And it’s kind of hard for me to take a chance on the book even though the descriptionDoesn’t do the book justice. Overall the daily challenges or whatever you call it to get bonuses are really easy it’s not like you have to do much to earn them. And there’s daily ones. To be honest I try not to save up a bunch of bonuses just in case anything happens to them. But it’s a really cute app

i cant pick a name ., Jul 23, 2021
Good but could use some work.

I’m giving 4 stars because the app it self is good and easy to use and they have a large selection of stores to listen to. I just wish they would let you review individual stories. Some are very well written and the person narrating knocks it out of the park. There are some that are definitely lacking the have grammatical errors that make the story hard to read or listen to. Some of the narrators have a lot of reverb and there are others that sound as if an AI Bot is reading back the male voice when the woman’s voice is spot on with great emotional carryover in their voice fitting to the part. Some have great plots and others not so much. All in all it’s great you just have to go with what you can listen to.

Judy Winchester, Jul 29, 2021
Need ability to review individual books

I’m giving 3 stars because overall I like the app, but I think that readers should be able to submit reviews and criticisms for individual books. How are authors supposed to be able to improve without knowing what their readers think about their products? E.g. I have already quit one book that I was grating on my nerves because it was supposed to be set in a specific location but didn’t use the wording or speech patterns for that location. But I can’t submit that information to anyone, so it’s not going to change which will probably put off other readers as well in the long run.

K. E. K., Oct 29, 2021
Loving listening to these books on this app.

I have a few different apps that will read the books to you. It makes it much more enjoyable when it is real people reading the stories than listening to the monotone robotic voice of other apps. I drive for a living so reading books is difficult unless they are read to you. This app has a good selection of books and I find that I actually enjoy my days and time driving much more since finding this app.

kim.sam.zoey, Oct 26, 2021
It's okay

The Bad: The stories can be irritatingly similar within a genre to the point that it seems like 90% were written by the same author. There are plot holes, 2D flat characters, and a several other issues in a lot of the books that I'd expect from creative writing assignments turned in by highly inexperienced writers.I have also noticed they haven't edited out the mistakes made by their voice actors at times, which cuts into the flow of the audiobook.The Good: There are several stories with genuinely interesting elements, written by writers who clearly have potential. It's worth looking for those. I do also enjoy having different stories to listen to while I complete other tasks and this app makes such things free and easily accessible for the times when I don't want to invest in hours-long audiobooks that I may not end up enjoying.

M3Ll0W1331!, Jul 11, 2023


Welcome to Wehear, the audible world with all kinds of stories you can imagine. Romance, werewolf, adventure, horror, all love, paranormal, etc. You can literally dive into Wehear audible world at any time, anywhere on your mobile.

Dive into audible stories anytime, anywhere Looking for addictive werewolf, romance, love, horror, and fantasy audiobooks as a driving-alone broadcast? Or bedtime story? Also while your baby is sleeping? Wehear is your right choice. Just dive in. Remember, it's audible, so you can enjoy it without your hands and eyes. Let Wehear become your good friend and best storyteller. Dr.Luna Dr.Luna, known as The Doctor Series, are some of the MUST-PLAY audiobooks on Wehear. "She was different. Everything changed one day when she heard the word..." More trending audiobooks in Wehear Once Rejected, Twice Desired (Blue Moon Series) Prince Reagan Scared and Rejected Gravity Alpha Prince's Bride Series The Alpha's Cinderella My Miracle Luna Rejected and Forsaken Can I Unreject My Rejection HIS Outcast: Daughter of The Moon Children of the Sun The Alpha's Choice My Boss Is My Son's Dad Upgrading Wehear experience - Listen to audible stories at any time. anywhere - Professional narrators, High-quality recording, creating an immersive audible world for you. - High-quality audiobook collections, recommended by editors. - Audiobook playback speed control. - Available for download and play offline. - Smooth experience of high-quality and ad-free audiobooks. - Jump forward/back time control. - Automatic sync data between devices. - Sleep timer for up to 2 hours or after a selected amount of audiobook chapters. Narrator for Wehear Audiobook Let’s build a fantastic audible world with your good voice! What to expect as a Wehear narrator: Generous financial incentives Personal channel on Wehear Supported by millions of worldwide users Flexible working hours Please submit your demo&resume to [email protected] You can support Wehear audible stories and audiobook writers by unlocking more chapters and purchasing coins for your sound journey. Share your audiobook suggestions & Get latest updates Official website: https://wehearfm.com Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wehearvoices Instagram:@wehear.audiobook Twitter:@wehearfm

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