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User Reviews for Passion: Romance Books Library

Not giving check ins

Was really liking the story I was ready but know it isn’t giving me the daily check in and all I get is 6 coins from watching ads. When the chapter are over 30 coins to read it is making it impossible to read. And no one responded when I contacted them, can y’all please fix the check in.

8322cb, Jul 04, 2022
Good so far

Original, bonus points if you can read Tagalog (I can’t haha)

anneudon, Mar 20, 2022
Worst experience ever

I downloaded the app through a promotional on Instagram. When I created my account it didn’t recognize that I had already paid $6.99 for access for a week. I reached out to support and got a quick response. However, they told me that I needed to reach out to my bank because it showed that it was still pending status to see about having it be authorized to go through. My bank told me that it wasn’t going to go through for two days and it was the merchant that put that stipulation on there so because I wanted to continue reading I subscribed for $.99 … annnnd I still was not given access. I thought maybe I needed to log out and log back in for it to recognize that I signed up for the subscription. Well when I logged in I chose the option to continue with Apple ID when I tried to log back in utilizing the same option, it said that I couldn’t because it was a duplicate account so instead of logging me in using my Apple ID and attempting to create another account. when I reached out to support about me, not being able to continue reading after subscribing, I was told that it can take up to 24 hours for my coins to load. I didn’t purchase coins I purchase the ability to access the entire app. I then message them back telling them I no longer have the ability to access the app, and I have yet to receive a response. I’ve never had so much trouble being able to access something I’ve already paid for.

BlueJnsLady, Jul 15, 2023
Barely get to read.

The way the apps works is you get read a couple chapters and then you have to wait 8 hours to read every chapter after that. There are coins you can earn to unlock chapters faster and you need 33 to unlock one chapter. There are daily rewards and videos. BUT the daily rewards only works for 6 days and then you get nothing. The videos only give 1 coin per ad which is ridiculous since you need 33 for one chapter and you can only watch 6 videos in a day. So the only real way to get coins is the daily rewards. It says 7 days but you only get 6 days and then the game just resets the days and stops giving it altogether. That means I just have to wait 8 hours for one chapter which is insane. DO NOT USE IS YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO READ SOMETHING.

BubblyBubbles4632, Nov 09, 2022
Subscription scam

It has a trail subscription for .99 cents that said you get a 1000 coins to start and goes up to 7.99$ after a week for premium. Never received any coins and no one is responding when you try to contact support via email, great books just not worth the scam.

Bullshark22, Jul 16, 2022
rejected mate

You guys charge to much to read a book on here. The book i’m reading now is a good one but i won’t be reading anymore after i’m done with this one.

butterball1979, Jul 10, 2022

I gave a 5 Star Review so that it will be read. I do not recommend this reading app. I have been dealing with the Support team for the last 20 days regarding a in-app purchase that did not get credited to my account. First they asked for proof of purchase - I sent them the detailed report from apple! Then they say that they are receiving a high number of messages and that I am in the queue and will be contact as soon as possible. I only get an apology email when I email daily about my issue. Almost like a ro-response. IT department has not responded and they have my money without providing a service. I feel robbed, well I gave them a chance with a lot more time than I should I will just let my bank handle it. DO NOT USE THIS APP THEY ARE HORRIBLE, DON’T EDIT STORIES PROPERLY AND DO NOT HONOR IN APP PURCHASES.

ChinsMom4, Aug 20, 2023
Do NOT download!!!! Kills battery & poorly written English

I only give it five stars, so that the review gets read. Do not download and install this app. I have had nothing but problems. This app uses more battery than any of my other apps, including similar book apps. In just minutes it heats up my phone to dangerous levels (no other app. I use heats up my phone.).The grammar in the story I’ve read is atrocious. English is obviously not the first language of the author, and they obviously do not use a proofreader before publishing a book. There are numerous errors such as using present tense instead of past tense, misspellings that make a sentence unreadable. And each chapter’s mistakes are worse than the previous chapter, to the point where there’s multiple errors in most paragraphs, which makes it just too annoying to readHere are just a few of the incorrect word uses: bugger/burger, dare/dear, dose/does, tear/their. Now imaging multiple mistakes like those in a 2-3 sentence paragraph. To alloying to continue, even though the story plot was interesting, it’s too annoying to try to read when you have to figure out trying to say because of their mistakes.

Creatinine, May 04, 2023
Will take you a LOOOOOOONG time w/o subscription

I generally like to read a little bit of it to make sure that I like it, and then I will just go through the process of unlocking, the chapters without reading them because that’s just who I am, I can’t read multiple books at a time in chapter intervals. I have already unlocked about 70 chapters, but the book has almost 300 chapters. You will get roughly 2 to 3 chapters if you watch the limited ads, check-in bonus, and the surprise ad at the end of each chapter which I love btw. Here’s where the problem comes in. Time period to unlock the rest of the chapters. It’s gonna take me roughly. 75-78 days, to get through the rest of the 230 chapters, and that is ensuring that I can get at least three chapters a day. I can’t afford a subscription, but I can watch ads or wait a short period of time to unlock the next one, but about a 100 days to get through one book is a bit harsh. I know it’s about making money, and making people sign up to a subscription, but after the story, I will probably not be doing this app again. Checking in every day. Watching a couple of ads isn’t gonna get it. I’m not expecting instant, much less time needed for those that have a tight budget. Instead of about 100 days, maybe cut it down toa month and a 1/2?

Dmadibug, Sep 14, 2023
Huge Problem

I was head over heels for this app until I encountered an issue that I can’t let go. I’ve been reading nonstop for over a week now and already finished a book. I’ve started on another book called Forbidden Heat 18+ and discovered that after using coins to unlock two chapters in a row, the chapters were empty. Nothing was written so I skipped to the chapter after them, only to find that it left off at the missing chapters. This is highly frustrating. I used my coins to read but can’t even read. I haven’t had any other issues besides this but it’s very annoying. I suggest that there be a limit on words that should be in each chapter before you can upload them.

georgia10034, Apr 01, 2023


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