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User Reviews for Sun Tracker AR

Great clean minimal

Even just the free version of this app is great. Well designed and no unnecessary cruft. Thanks to the developer!

akrodha, Sep 05, 2020
Amazing app

Very accurate!!! Very helpful when I work on my videography, and it’s free? You can’t beat that! Thank you!

Buck2rite, Feb 12, 2021

Within 1 minute of using I’m beyond impressed. Excellent app!

Cdog2, May 09, 2021
Compass not working at first

Only in 3rd time I’ve opened the app it asked me for location service access

Eumesmoe, Jan 12, 2020
Awesome for installing solar

Building a new house and wanted to know where the sun would be at different times of the year and if particular trees would impact production. This app answered all those question in like 3 minutes. Intuitive, cheap and accurate.

Luke Maine, Jul 24, 2022
Very well-designed

Shows the position of the sun at any time throughout the day. A really great app. Very well-designed and written. I actually was only looking for something to show the angle of the sun above the horizon, because I like to wait until it’s only 30° or lower in the summer, to avoid sunburn. This app does that and a lot more.

Mojave101, Jan 06, 2022
Purchasing Solar Shades for New House

We bought a new house in the desert. Selecting the correct solar shades is largely about understanding sun position during the summer.This app was PERFECT. Just select the day of the year and then point the camera out the window. The app superimposes the sun track and notes the position at different times of the day.Every window-covering designer / sales person should have this.

Puget Sound Tom, Jan 12, 2022
Handy way to see the Sun

Easy to use, cheap, useful tool, that will allow you to see the location of the Sun at any time at any point on Earth.

SethCLT, Jul 22, 2021
Perfect for photographers

I use this app daily as a photographer. I work in the real estate sector. It works extremely well for plugging in an address then seeing the exact time you need to be for a specific position.

will1ek, Jun 29, 2022
Great functionality

I am using this app to plot out our raised garden beds for maximum sun exposure. It’s pretty slick. The only issue is that the AR frequently freezes when changing dates requiring me to force quit and restart the app. Fix that and it’s a five star app!

Woodave, Apr 01, 2021


Sun Tracker AR is an essential digital tool for e.g. photographers, architects, prospective house buyers, garden enthusiasts, surveyors and installers of solar panels. The intuitive, sleek interface provides access to a comprehensive range of professional functionalities.

SOLAR PATH IN AR Augmented Reality projection of the position of the sun at your current location. MULTIFUNCTIONAL MAP PRESENTATION Extensive 2D and 3D visualization of the solar path, compass mode and shadow simulator. You can see at a glance which side of a building gets the most hours of sunlight per day. DATA TABLES A comprehensive overview of sun positions, day and night lengths, sunrise and sunset times, golden hour and dusk (astronomical, nautical and civil). All solar eclipses, winter and summer solstices and equinoxes. INTERACTIVE 3D SHADOW SIMULATOR Position a customizable 3D object on the map to have the app simulate its shadow at any time of year. DAY & NIGHT MAP Map visualization of the current position of the terminator. CALENDAR NOTIFICATIONS Calendar notification with selectable solar events (sunrise, sunset, solar eclipse) and a choice to receive one-time or daily notifications. WIDGET Our widget keeps you informed about the approaching sunrise and/or sunset. No ads! The free version of the app shows all information about solar positions for your current time and location only. The paid Premium version of the app grants you access to information for any location for any time of year.

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