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Peter Rolls
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User Reviews for DigiSlate

Visual is too short

Good app except the visual clapper disappears too quickly. This is suppose to make synching audio and video easier but that really doesn’t help much when you’re spending precious minutes trying to synch and still end up being off. It’s just a second too short. I would definitely purchase the add free version if they could fix that little issue. I would hate to give this such a low rating for a small but vital problem.

Aaron Scorzy, Jun 02, 2020
Quite happy

I started using DigiSlate to help determine audio offsets when doing live streams. Quite helpful with that and I’ve subsequently started using it when actually filming live streams. By then I know what my offsets need to be but using the slate let’s me confirm that my camera and mixer settings are still in place. Also useful to have the text (on the slate) put into my raw video file. I also purchased the $2.99 remove-ads in-app purchase. The cost is trivial and programmers should get something for their work.

Another Kevin Monahan, May 21, 2020
Clap not loud enough

I really want to like this app but I am frustrated by the seeming inability to adjust the volume of the clapper. The clap and tone volumes are far too quiet to be of use. I even paid for the no ads version thinking that it might solve the problem. No dice. It’s a shame really because it’s an otherwise very well designed app. I hope that I’m overlooking something and open to suggestions but for now I’m afraid I have to rate this app “low.”

doooaapquqe, Nov 02, 2019

This app is awesome. Does exactly what I need it to do with just the right amount of customization available. Love the new ability to edit the title fields. Seems very well thought out, keeping simplicity and usability as the priority. Thanks for a great, usable app! App request:Would love the ability to have 12h format up in the top right as an option, along with the existing 24h.

Erray!!, Apr 08, 2019
You should Probably Upgrade

It’s a great app, but just know that the free version has ads, and the ads DO HAVE AUDIO. I found this out the hard way during a shoot and had to quickly exit the set.

kwitter93, Jan 10, 2020
AMAZING APP with a very tiny flaw

This app is everything i needed and more but syncing audio is hard with the clap vanishing the second it claps. If it remained on screen for a second after the clap it would make it a thousand times easier for audio syncing. That is really my only pet peeve with it and I use it daily on the film sets that I am apart of. I have recommended it to a few of my friends and even the directors have said it has sped up production with us no longer having to find an EXPO marker.

Max Heller, Aug 01, 2021
Perfect for my class

I teach video production and as the students rotate through the various positions each day, I have magnets on the board to show what each student is doing so that when we watch it later, we know who was doing what. When we shoot outside, however, it’s hard to fit all the names on my traditional slate (which uses chalk). This is a great way to list the key positions. When on-location, we are typically in very noisy areas (school plays and such), so the triple-clap is great. Also, being able to switch from a black slate to a white slate is perfect, since cellphones look very different outside vs. inside. I spent the few bucks to get rid of the ads (it’s really much less than a Starbuck’s latte). Well worth it!

Music Teacher/Arranger, Aug 06, 2019
Nice and easy, can’t beat the price. One small feature request…

Diggin’ the app! It’s nice and easy to set up, does what it’s supposed to without a bunch of unnecessary fluff, and it’s a bargain. FEATURE REQUEST: I’d love to be able to edit the names of the SLATE / ROLL / SCENE / TAKE fields. Currently I put sticky notes over those spots so I remember what they are, but I’d love to be able to type my own names in there. Could that be done?

PhotoJoseph, Aug 04, 2018
Some things don’t work

If you make more than 1 project with the same name, even if you edit the second one, after visiting the main screen it reverts back to the original you duplicated. So you can’t save multiple slates with different scene names but with the same project name.Edit: actually the system is all kinds of messed up, you can’t save multiple slates. They all default to the first one. Deleting them causes issues too.Also if you click the + to go to the project selection, you can only click the create new project button before touching anything, if you scroll your projects, the create new button greys out and you can’t click it, so you have to go into a project and leave again and not touch anything.

Ranscapture, Oct 17, 2020
The app everyone in film and video should have

When I’m ready to film this is the tool I turn to. It gives me more data for each take and that makes logging easier. The quality and reliability of this app make it outstanding. If you do any editing make sure it’s being used every time the cameras are running. It saves time and money and reduces the piles of hair around the editing bay.

SF Presidio, Feb 05, 2019


DigiSlate is a modern, free digital slate / clapperboard for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. DigiSlate uses either a swipe across the board or the volume buttons on your device to clap the board. This allows you to keep your hands well out of the way when the slate claps.

DigiSlate uses the whole screen for the clappers for easier sync on smaller devices. Features - Full screen clapper board - works great on smaller phones for easier sync in post - Music Mode (in-app purchase) syncs music from your local library or right from your inbox and changes speed in real-time! - Counts in frames and supports regular and drop frame timecodes... or enter your own - Edit every title on the slate to fully customise DigiSlate to work best for you - Save and Load Slates - re-entering details for different shoots is history - Swipe across or use the volume buttons to clap the board - Double tap the text on the board to edit the slate - Drag up and down (or double tap) on Slate, Roll, Scene, Take, FPS and Camera to change - Two finger drag up and down on Scene for USA format (4A, $B, 4C etc) - Date and Time come straight from your device so no need to enter manually - Take will go green to indicate that the board has been clapped, and can auto-increment - Choose either a traditional black slate or white clapperboard - Time of day, shoot time (to 1/100th second) for reference or Scene Name L.E.D. style display. Now shows Shoot Timecode as well. - 4 different sounds for sync - Clap, Beep (1kHz tone), White Noise or Pip (1 frame 1khz tone for SyncOne2 and Multi-Camera sync checking - Sync Mode run flash/beep cycle for Multi-Cam shoots or general audio video sync checking - Auto Take auto-increments the Take each clap the board - Triple Clap option to clap the slate 3 times for easier sync in noisy environments No more fiddling around with small on-screen buttons or awkward user interfaces - DigiSlate is easy to use even on the smaller display of an iPhone/iPod Touch and looks fantastic on the larger screen of your iPad and simply stunning on the iPad Pro. DigiSlate is the free digital clapperboard you've been waiting for.

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