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User Reviews for Shot Lister

Great, except for one nag!

Excellent, so far. I’m a DP for feature films / tv shows and have been looking for a new way to shotlist (have been making custom templates on excel for a decade!) and this hits the mark.Just really, really wish I didn’t have to come up with a “nickname” every time I add a new shot. Just writing this review to publicly request the developers to just let a new shot be added blankly. It’s the one big unintuitive and nonsensical speed-bump in a pretty efficient application.Great stuff, otherwise! Thank you for the good work.

Azmi111, Feb 18, 2019
ShotLister is a SHAM

Do NOT buy this app, it’s a sham. For years, this app sold for nearly $20 as a buy once for access to everything. When they decided to change to a “pay the same price, but every month” subscription they revoked all the people who previously paid for the app. Some employee of the company is probably going to reply to this with a fake response that “the company changed to a subscription”—don’t buy it. If the app developers weren’t so greedy, they would’ve allowed a “restore purchase” button for those that already paid $20 for the app in the first place. This used to be the go-to app for shotlisting. Not anymore, goodbye!

Christian Heiche, Oct 11, 2021
Paid Version Does Not Work

As for now, this is my review. I purchased the Pro version of this software because I have several commercial TV projects coming up. Even though I have a valid subscription for 1 year, I cannot access any of the pro features and have lost ALL of the shots (that took forever to create) I created in the software. Every time I attempt to sync via the crew server, I am asked to subscribe (but have a valid subscription until Sept 3, 2024). Trying to contact support has been useless with no response as their only method of support is email (which they may check/respond once per month; unacceptable).

DinoFaReal, Sep 08, 2023
Love this App

Being a film school student and dealing with my first big project comes with a lot of stress! I had this app downloaded for quit some time, but never really indulge in what it had to offer.Of course there always more ways to make anything better however, this app has help so much with my pre production and has saved me money! Literally what more could you ask for! I recommend this app for any filmmaker it will help you move faster and help you stay organize.

DonB_, Sep 13, 2020
Wasn’t what I expected

When I first heard of this app, I didn’t think that it would be as good as they said it was. I was completely wrong! This app completely changed my pre-production process in both organization and speed. I have never been so organized without having a ton of paperwork on me and risk missing copies or pages that are vital to the project. Of course, I’m using the full version so don’t mistake what I’m saying as being included with the basic plan. Seriously, get the pro plan, you’ll be glad you did and it’s not super expensive.

eddict9989, Jan 30, 2020
Amazing App! Helps sail the production process smoothly!

I love this app. I have really bad OCD and this helps me stay organized through the entire production process. Also stay in sync with my crew and it has such advanced features that it is so worth the money. They used to have a version for the Apple Watch that I would love to see back, but that’s because I use the Apple Watch often, probably more than my iPhone. That’s just me though. Or is it? Anyway, software is solid and really helps in organization and execution. Get it, you won’t regret it!

Gio.Riojas, Aug 05, 2021
Great program..

I use this on three different platforms, MacOs iPad and my iPhone. It's awesome for planning out shoots. However there are issues with with uploading and syncing between devices. Let's say I create a shot list on my Mac, I try to sync it to use on my iPhone, but it doesn't work. So I'll save a file out locally and try to reimport it on my iPhone to make adjustments on the go. That works, but now that file I've adjusted won't sync to the cloud off my iPhone. So I again can't access it on any other device. Another issue is, when trying to save out a PDF with images off of my iPhone, it makes the PDF but the images don't show up. And yes I set it to export with images. Sometimes it works but often times it doesn't export the images. It seems to work the best on iPad.Saying all that I still recommend the app, besides those strange technical issues, the program itself is SUPER useful.

Matt Munn, Jun 12, 2017
Decent but lack some basic options

We tried it on a film shoot and it was a bit of a headache to actually use it right due to the fact at day of filming things can go a bit off planned and so sometimes you will need to add shots or adjust, when there are multiple cameras involved. The inconsistently sections (some areas requiere you to save to continue others simple using cancel) makes it a bit hard to follow through. And when there are good takes, the circle takes option lack the ability to add additional notes (about these good takes) make it a need to jog info down to paper and then that means it requieres some combination of tablet and paper. It's not bad but it's just felt incomplete. I will try it for another simple filming and will see.Update. After three weeks of trying to use it on our feature film shoot. We decided not to continue using it. It's too time confusing while on set when there's a readjustment of the shot list or need to make additional shot list. Not to mention the limited tools to make it more intuitive. So l have cancelled my yearly subscription and decided leave this app alone.If you use multiple cameras this can become extremely difficult to use. Great ideas but when in real environment with script supervisor, it's more headache to make it work than to use pen and pencil.

mdifilm, Sep 07, 2017
Great potential

Update: latest version of the app is definitely improved and the developer seems to earnestly be working hard at making this app amazing. I’m sticking with it and would encourage others to get behind a great developer that listens.Keep coming back to this app because I love the concept, unfortunately it fails in the implementation category. Syncing for example is really rough. Sometime sync works, but more often projects fail to sync or duplicate. Signing in and out sometimes resolves the issue, but not always. If this worked as advertised, reliably, it would be amazing.

Mr. Mateo, Mar 30, 2018
Literally the best app a filmmaker can have.

I have been looking for a a shot list solution for a while and couldn’t find the right fit until now. It took me less than a couple minutes to figure out how the app was structured. Now i can create shot lists to share with my team. I’ve never really been the one to stick to my shot list 100% because fiddling with a clipboard can be annoying. This app changed the way I make my films.

nipplelikker, Jan 06, 2020


Shooting a film never goes to plan. Don’t scribble over a printed out spreadsheet any longer. Now you can make your day, with a flick of a finger.

SHOT LISTER iOS is free, and comes with all the features you will need to Shot List and build a comprehensive schedule for your shoot. The free version is limited to two projects at one time. •INDUSTRY GRADE
Easily organize & store hundreds of scenes & thousands of shots with the flick of a finger. We support scene letter revisions, 1/8 page counts, "i" and "o" exclusion & cast breakdown tracking. All to fit a variety of professional workflows. •SCHEDULING
The only software available to easily create a shooting schedule on a shot by shot & minute by minute basis. Rearrange scenes in Stripboard view & easily check what is yet to be shot or scheduled. •LIVE MODE
Experience the truly ground breaking “Live” production mode to see exactly how you are doing to the minute & re-organize the day in a matter of seconds. Shot Lister shows you exactly how many minutes ahead or behind you are. •FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE
Every project & director is different, customize & order every category to your own needs. Re-name the user category for specific uses like tracking props or wardrobe. Customize the Lens and Gear list to fit your package. •MULTI-CAM SUPPORT
Assign shots to different cameras & group them together to be shot simultaneously. Supports up to 26 cameras. •DESKTOP IMPORT
Build shot lists in Excel or Numbers using our website templates then import directly into Shot Lister. •SHARING and DROPBOX
Export beautifully formatted PDFs or the entire Shot Lister project file (SHL) via Dropbox or email. Also export a CSV to continue to work on your desktop. SHOT LISTER PRO is a in-app subscription for more complex productions that require more professional features. •UNLIMITED PROJECTS (PRO) Enjoy unlimited projects on your iOS device at one time. •CREW SYNC (PRO)
Sync your project file with other Shot Lister users. Keep the entire crew up to date live. Also manage crew privileges as "view only" or "view and edit" to share authorship with collaborators. •SCRIPT IMPORTING (PRO)
Import Final Draft or Fountain scripts & let Shot Lister instantly build a project, generating all the scene meta data & cast list to save time. Convert Celtx to Fountain to import. •STORYBOARDS (PRO)
Add Storyboards to every shot & display full screen in Storyboard Theatre. View your plan, see which boards are left to be shot in Shooting or Scene order. •CIRCLE TAKES (PRO)
In the time it takes to tap a finger, circle the best takes & export the data in SHL or PDF. PRO is an optional in-app purchase with 1, 3 & 12 month options & gives access to the features marked (PRO) above. The subscription is charged to your Apple ID, and automatically renews. The subscription can be canceled up to 24 hours before the renewal date in your Apple ID settings. Our subscribers really help bring new features much sooner to both Shot Lister & Shot Lister Pro. Privacy Policy: http://www.shotlister.com/privacy.html Terms of Service: http://www.shotlister.com/terms.html For helpful FAQ & how-to videos visit www.shotlister.com

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