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User Reviews for Shot Designer


A lot of thought went into the software app to utilize current technology and make it as easy as possible while providing significant value to the finished product.Best way to put your plan and ideas into a visual format that can be understood by those involved. Provides a way for the shot designer to work through a plan to shoot the storyboard and to be able to share it quickly, clearly and easily. Best solution available!

'Bu Surfer, Jun 22, 2013
The Best

This app is an essential filmmaking tool. I’ve used it on everything from commercials and short films to TV drama and it’s fantastic. Stable, intuitive, easy to use, easy to read for Crew to understand what you’re trying to achieve. Currently shooting a high end tv drama and sending out my floor plans to all the crew weeks in advance so when we rock up to set everyone already knows what we’re doing - saving me so much time and energy to be creative. I create a Dropbox with pdfs of the plans and constantly update it so the crew always have the latest versions. Also the response from customer service etc is fantastic. Honestly, couldn’t work without it now.


First of all, this is a great, simple and useful application. View their short tutorials to see if this app is right for you. Beside the great functionalities of this app, I'm equally impressed by the other "elements" including the tutorials, the amazing support and the license that allows you to use it on all your devices, laptop included. This is a role model for any app. I rarely see this level of dedication and "doing the right thing for the customer" in many other app. Congratulations to the company behind this.

Chris_JJ, Oct 31, 2012
What Happened?

Great tool I always use but recently there has been a glitch in the app where it doesn’t fill up the whole screen! Please fix!

El_mit, Oct 07, 2021
Badly in need of an update

While there are many undeniably useful and clever features, this app is in desperate need of an update. For one or two scenes it works great, but when prepping a longer film there are a few things that would save huge amounts of time:- assignable character names: writing every character in every scene is a huge time sink- moveable background images- Scene metadata for automatic camera labeling- ability to import custom elements! This would be HUGE and fix the problem of missing lighting units, etcThe UI also feels ancient, which isn’t really an issue but a refresh would make using the app much more pleasant.

Gabe cc, Jul 22, 2022
Very Disappointing

I’ve given this a good run and am actually quite disappointed (especially now that I spent $20). Here are few of the biggest issues. 1: It would be nice to be able to duplicate an entire scene. If multiple scenes take place in the same location, then every time you want to make a separate scene you also have to build the “set” from scratch. I would like to be able to copy the entire set and drop/paste it into a new scene. 2: The idea of “pages” seems great on the surface but when you only have 5 pages available to you, it becomes a dud very quickly. I can keep adding to this list. You are so limited by functionality.

Maverick Producer, Nov 07, 2014
Powerful tool!

This is on incredibly handy and powerful tool for anybody that works with video, photo, set, and or lighting.Having the power to storyboard scenes and movements of actors, crew, equipment, and set elements in a simple two-demential plain is beyond useful, and all from a program that fits in your pocket (iPhone), or in your bag (iPad).The directors viewfinder is an added bonus, even though it is limited by the fixed lens on the iPhone\iPad, still gives you completely usable information.

Mr.Unknown, Mar 18, 2013
Hollywood Camera works is the best.

I am an old fan of HCW, and learnt a great deal from their video tutorials. Being using their illustrator file that they included with their course to block my moves. This app is great, well thought of and having it on all devices is awesome.I am sure updates will bring great features an that is why I believe the $20 spent on the pro version is a wise investment.A couple of things that will make it more awesome. Undo and the ability to use iCloud to sync boards on all devices.

Ramyg4c, Oct 28, 2012
Incredibly useful

I hope the developer did not abandon this app. It's an incredibly portable and powerful way for a filmmaker or director of photography to work out scene ideas. It helps amateur filmmakers take their craft to the next level. Sometimes spontaneity is the right way to go, sometimes careful planning, especially of something more complex than "selfie" videos, is the right way to go. Shot Designer is an invaluable tool for the latter. Thumbs up all the way. (BTW, the tutorial videos are all there, lower down on the page.)

Sam Graf, Nov 25, 2016
Best Tool for setting Scenes and Shots

I've been using this app for several weeks now, and I have been very impressed with every feature. Setting up a shot (or several) is very easy and intuitive. All the built-in cameras, lights, characters, and props make this a quick solution. The integrated shot list keeps us organized. I have synced across two iPads and an iMac.As a novice film maker this app was an excellent teaching tool for me. Its integration with all facets of building shots, and the shot list helped me understand and build in the right way.I'm not certain what a previous reviewer was complaining about but it has done every thing it claims to do. Another plus is the outstanding support from Hollywood Camera Works. When I needed assistance a post on their forum got a very rapid response, and all the follow-up I needed.

Tsetsoh, Aug 10, 2015


WHAT IS SHOT DESIGNER? • CAMERA DIAGRAM - Shot Designer dramatically speeds up the Director's process of making camera diagrams. Create full-blown diagrams in seconds. The software does most of the work. • ANIMATION - Animate your characters and cameras to move around your diagram in real-time.

Previsualize the rhythm of a scene by seeing it play out. • SHOT LIST - The integrated Shot List is tied into the diagram and writes itself while you work. Edit shots intuitively in the diagram, not in a confusing spreadsheet. • DIRECTOR'S VIEWFINDER / STORYBOARDS - Bring in lens-accurate camera angles via the integrated Director's Viewfinder or Storyboard Import. • MAC/PC DESKTOP VERSION - An identical Mac/PC Desktop Version is included with the Pro Version (in-app upgrade). • SYNC & TEAM SHARING - Sync your scenes across all your devices. Share scene folders with teams. Control who owns which scene. (Pro Feature) Watch the feature-demo at https://www.hollywoodcamerawork.com/shot-designer-videos.html CAMERA-BLOCKING ON STEROIDS Shot Designer was developed by Per Holmes, the creator of the renowned Hollywood Camera Work training, and has been developed in conjunction with major TV and Film productions. Shot Designer is based on the realization that neither Camera Diagrams, Shot Lists, or Storyboards by themselves give you a satisfying understanding of camera-blocking -- you have to use them *together*. Shot Designer is FAST. The app knows how Directing works and automatically does most of the work for you. Cameras rearrange themselves when you move characters. Animate characters and cameras with simple Walk To and Track To commands. Create sophisticated tracking shots with multiple marks. Shot Designer is fast enough that you can rearrange the diagram with actors waiting. OTHER FEATURES • Integrated Set Designer for building floor plans. • Integrated Lighting Designer for DPs, with lighting symbols provided by Ari Golan of Atomic Imaging Studios Chicago. • Import production drawings as backgrounds and block on top of them. • Factory Templates of pre-made camera setups for any situation. • Make your own templates as starting points for new scenes. • Large and growing prop/furniture library. Email us requests, we'll build them. • Scene Freeze: Experiment easily by taking snapshots you can return to (Pro). • PDF/JPG/Excel export and emailing of Camera Diagrams and Shot Lists (Pro). • Unlimited Folder Structure for organizing scenes (Pro). The Free Version of Shot Designer is full-featured except for Save, Export and Sync/Team. Your current scene is always saved, and you can be fully productive working on one scene at a time. The Pro Version (in-app upgrade) adds File Management, identical Mac/PC Desktop Version, Sync and Team Sharing, PDF/JPG/Excel Export and more.

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