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User Reviews for Printful App

Genuinely free, and perfect for beginners!

It’s free. Does give option to buy pro. And it’s well worth it. They make it easy for beginners who are looking to start their own brand. Only thing I would suggest is it does shut down on its own sometimes when using the app. Also, an easier way to view each font before selecting it as I hate scrolling all the way from the top when I select one. I usually forget where I left off, more fonts would be great and an easier way to remove backgrounds of images and a way to format them to the needs of the requirements.

93thunderbaby, Feb 14, 2022

Terrible service, reps don't care about or value business. I've had an item in quality review for 7 days, they continue to tell me it takes 2-7 and send me a chart showing times. Then respond to me with its "merely just waiting for someone to review the printing" The rep(s) show no sense of ownership, escalation, or care. This is shown through their responses and copy and paste responses. Tried to escalate as i am using Printify now and they have sent 14 orders out, printed and many already delivered, I am still waiting for a facemask to be "merely reviewed"Save your client ratings DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, also it appears they of thier reviews if you see a negative comment their is then a slew of non descriptive comments with 5 starts. Major trend.

aaronjbj, Feb 02, 2021
Printful WAS great,,

Ok I have used this company for YEARS! And for years I have love it! Their quality was amazing and turn around time was superb. But lately within the past few months their quality has decreased significantly. I have several Etsy stores and I sell mugs tee shirts and hoodies. Sadly almost daily I have to submit problem reports of broken mugs, or items misprinted or double printed on apparel. This is really affecting my reputation which I worked SO HARD TO BUILD! Despite over 20 complaints they still refuse to pack their items in such a way that they don’t break.Update: developer said as of right now they have no plans to change they packaging. And sadly just this morning once again I had to submit 2 more broken mugs problem reports. Very unprofessional, and with no plans to fix it. There you have it folks!

allthingsjw, Mar 07, 2021
Update 1.13 made the app useless

I’ve been checking back since this update went live to see if there has been fixes but there hasn’t been. This update was not ready to go live. It was a complete layout change but in doing so none of the product pictures will load and when you go to the orders tab or try and view any products etc. all you get are white bars against the black screen background. The app was already a decent overview, and I prefer to use the website still, but now there isn’t really a point in having the app until this gets fixed. Yes I have deleted it and re-download it with still the same issues across a couple devices as well.

BRZ_Ralli3r, Sep 20, 2021
Very Impressive!!!

Shalom!Highly satisfied with the quality of the material and expert embroidery. The hats I designed and bought were exactly how I thought they should be. Fast delivery, 5 days faster than the expected delivery date and extremely well priced. I’ve already shared the company with friends. Only negative is the design programming, got error in size of design on sides of hats. So I just kept it simple with front and back. The downloading/uploading of files is pristine and easy to use after you read ALL INSTRUCTIONS. Love you guys! Thank you.

jana.grzych, May 23, 2022
Needs more options

I’ve been using this app since January, mostly to keep track of my incoming orders. One improvement that I would appreciate would be to be able to change or cancel orders within the app. I am not always near my computer when an order comes in and if I need to make a change due to customer request, I would like to be able to do that on the app - if I can’t get to my computer before the order starts processing it is too late.

klvisme13, Sep 04, 2020
Can’t do everything

The app is good for getting a bird’s eye view of orders and such but it doesn’t allow me to approve design questions from Printful. There was a problem with the embroidery and they asked me to approve their solution. I could see the Hold that was placed on the order, I could see the updated design, but there was nowhere in the app to approve it. This is extremely frustrating as I was not near my desktop computer and my order was needlessly delayed by two days until I could get to my desktop to release the hold. Second time this has happened. The app is helpful but not nearly enough robust.

no1shoudno, Mar 28, 2021
Awful customer service so far!!

I haven’t been able to use my account since the day I opened (10 days ago) because “I need to confirm my email”. No problem with that! The problem is that I wrote them the same day telling them I had issues with the system, which kept saying “there was a confirmation email sent to your email”, and that “if I didn’t receive anything, request the link again”. Nothing ever arrived to my email!! Not even me requesting lots of times!! And when they “reply” (3 different people have done it) they keep asking me what was the email I register my account with, even though I have said it already before!! REALLY???!! HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO BE WAITING TO CONFIRM SOMETHING IT CAN BE DONE IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES???!! THAT IS UNBELIEVABLE AND UNACCEPTABLE!! POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! THERE IS NO VALID EXCUSE TO NOT EVEN BE ABLE TO SOLVE SOMETHING LIKE THAT BLAMING COVID-19, AS THEY STATE ON THE PAGE: “HIGH VOLUME OF MAILS ARRIVING”!! IF YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH EMPLOYEES TO HELP IMPROVE YOUR SERVICE, HIRE SOME MORE!! 😡

Occhi emeraldo, Jun 17, 2020
UX on accessing order status needs improvement

I like that we get notified as soon as orders (or shipments) get sent out, but the user experience for tapping the notification for more details is terrible. When I tap a notification from my lock screen, the app loads slowly and basically forgets that I’ve tapped a specific order and just brings me to the dashboard. By then, the notification has disappeared, and I can’t view order details unless I happened to remember the order number before tapping. The only workaround is to pre-load the app first, and then tap the notification. Hardly optimal!!Please build in a “notifications” or “alerts” tab into the app so we can tap and see all of our orders/shipments that have been recently sent out. This is especially important during COVID-19 when customers’ orders are super backed up. Every littlest update has significant impact, and a very little app fix can bring it that much closer to our fingertips. I want to see WHOSE order was just shipped out so I can have peace of mind.

ozzy686, Jun 06, 2020
App still does not work in landscape mode

It’s nearly 2020, and this app still does not work in landscape mode on an iPad. Come on Printful, it’s overdue. The last time I tried this app the notifications didn’t work properly and I missed orders. I don’t know if this has been fixed yet because I’m not using a portrait app on my iPad! So disappointed to find out that a year later this major user interface issue is still not addressed. I noticed a developer response (to another reviewer) saying the app is not yet compatible with iPad, if this is the case then why is it available in the App Store on an iPad? Or more to the point why haven’t you made it compatible yet, you’ve had several years to do this? There was a time when Printful was way ahead of the competition but they are really starting to lag behind now.

woiufpovzcn, Dec 01, 2019


Looking to start a printed or embroidered t-shirt business? Or sell wall art or blankets from the comfort of your home? Do it with Printful—we’re a print-on-demand dropshipping supplier ready to support you every step of the way and take care of the boring stuff (you know, like fulfillment).

How Printful will help you build an ecommerce business: Get more return customers thanks to high-quality products. Choose from a variety of premium products ranging from apparel and accessories to home and living products. Don’t pay upfront. Do your business with Printful with no investment. Pay only when an order comes in. Control what you earn. You decide how much you’ll make from each sale. We charge you to cover production—you set your own retail price. Save time on designing. Use built-in tools to create stunning designs, product mockups, and even your brand logo—all in just a few clicks. No design skills necessary! Boost your brand’s visibility with custom branding. Add personalized pack-ins, packing slips, or customize your packaging to make your brand stand out. It’s time to take full control of your ideas, time, and finances—start or expand your existing online business with Printful! For feedback, questions, and support, message us at [email protected]

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