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User Reviews for Big Cartel


It’s a good app for starting out but it doesn’t allow you to list add ons under a item for a different price, sometimes I am not getting order notifications which is my biggest issue because our business provides a fast turn around time. It’s missing a few elements like allowing you to add additional products under your existing one, or creating shipping prices depending on the zone, you have to create prices and make sure wherever they order from the price of shipping is accurate. It’s a lot I feel like the only thing it helps you with is having a cheap site so I guess you get what you pay for

FeministSlut, Aug 16, 2021
App WAS great, now...NOT!!! Please fix all recurring issues!!!

I have used BigCartel for the last several years to push my business and it has, in the past, been great! Awesome even. But as of the last few years, less so. Every time I try and upload new products, nothing saves. I’ve tried using it on and off WiFi, nothing. I take pictures and upload them nothing. None of my products save. I can’t get the app to do anything. Why pay $10 a month for an app that does literally nothing? I can sell all this stuff for free on my Instagram without any problems. The app used to be so user friendly. The UI was easy to navigate and uploading products was a snap. Now this app has cobwebs on it I’m so used to people just taking my money, I just keep my subscription cause it’s all I know. Please fix this.

Hangin'Nutz, Mar 27, 2020
I wish it worked better

I was really excited to see that there was an app to go with big cartel’s website, but man have I been disappointed. It constantly logs me out, the search function doesn’t actually find the thing I’m looking for (even if I type the exact listing name), when I update inventory it automatically puts a 1 instead of a zero so constantly I have 10 in stock when there should be 0, the checkout system is cash only unless you have a specific account with another app, and today it just flat out won’t work saying “a server with the special…..ame could not be found” and I’m unable to log out to try logging in again.

kawaiiberry0000000000000, Apr 19, 2022
Getting there

EDIT:: They have been updating the app, for the better. Working out the bugs. For someone like me who uses an app like this daily i just cant fathom why they would roll out a completely new version without actually making sure it worked first. But progress is coming and im happy about that. Will update as it gets betterThe app was great until they completely ruined it with this last update. Ive been a BC user for nearly 5 years and i will be switching now. The app is garbage, it makes you sign in over and over again, nothing ever loads, why would you fix something that wasnt broken. Mobile order status is such an important part of small businesses and they ruined it.

KennedygotWings, Jul 21, 2021
So far so goo

I would love it if we could get to our dashboard from the app so that we are able to get to our discounts page and create or delete discounts codes for our customer as well as do other things right from the app! Also to the developers can we get some templates with notification/welcome bar if at all possible. I love how easy it is to access my inventory but that notification bar is something I think would put big cartel over the top! I would’ve gave you all a 5 big after my last update I can’t access my app all I see is black! I have an iPhone which is updated to ios11 if that helps

Name taken 20162017, Sep 28, 2017
Constant glitching

Updating 1 1/2 months later to say it has somehow gotten even worse. the app is absolutely useless. Seriously what is the issue? Nothing works and it constantly glitches and crashes!! It used to work perfect a few years ago and now it’s completely insufferable. Can’t add listings, can’t even view listings at all. Can’t view orders. Can’t even open the app without it crashing instantly. Honestly not sure what it does do besides take up space in my phone. I have a perfectly working iphone 12 pro so my phone is not the issue. FIX THE APP!!!!!!! I have had big cartel for two years and have tried to be patient but it seems that with every update something else stops working. for some reason you can’t click on listings from the order page. there’s just no link to the actual product anymore and when you click the product or the picture nothing happens when before it would pull up the listing. Also every single time i go to my products page to try and search for an item it just glitches out and won’t search anything. so the only way to find a specific product is to scroll through the hundreds of items i have to find the correct one. the app constantly logs me out for no reason and will randomly crash while i’m using it erasing all the work i’ve done. If it wasn’t going to be so much work to move all my listings to another platform i would have given up on big cartel years ago.

nottabouttitt, Jan 18, 2022
Major Improvements need to be made

This app works so slow that it’s actually impossible to use sometimes… it shouldn’t take 5 minutes for me to simply change the price of a product. It crashes, glitches, etc. every single time I’m on there. If I don’t have access to my computer, I’m forced to use Big Cartel on my phone and I literally hate it. It makes it so hard to complete simple tasks. I also feel like Big Cartel is past due for a new payment method.. I mean, just Stripe and PayPal..? We definitely should be able to offer our customers an actual card payment option by now instead of having to go through another company. Letting us offer a buy now, pay later option would also be of use. Our outlets for customization of our own websites are also very limited. I think Big Cartel is stuck in the past and should definitely take several notes from Shopify. I’ve stuck with Big Cartel because it’s more affordable and easier to navigate, but we as sellers should definitely have more apps and tools to help us boost our sites….

rerekhalid, Jul 09, 2022
so close to leaving big cartel

I am so sad as this is my only sellingplatform. but the app has been TERRIBLY glitchy as of late. won’t allow 5 pics at a time to be uploaded and then when I individually upload them (oooh the extra time it takes to do this) they disappear and I have had customers email me asking what an item is because there is no photo showing up! also sometimes when i’m working within the app (shipping, listing, etc), the app just completely shuts down and exits out. so frustrating! it has become a real buzz kill and takes extra time and effort just to add items which it shouldn’t. all my item pics for sale are in my phone so it’s easiest for me to use the app but there are days I have had to postpone a launch because the app isn’t working - it’s happened way too many times and i’m at my wits end. please fix!!!

shickmann, Jan 30, 2022
The new update has A LOT of issues

I loved this app until it recently updated. Now everything runs slow and barely loads. I keep refreshing and nothing shows up. The screen just stays black. I now have to do everything through the website. I even updated my phone thinking that was the issue and deleted and reinstalled the app. I get what they were trying to do with the update but it would be nice if it actually work right. The app is trash for now until things improve and hopefully they do or I might have to find a new site to use for my website.

uloveshida, Jul 25, 2021
Was so good now just frustrating.

Been using this for 5 years and I used to 5 star this to everyone, now won’t recommend... This app was SO on point. It was the main reason I chose big cartel in the first place. Now it’s just frustrating. You can’t individually delete product photos anymore. You need to make the one you don't want anymore the main photo, save it then delete and save again. You also can’t view them on the app product page individually. So you need to make the one you want to view the main, save it then you're able to view in full size. Revert it back already. Trying to improve something that was already perfect makes zero sense to me. I’m going to check out other platforms before moving on. Hopefully there’s something better than the old BC app. Using on iOS 13.

whatever louie, Oct 24, 2019


Over a million creators use Big Cartel to run their business and sell all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff. Use the app to take your Big Cartel shop with you anywhere you go! Easily manage products, orders, discounts, and account settings to sell your work whenever, wherever. - View sales stats in a glance with the Dashboard - Create, edit, and rearrange products - Upload product images from your photo library - Track and update order status - Accept in-person payments using cash, or credit cards via Stripe - Add, edit, or remove discounts - Search orders, view order details, and print packing slips - Send receipts instantly - Adjust your account settings, including your email and shop description You can do all that and more while you’re away from the computer, making it perfect for selling at craft fairs, concerts, and other live events.

We hope you love this app, and appreciate you leaving a rating or review. If you have questions, we're here to help! Just email [email protected]

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