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Brightly - Fix Dark Photos

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Brightly - Fix Dark Photos

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User Reviews for Brightly - Fix Dark Photos


It is called “brightly” but it can be used for photos with unbalanced brightness as well as generally dark photos. Almost every photo of mine looks better and more natural after being edited with Brightly with almost no effort.

*Margster*, Mar 04, 2019
A great, quick fix for photos

Brightly lets you instantly lighten up images that are too dark and also gives you a bunch of tools to refine them iftgr need arises. Its a well thought-out app. Five stars. ★★★★★

Dent De Leon, Sep 28, 2019
A great, quick fix for photos

Brightly lets me instantly lighten up images that are too dark and also has a group of tools fit or not as ponderous as the native editing tools or apps like Snapseed. Its a well thought-out app. Five stars. ★★★★★

Dent De Leon, May 18, 2022
Miracle app for owners of black dogs

OMG what a lifesaver for owners of black dogs to be able to see their pet’s facial features in photos.I have many photos of my dog with her ribbon after earning a new title. None of the photos showed her facial features. The cost of this app is nominal for such an excellent productGlad I searched through the apps to find this product as it not near the top of the list of photo enhancing apps

Fergie 02 05 2016, Feb 13, 2022
Best picture and video enhancer. Excellent!

Used for years. Select your picture or vidro to enhance, the picture or video automatically is loaded and displayed with the optimized enfacements. Better than other apps that I have used. Tap and hold the image to view the original “Was” view. If you desire to modify the look yourself, you can use several slide options. It has taken dark unviewable images and has vastly improved the image view. I really like this and recommend to all. Sometimes I receive pictures and I quickly run through Brightly, to return, surprise, and delight the recipient by the improvement.

Joseph_Joseph, Sep 28, 2020
Didn’t work for me But.....

It didn’t work for me, My picture was very dark. They tried to help. This company is very nice and extremely understanding . I took a refund, but would purchase from them again. Amazing tech support! Thank you......

KR JR, Feb 01, 2018

Just downloaded this and am surprisingly impressed. Such a time saver over other editing apps, and so far, it’s doing wonders for my darker photos that I probably wouldn’t have taken the time and effort to fix. As a photographer, this excites me!

LKap88, Mar 02, 2019
Useful app for quick photo modification

To get a little more specific, as an architect and engineer, I've been using this app to quickly adjust some on-site photos of existing conditions that may occur in dark places: attic, crawlspace(foundations), etc; as much as the camera light helps, you sometimes get back to the office and wish it were a better quality. The Ui/Ux is very simple and comprehensive - the ideal combo for me.

Lucid17, Aug 31, 2017
Can't get to unlock pro version

I've tried for several times to buy the pro version but after the wheel turns for several times nothin happens.I even uninstalled and downloaded it again to see if it was a matter of restoring something and nothing happens. I still can't either change brightness on live photos or videos

Mario Fr, Apr 30, 2019
Already purchased the Pro Version!

It's that good! I played with this app on existing pic's and the effects are far better than I expected! Have some photo's that date back as far as the 60's and it amazed me how much I could improve quality- you won't be disappointed.

Original app user, Aug 29, 2017


Automatically brighten your photos and videos where they need it most. With a single slider, Brightly adaptively brightens your photos instantly to bring out hidden details while maintaining a pleasing balance between light and dark without overexposing already lit areas. Brightly also brightens videos while applying lighting changes smoothly over time.

Brightly is designed for iOS with an intuitive, single window interface that has all the photo editing features you'd expect to show your photos and videos in their best light. Take your editing to the next level with must-have professional features like RAW photos and 4K video. Magic Bar When taking a photo, there are many lighting challenges often out of one's control: low or uneven lighting, inadequate exposure, backlit subjects, some subjects are shadowed and others are not. Because its image processing algorithm is aware of the dark and light areas of a photo and how they interact, Brightly can handle these challenges where traditional photo editing apps fall short. Not only are the dark areas brightened, but their detail and contrast are enhanced. Already lit areas are not overexposed and blend seamlessly with the dark areas. The result is a pleasant, natural looking image. All those computations are combined into just one slider: the Magic Bar. It's simple, fast and intuitive. Quickly make lighting corrections to your photos and videos in a single mouse click, saving you time and requiring far less editing than other photo apps. Video and Live Photos Unlike other low light photo apps, Brightly works on videos, including 4K, Slo-mo and Time-lapse videos, as well as Live Photos. Algorithms specific to video dynamically brighten your video and smooth the changes over time to keep them looking great regardless of changing lighting conditions. RAW and Wide Color Photos Brightly reads RAW, Apple ProRAW and Wide color photos and processes these photos at a high precision, making it suitable for professional workflows. Results can be saved as JPEG and lossless PNG and TIFF. Adjustments Brightly has over a dozen adjustments to fine-tune the Magic Bar results. Some you'd expect from a photo app: cropping, exposure, contrast, saturation, vibrance, warmth, shadows, highlights, blacks, whites, vignette, sharpen and noise reduction. Others are designed specifically for Brightly. Brilliance provides an additional boost to brightness when it's needed without overexposing. Structure improves local detail, but more so in darker areas than in lighter. White balance is a two part control calibrated to remove indoor or outdoor color casts. Surface blur instantly smooths out large areas while preserving edges. Capture More Other low light photo apps require long exposure times and/or multiple exposures of the scene and a steady hand or camera in a fixed position. Objects that move during an exposure introduce blur, and videos aren't possible. Additionally, those apps cannot improve photos already in your album. This is where Brightly excels. Whether it's a photo or video, Brightly lets you be spontaneous and capture the moment, giving you the freedom to adjust the lighting later. This also allows you to breathe new life into photos and videos in your album that were once thought unusable. Brightly’s computational photography engine combines the science of computer vision, how the eye sees light, color and contrast, with the art of photography to restore photos harmoniously. Brightly makes a perfect addition to any professional photographer’s toolbox. Made for iOS Brightly is designed for iOS with deep integration, including drag and drop and Dark Mode. Brightly seamlessly integrates with the Photos app with Photo Editing and Share extensions, and you can quickly launch it from other apps or with the Today widget, making editing easy and convenient. To find out more, visit us at www.codeorgana.com.

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