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User Reviews for Brandy Melville US


In my opinion, brandy is one of my favorite clothing brands. Most of their clothes are inexpensive and good quality for the price. And I get it, everyone has their own opinion on brandy because they don’t sell bigger sizes, which don’t get me wrong I even think it’s odd. But browsing the site in depth made me find items that were medium sized or XL. Really just browse and you’ll find what you want.When I ordered from them, I was not disappointed and they had really nice quality. 5 stars from me.

ariv8, May 07, 2022
Could use improving!

I myself is a big fan of Brandy Melville. However i don’t like the online app. I love shopping in the stores however the online app does not live up to the same standards. I ordered a shirt online and it took a while to come and in order to track my order it made me download an app called SHOP. As well as the app said they would send me updates on my orders via email and I got one saying my order was shipped. It also doesn’t give me an estimated time of arrival. I also tried to pay with a gift card and wondered why it wasn’t working. Because there wasn’t enough money on it and I needed to pay the balance. It just kept Gift card unavailable it did not tell me anything about there not being enough money on the card.

barry barry12345678910, Oct 31, 2022
11/10 <3

I have been shopping on brandy for a while and I love their clothing, their style fits my vibe well! Some people dislike their one-size clothing, but really it just limits the hassle of finding your size and their clothing are the type that you can still get away with even if it’s a bit loose! They also ship your orders with stickers and little pictures, and I absolutely LOVE THEM! The app is amazingly structured, it really can’t get very much better!Thank you brandy!

bunny_the_puppy, Mar 01, 2022
models are all the same😡

so i’ve been loving the downtown girl style recently and brandy is PERFECT for the kind of clothes i want!!! they’re nice quality and i’ve never had a problem with any of them! also reasonably priced! i was browsing on the app and i saw something i just couldn’t ignore. the model for the “hailie basic long sleeve crop top” was extremely unrealistic!! i know that all bodies are different and it might not be photoshopped, but every other model looks pretty similar to this one. this one just stood out the most to me. they’re all VERY skinny-waisted and as i’m scrolling i’m starting to believe more and more that these are photoshopped. if they are real then okay, but at least include some variety in body type!! also, all of the clothes come in small or extra small, where are the mediums and larges??? extra large??? brandy excludes any other body type besides tiny-waist and small-chest!! how are young girls who don’t fit this criteria going to feel seeing these unrealistically slim models?? will they think something is wrong with them because they don’t look like that? it’s disgusting honestly. FIX THIS!!!😤

crazygirl567😋, Dec 10, 2022

First of all, the material of some of the clothes is horrible. The thing about ordering online is that you don’t know how bad the material is u til it comes so when I got my package I ended up hating half of the items in it because the material was horrible and fit super uncomfortably.Second of all, this is the most fatphobic company ever. All their models are under 120 pounds and it can be very sad and/or upsetting for people who want to keep up with trends by buying their clothes but are bigger than average. Even most average people cannot fit into brandy clothes which can cause many eating disorders which I have seen a few myself just because of this brand.

Earn Robux and Fix Searching, Aug 14, 2021
Only for skinny girl

i’ve heard about this app from a friend. they claimed that they only sell clothes that are the size small or extra small. i didn’t want to believe it at first because of the beauty industry that we are in. but i just downloaded it today and i am shocked to say that it is true.i looked at more that one clothing pieces. i looked at about 5 shirts and 4 pants and they all came in the size small or extra small. it is completely and utterly preposterous that they only cater to the skinny girl world. i understand that they made a company specifically for skinny girls but at least make more sizes. every clothing company has skinny sizes but they also go up way past small and extra small. this is basically fat shaming other girls that are bigger than others. skinny girls can shop at old navy or handm and find clothes that are tailored to them and other sizes. it is sad and unacceptable .

hello, you there, Jul 14, 2021
please combine listings!!!

i love the app! just needs bug fixes & maintenance. one of the only flaws is that there are multiple listings for the same item. when you look up a certain item ; for example “christy” like 10 listings come up. one listing has around 5 colors, another two listings have only 1 color, and the other seven listings have 2-3 colors each…why? it’s the same exact product??? why not just combine the listing??? like i didn’t know so many colors of the christy hoodie existed until i searched christy and multiple different listings come up. it seems unnecessary. also on the topic of listings: some colors have weird codes in it? like one of the bella tops is legit named “COMBINED W/ [(bunch of random numbers & letters) actual name]” like what??? is that a bug? it’s been there forever so they must know about it…

Hsjsjsjdjshavsjdkdohsbs, Jan 03, 2023
Love brandy but….

I love brandy and my whole wardrobe is pretty much from there although I don’t fit into any of the pants.😭 the only ones that somewhat fit are the sweats but there way to baggy now and they used to fit fine. But the jeans are just completely way way to big I’m 15 and for it being a extra small size brand the jeans are more of a medium large which is so sad cause there so cute. Also I’m a shorter person so I wish they could make some shorter length dresses because they also are just way to long on me. Just want them to help some of the short ppl out here a bit more

jonni papa, Aug 08, 2022

I’m pretty sure it’s just my phone, which is new btw! But whenever I try to get into the app it is just stuck on the loading page. It just is like that forever. I recently got the app max I haven’t been able to get into it. No update shows up. I gave the app a 4/5 because I love to shop there and am a frequent buyer. I have friends with the app and it works for them. I would definitely recommend it and hope brandy Melville comes up with an update soon so my app would possibly be fixed. Tysm!!!!

Lilyrose15!, Dec 07, 2020
DOES fits larger sizes! pay attention to measurements

i used to dislike brandy for not having many sizes, but if you look on the website a lot of their clothing will fit sizes M-XL if you know where you’re looking. while some of the tank tops are small (24-32 inch chest), most of their hoodies and long sleeves are 40-56 inches around the chest. that’s much over an XL. so even though they only have “one size”, all of their pieces differ in sizing! you just need to look. i’m size L and i have a ton of brandy melville sweaters and long sleeves. they do not ONLY cater to skinny size 0 women. the media just tries to demonize them for only having one say even though that “one size” varies a lot.

Lola lol 1234, Sep 29, 2021


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