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User Reviews for Squarespace — Website Builder


I’m happy for those that enjoy this app, but for the life of me I don’t understand why Squarespace thought this was going to be a replacement for the discontinued Portfolio App. That app was beautiful and served a function for us photographers, designers and whomever else that needed to show their work offline. Whenever I do get a response about why they decided to do this, it’s the same copy and paste answer that makes no sense. Basically saying the portfolio app was discontinued because this new app allows you to edit your website, like that has absolutely nothing to do with why the app is gone. If this app didn’t exist, I could still edit my website on my desktop, no problem, but with the portfolio app now gone I have to create a whole new way of showing off my work to potential clients. If I didn’t pay for this service, I wouldn’t care. I would just move on.. but this is something lots of us used and need and a lot of us only used Squarespace for that functionality. I really don’t understand. I wish someone from Squarespace would actually answer this like a human and not cut and paste a generic answer that gives us no hope on if the app will return.

AaronCobra, May 08, 2019
Expiring Sessions

While working on the webpage on a desktop/laptop it is efficient. Most everything runs smoothly. As for the Mobile App, when I'm on the go and want to work on my page, the "session expires" in less than five minutes. This seriously affects my productivity when something needs to be done in a timely manner. In addition, continuous lag occurs and pages are hard to edit. Particularly content. I'll tap to edit text and while I can adjust the alignment, I can't edit text. Editing/ adjusting logo in header is also difficult and sometimes lags or freezes as well. This is what I have found so far. Not sure what's going on with the app and hope no other issues arise in the meantime but this is cause for my 4 star review. Otherwise, it's easy to develop a page on PC and has an awesome amount of integrations making it easy for any size business at any stage. I also find it affordable.

atramirez, Mar 17, 2022
Used to love it

I feel taken advantage of and lied to by Squarespace. I used to love SS and so, I’ve been a loyal customer for many years. About a year ago or 2 I noticed they changed their pricing plans so I switched to a less expensive one. Only to find out that this included a sneaky new 3% (on top of the stripe fee!) fee for all commerce sales. When I attempted to switch back to my old plan that had no fee I was told I couldn’t, no exceptions and my once grandfathered in plan for being a loyal customer was now null and void. This is not how I would like to be treated being a long term client. I understand I made a mistake and will now read the fine print more slowly but I am a long term customer, I am an artist, please treat me as an individual and not as one in a heard of sheep. If they switch me back to my grandfathered in business plan without the 3% transaction fee I would be a happy camper. Until then, I’m very unhappy with them and plan on one day switching to another provider that doesn’t take a chunk of small artists’ earnings without stating in large print first.

cimino521, Jan 11, 2020
Does not Work with iPad Pro 3rd Gen.

So, I brought this New iPad Pro 3rd Gen to replace my old MacBook Pro. I found I don;t really need a laptop or even MacBook. This ipad does everything I need it to do except being able to edit my website’s footers which have my business hours on it. That being said. I have contacted apple and it is not on there end. I am not even able to edit my footers in Safari much less this joke of a website manager. I have also tried contacting Squarespace Support and all I get is an email back days later explaining that they built the app for iPhones not iPads. Okay not sure who made that call but alrighty then. May question is why can’t I even edit the footers though Safari at the vary least?? It wouldn’t even work when I click “Request Desktop Site”. It will not Scroll to the bottom of a page in Safari in the Squarespace website account and building pages... This is a real problem for me as I no longer have my old computer and now I must borrow a computer to be a edit my website. I will change the rating and delete this review once this is addressed and fixed.

Kikyosdragon, Jan 31, 2019
Waaaay Better

It is so ironic that SquareSpace works so hard to make sure webpages display correctly on any size display: phones, tablets, or desktops, yet, editing SquareSpace webpages in anything less than a desktop device with mouse or trackpad doesn’t work. Forget about trying to maintain a webpage from your cellphone. There have been a few SquareSpace iOS apps like “Blog”, but they were pretty rudimentary missing many features you depend upon. With this app, you can now create new pages, add entries and edit entries in events and blogs, and even rearrange your webpage and menu items. You still need the SquareSpace “Commerce” and “Analytics” app to see how your webpage is doing. And there’s still no way to see donations. Or export donations and orders to a spreadsheet. But, now when someone calls me and says I need to change something immediately, I don’t have to rush back to a desktop computer to make that change.

OnlyDavid, Dec 13, 2018
Developer: I am not opening a 3rd help ticket!!

I just read your response to my plea for help on fixing the Text Editor feature since it’s not missing and I cannot fully edit text under Additional Info under Inventory. I am not opening a 3rd help ticket via chat. I got absolutely nowhere with 2 people who do rudely closed my ticket out saying this is now closed. It’s never been resolved. Only dismissed. I do not have time to babysit your people. If you expect to last long in this field the best customer service solution would be to acknowledge my never ending problem & ASSURE me that the will get top priority and have it fixed within 24 hours at least!! Seriously contemplating switching back to Shopify. They’re SEO was MUCH better also. Are you able to confirm now that you will fix text editor or not? Very disappointed as I was thinking I liked your platform once I got used to a few things.

ReDesign30, Dec 15, 2021
Read the offers before purchasing!

This is more a review of the site itself than the app. I’ve never started a site or purchased a domain, so I was really lost when I started this. When you purchase an annual plan you get a free domain, but that wasn’t clear to me so I purchased a domain up front and then a monthly plan when I realized that just buying a domain wouldn’t allow me to publish my website through Squarespace. So I asked customer service to give me a credit for the domain that I *just* purchased (because had I known, I would have just bought the annual plan). They would not allow me to upgrade to the annual plan and credit me for the domain.I’ve also clicked around the site extensively and it’s not easy to use for inexperienced website developers— I’ll need help from a friend to navigate starting my site, that is, if I continue with Squarespace after their unfair policy.

SallyCheese, Aug 26, 2019
Second review and it should be a half star

I still can’t use the app to blog from my iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). I have written a review before addressing this issue and I had a few support tickets on Squarespace directly to address the complaint. None of the support personnel seem to really listen to the problems stated by their customers. If they do, whatever is said doesn’t seem to get passed on to the developers.The last time I went through the support line, the first support person gave me what can be found on the support page for web-based issues. After I mentioned he failed to give me an appropriate answer to my complaint, I was then given another person who tried to address the app issues. However, the problems still remain and no deleting and reinstalling the app will solve it.All I want from this complaint and the going directly to Squarespace’s support is for this issue to be fixed. I should not be forced to use my computer if you offer this app for my devices. Before you decided to streamline the Squarespace app, you had a perfectly good blogging app.Don’t tell me to go to support again. Please listen to this and fix your bugs. Because I am ready to cancel my account. I don’t want to do this because I do like the website I created with your tools. However, I will not want to continue using Squarespace if it is too hard to use. Especially if the tools you provide make it impossible.

shindoverse, May 26, 2020

Impossible to navigate, very limited options for editing, constantly glitchy and signing me out, and I can't believe I still can't edit the stock photo when adding an image (so I can't add an image unless I use a gallery option). Really impressive how long SQSP can go without updating any useful features. They could make it possible to create categories in the shop, to drag images around instead of having three options for alignment, to edit the header menu options and drop-down menus freely, add text-wrapping or text over photos, or for the love of God to be able to add an image without having to use a gallery. I keep getting the pop-up: "This is not supported on the mobile app. Use a desktop." Why would I even use this app then? Lame. Edit: I just updated the app and see they added an option to edit photos. Anyone who owns their own website either has other software to do this or doesn't care enough to do it at all. Just let me be able to add an image of my choosing and put text over it without having to select a "good-enough" template. That will lead to a "good-enough" website which will lead to me finding a new place to get the job done properly. Can't edit descriptions for photos in list.

teddddddddddddddddddddddddddd, Dec 23, 2021
Can’t change templates after you choose

UPDATE: “All sites on Squarespace version 7.1 have the same capabilities and style options” should make it easier to switch layouts, not impossible. All versions of Squarespace up until this point allowed it as do competitors. I’ve already been refunded and won’t return to Squarespace until this feature is restored.——————-Original post:So, you choose a website template, start building, add some pages, change this, change that, switch a font, move this, resize that…then realize you’re horrible at website design lol (duh that’s why these type builders exist!). No worries, let’s scratch this one, choose a new template and start over. But you can’t. SS wants you to change each part manually. You can’t switch templates. You used to with every version of SS up until now (and with every other website builder from competitors), but now you can’t. I wish they’d add this feature back, then I’d come back:)

zyxwvuts, Jul 15, 2022


Build your brand and your business with the Squarespace app. Edit on the go. Keep track of analytics.

Make sales. Make updates. Make it all happen. All in one place. Edit your website: Create and publish new content, make changes, upload photos from your camera roll, and effortlessly update your website’s design. Analytics: Make better decisions for your brand and business by tracking your performance. Keep tabs on key metrics, learn about your audience and identify trends. Commerce: Fulfill orders and manage your inventory. Add products to your store and update product listings. View customers’ accounts, access order details, and send order confirmations or custom messages. Email Campaigns: Manage your mailing list and send beautiful emails. Effortlessly design and draft email content with your images, products, blog posts and branding. Personalized Support: Have a question? We’re here to help. Get 24/7 help from the Squarespace Customer Support team at support.squarespace.com. Sign up in the app to start your free 14-day trial and get started with Squarespace. If you are a current Squarespace customer, log in to manage your website on the go.

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