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User Reviews for Word Swipe - Word Search Games


Each level challenges you to find the three words based on the letters provided. Even though others words may be found, it may not be the right ones to form the other two words. I’m on level 120 and my puzzle changed from a 3x3 puzzles to a 4x4 puzzle. So if you enjoy challenging word finds this is the puzzle for you!

2020Viki, May 01, 2020

I hoped this would be fun, but it's only mildly entertaining. The two biggest frustrations I have with the game are 1) You can only use exactly the words planned in the level, even if you can find many other words, and 2) the ads are extremely annoying, popping up every 2 minutes or less. In 10 minutes of game time, I had 5-6 ads and was prompted 3 times to leave a review. Well, here's the review - averaging an interruption per minute of playing a game is more frustrating than playing the game. I'll be finding a different word game to play. I realize the game is free and you have to have ads to make money, but they are way more frequent and intrusive than other free game also I've used.

charis242, Jul 15, 2017
I’m completely upset and angry

I bought this game few weeks ago. My friend and I play together. Well today mine left the game. It was frozen so I restarted my phone to get it to work. When I opened the game up it was back at level one!!! I bought hints and everything but to have all my hard work wiped out that is making me angry. I was up at level 250 and now it’s one. The worst part I can’t get ahold of the company to fix the problem. What a rip off!! If I have to start over from the beginning I will quit playing!!

Fibrogirl75, Jan 07, 2018
Problems with fill-in blocks

I love the game. It is really fun, however, I have had a few puzzles where the words one needs to find are 7-8 characters long and instead of putting the blocks in rows, one above the other, they are side by side. This means you don’t know how long each word is because the blocks go off screen. Should you use a hint, you cannot see what the letter is because it is off screen. If the blocks were reconfigured to be one above the other this problem would not be.

Fluffy110, Mar 30, 2018

This game is on my level. It challenges me enough to keep it interesting and entertaining. Others complain about letters falling in unsolvable positions. Just reset the game and choose spelling that will make letters fall correctly. I really have to exercise my brain to spell the required word. Words are probably on a fourth or fifth grade level. Like I said, just right for me since I discovered I am not smarter than a fifth grader.

Griseldah65, Apr 13, 2020

I’m a huge word game person. This one is just okay. As others have mentioned, the ads to playtime ratio is excessive. It’s difficult to enjoy a game with the large amount of ads. There are specific words you have to guess, which is fine, but I’d like to see bonuses for finding words that are not on the board that match the letter amount in the answer spaces. I rarely play this one, as there are so many others out there that are more entertaining, offer other options, etc.

Lifesasong2me, Jul 11, 2018
Fun but some flaws

I love playing this game but sometimes I find a word and then cannot connect the letters for the other words because of the way the tiles fall. The only fix is to reset the game and start over. I’ve had to use a lot of the allotted hints to figure out that this is what’s happening, so I end up with none left when I need them, unless I want to purchase more. Currently, I am trying to complete a puzzle where none of the words I’ve found have been accepted, I have no hints left, and I don’t know how to bypass it to get to the next one. I’ve been stuck on it for 3 days 🤷🏼‍♀️

Lpslover1111111111, Aug 25, 2023
Just one thing that bugs me!

I like this game- starts out easy but gets challenging. I have one big complaint. If you use a hint, then have to reset the game or turn it off before the level is finished, the hint disappears. That wouldn't be huge if you can remember what the letter was, except that if you want to use a second hint you first have to re-buy the one that disappeared. Similar games retain the hint letter in place if you really-open that level. It's pretty annoying!

Mary 274, Aug 20, 2017
Would be a 5 star game except ...

I actually really like the game my only complaint is that it has some bugs like when I’m playing and I’ve found one of the words but they fell in a way that is impossible to get the other word because the blocks did not Fall correctly which is highly frustrating on top of that you are forced to use all of you hints to complete the word because it doesn’t allow you to complete it which is a slap in the face when you’ve been collecting them other than that the game would be highly addictive I’m deleting for now but fix the bugs and I will redownload LOVED THE GAME OTHER WISE

SecC95, Jan 31, 2019

I thought this game would be fun, but it was not. One problem in this game is that they have certain words planned and if you find a word that is four letters and the word you found was four letters and it was not the word planned it would not count as a secret word or an extra word. In the other word games I play there are secret words and the secret words give points. Also, there are so many adds. So annoying!!!! Its like every 2-4 puzzles there are adds. I play a lot of good free games but this one is not one of them. Also, if you get a word correct sometimes for the second word there are like two islands, so you can’t make the word! Pure ridiculousness!

smartyskirts8989, Jun 19, 2020


Word Swipe is a wonderful new game to test your word search skills, the perfect game for puzzle lovers! How to play? Swipe your finger horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards or backwards to find the specific hidden words in the letter grid.

With more than 1200 well designed levels in 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6 format - be warned the game may start easy but soon becomes fiendishly difficult! Features: - FREE word game for all ages - Find the specific hidden words in the grid. - Swipe up, down, left, right and diagonally to make your guesses. - Use the hint button if you get stuck! - Fun for all of the family! Download it and enjoy now!

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