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User Reviews for Wordful-Word Search Mind Games

Love this game!

This game has kept me occupied for many hours. I like the challange of finding the right word mixed in between the sea of letters. On a tough challenge when I finally get the right word, it feels great! Lately the app has been giving me hints that I haven't asked for and closing the game saying it's solved way before I have solved it. I sent a message to support and hope to hear back from them. Overall - I love this game! I look forward to playing it for a long time. I say try it, you won't be disappointed.

BlanketLover101, Apr 06, 2022
Free hints and quiz

Hi so I just answered your little quiz to get five free hints and honestly WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?! “What is you age cause we’re really spying on you?” What the heck is wrong? I know you wouldn’t really spy on me or any on else for that matter but really please change those questions. Now I play a lot games to know that you can get daily awards and stuff so maybe you guys could do that I don’t know how much money it would or if it would even cost money at all but still thanks for listening sorry I yelled at you.

crazycookie3, Dec 30, 2018
Love This Game

I love apps that challenge you mentally. This is a good app to keep your brain sharp. It is find a word with a twist. Just a tip, don’t try to fill out the words in order. You have to find certain words first in order to find the other words. Also, you will find plenty of words that are not the right ones. The developer also uses bigger words in more than one puzzle. Words like bracelet, elephant, envelope, pizza, plaza lipstick etc. Look for these. You get a bunch of free hints in the beginning and I would advise holding on to those for later levels as they get harder as you go. I find that if I can’t find words, putting the game down and coming back later helps.

ecoanthrogirl, Apr 27, 2018
Terrific! Love the game! Other things though...😥

So this is a favourite game of mine but I have a few complaints to tell you guys. I know that I love the game and the puzzles are challenging and stuff. But what I must tell you guys is that I feel like the puzzles are a bit too hard. First of all, you can make thousands of words out of the whole puzzle 🧩 but you have to find the specific word (s) of the puzzle which is annoying. That’s like the worst thing about this game. Also, the words can be random like: jail, country, and words like that. It’s so hard to find the words, I mean like if this was a random word search or something it would be nice if you guys would add something like an extra word box. Then I would rate this game 5 stars. I do not understand why everyone is saying your game has tons of advertisements because for me I hardly do. This is a really nice game and I hope that everyone likes this! I have wrote reviews for wordscapes, wordscapes in bloom, word stacks, word collect, word connect, suduko, and much more. I will also write another review and my name will be Ilovecookiesandroblox5392junior but no spaces. Goodbye, and I hope everyone likes this game! P.S. I am 8 years old and I am in third grade

ilovecookiesandroblox5392, Dec 30, 2019
Bugs present; Impossible to always solve

MAJOR bug present in that you state the next word in sequence will always be possible. Not true. Many times there have been a variety of ways to select a word. Depending on the route chosen the next word in sequence may be IMPOSSIBLE to achieve. Furthermore on a few occasions the correct word has been rejected because the “wrong” route has been chosen, only to be later accepted IF I’ve been stubborn and entered it again. Level Venice 13 demonstrates both of these issues. I will now delete the game because it is utterly impossible to play a game when the next word it expects is simply not possible to select. You have the basis of a good game but you must fix these defects to remain viable as the complexity of the grid increases.

IT-QA-Pro, Mar 05, 2021
Super fun

There are adds and that can be a pain but the game is really fun and the adds go quick! I’d also like to “add” lol that the developer emailed me the day after writing this review apologizing for the inconvenience of adds and explaining the importance of adds and their function for free games! (See below) This was super cool. Anytime someone takes the time to review what you have to say is awesome! Agreed that adds are important in allowing us consumers to enjoy free games! As stated in my original review. The adds go super quick so it’s not that tragic. They also provide an option for “no adds” which is thoughtful as well! Go developer! You get a 💯in my book! This game is super fun works fantastic and is really great! I’d recommend definitely!!!

Mcramiez, Jan 16, 2018

I really wanted to like this game. I went through more than 20 levels before moving on. Good concept, but it’s really on a middle school level at best, especially without a timer. Plus I kept winning hints but never had to use any. And while I understand and tolerate ads with free apps, this was way overboard. Literally, an ad every 2 boards you clear for 5 seconds. That might be tolerable (probably not that frequent, but) except every ad is for Wordscape. Same 2 wordscape ads over and over again. I’m pretty sure that if a user doesn’t click on the Wordscape ad the 8th... or 20th... or 50th time they see the same ad... they just aren’t going to.

no more for me 100, Jul 16, 2019

I’m on HongKong level 19 and I can go no further. I did not fill in the 1st or 2nd word but I did the 3rd and 4th. Because of that , I can go no further because I’ve used up all my ads and I have every word exposed. But, I cannot fill in the first word because I cannot complete the first or second or any of the remaining words. You supposedly have the option to contact Wordful but it always says there is no internet connection. My suggestion is when these situations occur, you offer the option to erase what you’ve done and start that level again. For now, I can do nothing. I’m completely stopped with no way to continue.

odakonia, Jun 18, 2021
Love working word games

I love to work games which make me have to think and use my mind. I do not like real easy games. Your game seems to fit the requisite for this. My favorite game has been a word search game but it keeps going away when you reach a certain level and horror of horrors they misspell a lot of words, then I must reset the dang thing and start all over. I do hope your game does not do this. Could someone please tell game makers that seeing has a “g” at the end, as does feeling and needing and so forth!

Shanda1949, Feb 05, 2020
Why Name the Puzzles?

I completed the entire Wordful at the 20th Level about two months ago. Your message after completing all levels reads, “Coming Soon”. So far nothing has been added. Will you truly update the game? Or is this just a ploy? I love the game! I wrote The message below months ago. Wordful is a an amazingly enjoyable brain teaser!I enjoy playing this game, however, I wonder why Name the puzzles when the names applied have nothing to do with the words of the puzzle. The different cities and country names have null to do with words unscrambled. Including this fact, nothing gives clues to the words. Otherwise, the game is great and amazingly challenging.

Uzomah, Jan 07, 2021


If you're looking for new games for mind sharpening and brain training, then Wordful is the one for you! There are 580 well-chosen levels to test your vocabulary and spelling. Be prepared to face the challenges in numerous blocks of letters.

The game starts easy, but soon you'll find the real brain trainers waiting ahead. You need to swipe the letters to make valid words. The game is not only a spelling test but also a challenge to think outside the box and find the seemingly "impossible" words. Start now to train your brain and hunt the words in our fun, addictive word puzzles, and play with friends to see who's the real word genius! We have: - 580 brain training well-chosen levels. - Fluent game play and pleasant interfaces. - Daily exercise to keep your brain alert. - Best choice to sharpen your mind and kill boredom! To play Wordful: - Swipe the letters to build words. - You don't need WiFi to access the game. - Progress through levels and become the word master!

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