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Mahjong, OOO
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User Reviews for Word Games:


I have been looking for a challenging and different word game as they all seem to be the same. I like this one as it has a variety and some I haven’t played before. I like the idea that you can play easy, medium or difficult levels allowing more of a challenge. Great game and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a word game. I would agree to other posts that there are some words I am not familiar with such as capitals of countries I have never heard of. Nice job and GREAT game over all!!!

72750205, May 29, 2020
Nice variety of activities!

Most games have one type of word puzzle, which gets boring and redundant. I like the variety of puzzles, and they are challenging enough to keepme interested without being frustrating. The only comment I would make is, there are words with which I am not familiar, suggesting this does not originate in the US. Not a problem, though. It adds to the challenge!

arizona nancy, Apr 17, 2020
Fun Games

I enjoys these games very much. Not super hard yet challenging. I also am happy to report that I have not had to buy anything while trying to solve the puzzles. I can come back to them and use the rewards I've won to work on the ones I'm stuck on. It does seem as if I've played out a couple of the games, my favorites, of course. The message I received said as soon as an update was done there would be new puzzles. Any idea when an update is planned?

bluestarbari, Aug 12, 2020
Makes you think!

A lot harder than it looks. Makes you use your brain! Keeps you thinking with fun challenges. Really enyJoy this. Love all the different challenges included in one app. Especially the word swipe. That is a challenge because you never know the topic of the words until you get the first one done.

Cocobeanermansky, Oct 16, 2021

I really like this app. My only gripe is please give me some credit for entering a word that fits all criteria but isn’t the word required. You have a word that you have determined is the words needed to complete the puzzle. For me, its a triumph to find a word that fits the criteria, but it’s not your word. Give me a point for words that fit. I’ll keep trying playing until I find your word.

elisadowell, Jul 09, 2020
Fun game

Helps you lose time. The ONLY small irritating thing is if you close out in the middle of a game you lose your progress for that game only. I always play the hardest level, takes a few minutes in the word search to figure out the game but once you have 2 picks you know what you are looking for. I’m not sure if they give you a list in the easier games. It makes me think and makes me lose time. I like it

kcwazzup2, Dec 05, 2021
Enjoyable game

I’ve tried many word games and usually I bore quickly. But my husband introduced me to this game and if I’m just wanting something to pass the time or I want to work my mind, this game offers me both options. It’s enjoyable and keeps my mind active. Keep up the good work. If you’re looking for an amazing word game try this one, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

lyncyrus, Apr 02, 2022
Decent game with a frustrating flaw

I’ve been playing this game for about a week. It starts out easy and quickly gets harder after perhaps 3-4 levels of each sub-game. 😀 The Word Search puzzles, if left incomplete, does not save the game in progress. Even if you leave the game open and come back to it hours later, you have to start over. 😒. This is frustrating and the only reason I withholding a star in my rating. 😑 One should also be aware the spelling of words is in the Queen’s English, not American English. 🇬🇧 Also, bone up on the names of plants and worldwide capital cities.🌿🌱🪴🌟

Sherwood Forest, USA, Jul 15, 2021
Exercising my brain and having FUN!

Just started and I’m enjoying this particular word game. There are a variety of different types of word games within this app that makes it even more interesting and fun. I do notice it’s getting a bit harder as time goes on but I can choose another game they have for a break then return to the previous game. If you enjoy word games this is a fun app, give it a try.👍🏻

Watch out for flying monkeys, Mar 12, 2022
Love the old version more!

I’ve had this game for years and was beyond excited when they added all the different categories of games. When I originally downloaded it, there was only word search and word find! So, I finished all the games in the “original” version and started playing in the “modern” version. However, there, the word find game isn’t available at all. Also, when playing word swipe, the old game allowed you to shuffle and kept the words you had already found grayed out. However, the modern game literally makes you start over! Otherwise, it’s a great game and I play it everyday!

Whefel, Jun 16, 2021


Powerful collection of various word games: Word Search: Find all the words hidden in the grid of letters. Collect all stars hidden with every word. Recommended to crossword solvers of any age.

Word Swipe: Find and swipe words hidden in letter square in this world most popular puzzle game. Every level is solvable and difficulty increases with progress to keep game challenge. Word Sun: Connect letters to create words and make the sky clear! Enjoy hours of fun with twenty locations over the world. And other amazing word games!

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