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Word Seek HD: fun word search

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User Reviews for Word Seek HD: fun word search

F2P- Great Time Killer- A Little Repetitive

Super easy to play and great for when you have just a few minutes to kill. However, I find that after playing two or three games in a row the puzzle formation and layout of the letters seems to get predictable, which makes finding new word combinations difficult. I see a lot of people complaining about ads. A simple solution to this, if you don’t want to pay for the ‘no ad’ option is to just play without being connected to the Internet! No ‘net, no problem!

🌜Strega🌛, Mar 24, 2020
Why does it need Credit Card when it’s Free

I’m not sure this is your problem or an Apple problem but it is very annoying when you only play free games and make no in app purchases. I was having issues on the game, it starts lagging and when you click on the keys it doesn’t move the letters for a few seconds or not at all and it would just stay that way. It also has a problem where it shows double pics of the ads and a double garbled up ad audio track that will also just start to play while you are playing the game. Just the audio starts up on it’s own. This time I decided to uninstall and reinstall to see if that would fix the problems but then I couldn’t reinstall it cos it wants a better bank card. (Mine never has cash on it this time of month. Only for about the 1st to the 10th. So now I can’t install the game again until the 1st when my income deposits on my card. I think that is real screwed up that it does that.

Catcala, Jul 23, 2020

I love this game! I have been playing for several years now, but I do not play competitively as for me this is relaxation. Since I have it on my phone it's great for anywhere I have to wait, which seems like a lot of the time. I highly recommend this game. However, lately I've been receiving a message that the game developers need to upgrade as the current version is slowing down other functions.Also, I keep looking for an option to pay to get rid of commercials...come on now.

cclarevoyant, Dec 21, 2020
Fun, but crashes frequently

This is the best “Boggle” style word game I have found so far, very fun to play. However it seems to crash often, and always at the very end of a round. I’d say this happens at least 10-20% of the time. I have an iPhone with the latest software version. Hope they fix this bug soon.The game could also benefit from more variety in the board layout - as another user was saying, after you’ve played a few rounds it seems like you are always finding the same 5-7 letter words.Despite these flaws, I keep coming back because it’s still addictive and fun to play!

chnandlerbong18, Feb 28, 2022
Are You Ready?

Very fun word game. Challenging and intriguing. You need to know how to find words in a maze playing this. Oh yeah, you want a massive vocabulary too🙂. Well put together game. They ads are intrusive but people have to have their app paid for somehow AND you get to skip thru a bulk of them. So, unless you are someone who enjoys making in app purchases to help the developer pay for this free offered game just take the ads in strides. The game is worth the ads.

K7838ABC, Apr 12, 2021
Love it! Wish there was definitions though

I really love the setup, visibility, features, and options of this game. It’s addicting and fun! And I love that they give you the list of all possible words and a view of the game board so you can see how they could’ve been formed. I use this to practice so I can demolish my friends in the iMessage word search game, haha.They only thing that would make this game better in my op is if you could click on the words in the list at the end and see a definition for them. I feel like I could be expanding my usable vocab and making these words stick in my memory better with that feature.

lilducky3, Jan 03, 2023
Fun game, few bugs

Very fun if you are a wordie. A challenge I never tire of. I've even learned some new words. I have noticed, going over the word list after completing a round, that at times words I have definitely found are not crossed off the list. I have also found that words appear on the list which do not appear in a standard English dictionary and, even more surprisingly, are not allowed when I try to select them in a subsequent round. For example, "latice" with one "t." Rather strange. These are minor annoyances. I hope they can be fixed, but the game is still a solid challenge that's always enticing.

Lizzibelle686🦊, Mar 13, 2017
Great word game, very annoying ads

This is a fun word app, but the ads are incredibly annoying. They pop up after each game and you are often forced to watch videos or see another app play for too long. Many put the X for closing the ad up for a half-second, then replace it with a Facebook or website link that you are then taken to when instead you want to exit the ad. Or they put a teeny x in different places each time so they are difficult to find. Some ads never close so you have to keep tapping to find the invisible x to get back to playing another round of the game. Or you have to quit the game and relaunch.

Nutmegdj, Feb 08, 2018
Game is good. (Possible) spam as an add

The game is good. Still haven’t gotten all of the words. I’ve never even seen them before. My concern is with one of the “ads” that pops up when you end a game. It tells me my iPad memory is full (it isn’t) and to click on the “clear memory” icon. I’ve gotten it several times and have not clicked on the icon. It’s suspicious enough to me that I will be deleting this app. Maybe it’s nothing, but I’m not taking chances.

personsv, Sep 25, 2022
Love love love - but, please help!

I LOVE THIS GAME! I play the version where I can play the game for however long I want. I play some for weeks. There is one problem and I’d really appreciate you hopefully helping. Sometimes while playing you (I) accidentally hit end. It’s not intentional. I may be in a hurry to do something or just not paying attention but, there’s nothing that allows you to go back in. Is it possible to have a second chance either to go back in or have an extra thing to hit that you really do want to exit the game? It’s soo frustrating! All the work you’ve done and you know you’re not done and would like to find more words and in an instant. . . You’re out, even when you didn’t mean to. Please find a way to help with this. Thank you for listening! Best game ever, as far as I’m concerned.

S'mala, Oct 21, 2021


***** Come join the Word Seek HD Free crowd! This is the game for you if you love social word games or puzzles! ***** Sharpen your mind, expand your vocabulary, and challenge yourself to solve a puzzle with this innovative, interactive, and addictive play off a classic word search game. You’ll have tons of fun as you find as many words as possible by yourself or live online against your friends in this board game! ___________________________________________ Love the game?

Upgrade to the AD-FREE version - Word Seek HD ___________________________________________ *** Deemed “New and Noteworthy” by Apple *** 5-star rating: "OMG........I can't put it down....this game is not only edifying but addictive. I guess having an addiction to building upon my vernacular is not such a bad thing. Great game...!!!!!” - Ron Lewis 5-star rating: "Fabulous! Love love love this game! You can play for hours and also learn new words. Have to keep coming back to see if I can get more words and better my personal score. Don't miss it!” - Si gal You’ve always loved word find puzzles, think you’re pretty good at them, too. Sure, it’s kind of a lonely game but you don’t mind so much. You have the words and the board to keep you company. But wait, it doesn’t have to be like that! Playing word finding games isn’t a solitary pursuit anymore, now that there’s Word Seek HD Free. This app offers the very best in high quality game boards and stunning HD graphics, as well as interaction with others who love word finds as much as you do. If you enjoy playing Scrabble, Text Twist, Scramble With Friends, or Words With Friends, then we're sure you'll love Word Seek HD Free. Avid users have already played more than 50,000 hours worth of Word Seek HD Free and hundreds of games are being played every single minute! Don’t think that the games are too easy, just because they’re in an iPhone or iPad app! Select a 4x4 or 5x5 grid to play and find out for yourself how fun and challenging these word finds can be. Missed some words? Don’t worry, the app will show you a list of all the possible words at the end of the game, to help you out for your next try. One of the things you’ll notice, right off the bat, is the amazing HD quality graphics in Word Seek HD Free. Combined with the easy-to-use interface, this app is an absolute pleasure to use. Feel like mixing things up? Great! Try your hand at some of the other challenges available in Word Seek HD Free. Play online live against others just like you, and see if you can score more points than them! Once you’re done a game, it’s okay to brag about how well you did. Go ahead and share your scores with Facebook and Twitter fans, maybe even challenge them a match. Competing with others is easy, using the Apple’s Game Center. Look for the top scores on the leaderboards then try to beat them. Check out some of the incredible features waiting for you in Word Seek HD Free: * Easy, attractive interface * Amazing HD quality graphics * Just drag or tap to find your words * Share your scores with friends on Facebook and Twitter * Compete with others using the Apple Game Center leaderboards No matter how you look at it, Word Seek HD Free is just lots of addictive fun. There’s no downside to this app, whether you’re a veteran word puzzler or a beginner. You’ll expand your vocabulary and join the world of avid word find fans. Got feedback, questions, or ideas for the next version? Drop us a line at [email protected]! We will read everything from rants and raves to media inquiries and more.

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