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User Reviews for Word Association!

Accessible for the most part

Mostly usable with voiceover, but just some minor bugs. The screen view doesn’t change when the puzzles come up, so you have to navigate around all of the puzzle menu and tab options that are on the screen all the time to complete the puzzles. It can be a little confusing, but if you’re willing to stick with it and figure out the navigation it can be a lot of fun. Highly recommend! :-)

AdrianBrileigh, Mar 24, 2022
Good idea, needs some work

This is actually a pretty fun game. Essentially, you get a screen full of words. Tap a word to highlighted and then a second word, to match the first. Ideally the two are related and then go dim and into the background. Couple complaints. First, there are ads everywhere, all around the game and between every level. On more than one occasion I have tapped a word near the bottom of the page only to activate the ad at the bottom of the page. Another problem is the actual camping of the words. It is not nearly as responsive as it could be. The result is finding your self tapping words multiple times to get them to light up. Finally, there is the transition from one level to the next. After you finish the level you have to select next level. Quite often, tapping on 'next level' does not respond. The actual gameplay is fun, and relies on matching the entire group before one minute. This results in three stars for that level. Not bad, but does need some work.

Buffer99, Sep 22, 2018
Great Game but you leave us hanging

Great game great fun. It is just a shame that there have been no updates in way too long! Surely it can't be so hard to put together groups of related words! If you have abandoned the game please have the decency to let players know so that we can delete the completed game and free of memory space. Better yet make an update and make us all very happy!

CindiBear5888, Dec 11, 2018
Fun and easy but ....

I think the creators of this game should reward you as such: if you can get 3 stars on each and every level, then that should unlock the levels you’d otherwise have to pay for.

DeadEyeDonna, Dec 21, 2019
Good Game

I really enjoyed playing the sample levels of this, and while I would have loved to continue playing for free I understand the need to make a profit. I liked figuring out the different correlations between words, though I struggled a little because of the small font sizes. I would have liked it if there was a way to enlarge the words, even temporarily. I also think, and this may be one of the ones you need to buy so I apologize for any redundancy, that it would be fun if you made some of the answers interchangeable. For example, sick and cold could be combined, as could cold and hot and sick and ill, all of which would be in the same puzzle. Of course, then there would need to be words that could go with the unused words, but I can already think of a few that would work! Thanks for the fun time!

Drakish17, May 24, 2020
First game ever

This is the first game of any type that has a clear start and end. It is a great game, but once you’ve finished the relatively small number of word packs given., that’s it! You’re done. I feel like it should be made clear to you before you pay for ad removal, also. Why not just add more word game packs. Very weird, but the game itself is a good one.

Lildirect, Feb 17, 2022
Great idea, but...

I loved this game for the first 5 levels or so, then I couldn’t move to level 6. So I purchased the game thinking if I got rid of the ads the bug would go away. Not. Can’t find any other way inside the app to let the developers know that I paid $7.99 for 5 levels of play and I’m not happy. To help you fix it: after finishing level 4 I had to close the app and then reopen it to get to level 5. Played level 5 and again when I hit the next level button, nothing happened. So I purchased the game, got to level 6, went to advance to level 7 and can’t.

Magdalene59, Sep 25, 2020

A quickie when you just need to do a little something! I love word games of ANY KIND! I have done something like this but on a smaller scale. The fairly long list makes it some challenging especially at first cuz you’re on a timer! lol

Oma2nine, Feb 17, 2022
Purchasable Content is Worth it.

Not even a week after playing this, (yes, playing) I found myself being able to mentally pick out words a lot quicker. It hasn’t taken full effect yet, but I imagine if I get really good at this game it will improve my reasoning skills in general and make me better at talking!

ShaneCraig, Aug 07, 2022
VoiceOver Accessible!

So rare to see word games that are fully accessible with VoiceOver. I really wish there were a lot more accessible games. Definitely worth the cost of the combo pack.Only question I have is whether or not the star rating is based on speed. No way to get much faster when you have to navigate word by word. There is also a small problem when you swipe left or right to jump from word to word, it seems words from the previous screen are being read out. Back swipe puzzle packs swipe poor... I hope this is fixed in a future update. Still a lot of fun to play!

WhiplashZamboniMan, Apr 03, 2021


Matching pairs of related words is fun and relaxing. Words can by synonyms, opposites, parts of a compound word, or they might just remind you of each other. Word Association comes with 40 free puzzles, and there are hundreds more available for purchase.

Hints are also available if you get stuck. If you enjoy jigsaw puzzles, hangman, word searches and crosswords, you will love this game! Try it today.

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