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Hi Words - Word Search Game

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Hi Words - Word Search Game

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User Reviews for Hi Words - Word Search Game

Addictive / hurry new LEVEL PLEASE

Love, love this game. My advantage to this game which no othe word game is it uses your brains muscle.. I have the ability to read, and easily right curviest in reverse. I know sounds strange but I I’ve lived like this my entire life. Its simple , after reaching all levels 8 continuous hours I’ve master all levels.I’ve come up with the ideas of my brain muscle can think, read forward, backward!! Including writing long cursive papers.If anyone can do the same just give me a star. Is would be interesting to know I’m no alone.Ariel

ariel1943, Jun 20, 2020

This is a horrible game do not download it! U can't earn hints and the layout of the game and words makes absolutely no sense. I am usually not a hater on such things but I had to write a Review about this to warn everyone to NOT DOWNLOAD IT. it needs serious help on.... #1: hints. You can't earn hit s you have to buy them and you can't really find the words because they are not at all recognizable any direction. And I know that that is the point of the game but it's just really bad. #2: not saving. Every time I go out of the game it doesn't save my progress, and I have to start my level all over again. And #3: the adds are a serious PROBLEM! Adds pop up every time you complete a word I hate it. ✌🏻

booknerd4eva, Aug 05, 2017
Frustrating! Changing to 4 Stars!

The developers fixed everything I asked! Now I’m just waiting for new puzzle I’ve played through them all!The developers fixed the glitch and I was finally able to buy the remove ads. However, I’ve reached the end of the game and I am waiting on new levels. Love the game. And since the glitches have been fixed I’m having so much fun. Hurry up and get me some more levels! 🤩🤩🤩. Yea!It was recently updated. HA! Wiped out my purchased that can be used as hints. So $$$ Down the drain. Now ads where there was none before! Also it’s harder (to me at least) to understand . Worst of all I’ve had to download the APP twice now because it won’t open! UGH ALSO, every time I try to PURCHASE the no ad version and it won’t it even do that!!!Any new puzzles coming soon? I’ve played to the max. Hurry! I’m addicted!!😃

Boowitchy's Mom, Sep 01, 2018
Fun idea, bad execution

Advertisers beware, closing out your ads is easy. I can bypass them without watching, & developers never update game’s problems. I like playing the game, so far. It’s not too hard, then I close the app or my screen times out. When I reopen the screen, I have to start the game over, from the beginning. It does not maintain any progress I made to that point. No good for an active person or a quick game on the go. 1 phone call & it’s all over. Using the pause button only helps for short shut downs. It’s become obvious the developers no longer care. I’ve read other reviews but no updates have been made.Further, you are forced to play categories, in order. There are some categories I know I have little knowledge, or interest in, but I have to play 10 games to find out what the next category is. I would like the freedom to play categories I’m interested in, not to be dictated to by the developers. The only upside is that the same words are used in each of the 10 puzzles. Where is the fun in that?

CasinoEmp, Jun 14, 2018
Fun Game. Not enough levels

Fun game. Challenging and just frustrating enough to keep it fun but not make you quit doing it. However, don’t spend money buying it (add free) or purchasing coins for hints. There are only 300 levels. Not worth the money to be out of game after quickly finishing all the levels. Fun if you want an entertaining game for a week. But won’t last longer than that without more levels which the game says “are coming soon”. And the adds are super annoying.

DayDay33, Sep 19, 2018
Unique word game

This game is more challenging than making words out of a bunch of letters. You have to strategize how to get to the answers you see right away by eliminating other letters/words. I didn't know there were hints, but I wouldn't pay for them anyway. To start I do run my finger over every row & column in both directions to see the letters displayed at the top - easier than reading backwards. I'm only 3 levels in, but so far I love it.

dcsappview, Oct 14, 2017
Mostly good

From level to level within a category, the same words are used. So then it's boring. If I find "Gabriel" in level 1, I don't want it to show up in every subsequent level! There are a million boys' names you could have used. So mostly good, but I want to search for the words! Not see "Gabxyzriel" as I'm playing! It's too much of a giveaway if you have the same words over and over. And how is Neveah a girl’s name?

morogo5, Jan 06, 2018
Word Hi

I have never written a negative review, I typically just delete the app. The reason I am writing this one is because this game has so much potential and the creators could fix it. It is no fun to play a game that you can't reset when you need to, without paying for it. That is just frustrating. Simply fix the shuffle button or make a way to earn points. Until they make those changes, I would not recommend getting this app. It is too frustrating or too expensive, however you look at it.

Rayzgirl, Oct 06, 2018
Ridiculous ads

In all honesty, even though I like the game, I cannot and will not recommend it. The ads are beyond annoying and are very disruptive. Unless you want to pay for no ads, DO NOT download this game!I downloaded it a couple hours ago and have been playing nonstop. However, the ads, the stupid, nonstop ads have driven me away. Since I play for free I expect ads. What I don’t expect is ads popping up in the MIDDLE of games. In fact, the last game I played had 3 separate ads in the middle of the game. Most of the ads between games are 30 seconds long then you get a second screen for an additional 5-10 seconds. Absolutely ridiculous. Like I said, unless you want to pay for no ads, run away as fast as you can from this game.

Servilan42, Nov 14, 2018
About Hi Words

This game is sooo much fun I play this game every day ,and I can't put the phone down . I love this game because it helps my writing skills for school and I love it. My sister is just 2 years old and she helps me with this game ( which is really impressive.) and she loves this game too. My mom loves this game too, whenever I'm playing this game she takes the phone away from me and starts playing ( and she tells me to read .) but sometimes we play together . My dad didn't see this game yet because he is a chef and he works a lot , I'm still trying to show it to him but he doesn't have time . But for me I love this game , I'm maylin and I'm 9 years old the game is so much fun too

zoggita, Aug 08, 2018


Challenge your brain with the most addictive word search puzzles! In Hi Words, each puzzle contains a number of words on a fixed theme, fruits, animals, sports, characters, etc. In each level, you need to find the words, crush the letters and clear the board.

Bear in mind that only words on the fixed theme can be accepted. Intuitive, challenging, addictive, educational, big fun - that’s all about Hi Words. √ Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to master √ Well-designed graphics and effects √ 220 levels of challenging puzzles √ Hints to help you through tough levels

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