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100 Blocks - Best Puzzle Games

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User Reviews for 100 Blocks - Best Puzzle Games

This game wants me to lose!

This game is so relaxing! I love not having any adds! The only thing is once you start to lose room they give you the big pieces! I think this game is trying to make me lose! It definitely is addicting, but it’s kinda hard to win when the game is making it as hard as possible! I wish they didn’t have so many L pieces! It drives me crazy because I never know what to do with them! And whatever piece I really need I never get! If you’re trying to make a decision on whether to get it I think you should try it just because there are a lot of people who like I just don’t prefer this gas me because it’s wants to make me lose!

😆Jefferson🤩, Apr 13, 2020
Amazing but off a little

This game is amazing it is just that in the other time that I played something like this there are different things you could go in like snowflakes in the background baby, black and like coffee. I think that was this game if it was I don’t know why you took it away. I loved it so much that is why I rated this with four stars. I love this game so much it is just so satisfying to me. Anything else but the fact that I think you took the backgrounds away I love about this game. It was like you have to get enough coins to unlock the backgrounds From: Cici D’Agostino

Anna DAg, Dec 31, 2020
Just a thought

I have enjoyed this game however I went into it blind. There are no suggestions, no goals, no do-overs so I don't know if what I'm doing is the correct strategy or if I'm just wasting my time. I would love to have the option of "un-do". Several times when I'm holding a piece and pondering where to place it it just hops out of my grasp and lands in a not so convenient place and then I'm stuck. However, when I want to unwind and not think then this is the game for me.

Greatgram4, Jul 04, 2021
Great game, minor issues

I love this app, but there are some problems. For starters, sometimes when I try to put a piece on the board the magnet pulls it away from the spot I was initially trying to put it in. Another problem is that sometimes when I REALLY need a single piece, or a square it doesn’t give it to me. And when I DON’T need it, the app gives it to me.Anyways, the app is awesome. There are barley any ads and if there are mostly skip able ads. The game is fun and helps me wind down after a long day. I don’t know why, but whenever I knock out a big line/strip IT IS SO SATISFYING. And when it happens I feel so relaxed. I noticed that the are many apps similar to this app. So I’m wondering if the creators worked together to make some similar apps, or if one of the apps is original and the rest copied. This app is one of the best apps I have, and I have a lot of apps.

I Love Super Slime Simulator, Feb 12, 2019
Can not listen to podcasts while playing

The game is fun however, the game’s limited settings do not allow you listen to podcasts while playing. All my other games do so I imagine this is an easy fix. It’s a shame because of this I rarely play the game. I have many others that allow me to listen to podcasts, videos, it doesn’t matter. This game doesn’t have this option. Too bad. Gone.

millette, Mar 06, 2023
Fun but a few suggestions

At first I didn’t understand how to play; now I can’t stop, but I wish we had at least 1-3 undos. Sometimes I accidentally drop something into the grid that I didn’t mean to drop in that particular spot. Or the very last move before the game ends, if we could use an undo option, so if there was a better place to put the last piece that way we could undo it and be able to continue the game. I didn’t want to give it 4 stars just because I had suggestions, I still think it’s a fun game but it would make it even better if we could have at least 1-3 undos. :)

Pink.Stars, Aug 04, 2018
100 Puzzle

I like to play to try and win, but I believe this puzzle is rigged to lose! Even when you’re not trying to place a tile in a certain place, the magnet will pull it away! It’s very frustrating!! You never win! Maybe I’m not playing right but I haven’t found any instructions! I’m sorry Dee. LaversHere’s another review! These puzzle pieces are not styled to win!! I still believe you’ve done this deliberately so the user cannot win!there are very few right angle pieces and you send out too many six angle pieces when you really need small pieces and hardly no single pieces! Why you don’t want the puzzle user to win is beyond me! The puzzle is addictive, but the people that designed these pieces and the use of the magnet make them cheaters, as far as I’m concerned!Dee LaversI don’t like the fact that when the user fails “again” you immediately throw up a sign covering the entire puzzle and you can not see what you did? WHY? This puzzle is very frustrating!!! You are CHEATERS!!! 2/3/20 This game was programmed to lose! Too many L shaped tiles, and and they are triggered all at once! Programed to lose!! CHEATERS!! !Dee. Lavers don’t contact me again until you fix this!!!!

playing faurly, Feb 04, 2019
My ‘Stress Reduction’ Therapy

I’ve been addicted to this game since I loaded it. Just don’t pause the game, when you bring it back it will clear it. I can start a game, leave it then come back & it’s still there. I love the color choices of dark & bold or soft pastel. This allows me a quiet time activity, it’s perfect for a game or two while waiting at the doctor’s office. I concentrate on it & I find that I can have a solution to a problem I was trying to solve. It’s a good unwinder at the end of a crazy day. I’m wondering if there is a support group for this addiction.....🤣😳This is the perfect quiet-time game. I play this while making calls & on hold, waiting at the doctor, in line at the store. I love it!💜❤️💚🧡

SharleneT, Apr 28, 2018
The worst

I’ve played many games similar to this but this version IS THE WORST IVE EVER SEEN. It just throws out so many 3 X 32“L shape no strategy is possible. I delegated it after two games. When you get 2 or 3 L shapes nearly every role there is clearly nothing simulating a random dice or shape roll. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. In addition frequent ads nearly every time you pause and restart. JUST WORTHLESS!— I have experienced the same pattern when playing this game on a different iPad. I deleted this copy as well. —once again I tried this game on a different iPad and sure enough, roll one contained 1 “L” piece, the second roll gave me two more, the third roll yet another one, the fourth roll gave me two more. I have played this game many times over 2 years and have never seen this kind of “stacked deck” against the player. Is this a defect? This game is now unplayable. Delegating my third install of this app. Unless this is fixed this game is worthless. If I wanted to lose every time I’d just go to a casino. WASTE OF TIME. DO NOT BOTHER B

Steven Ledingham, Dec 08, 2021
Don’t change the simplicity of the game BUT

Please move the ad at the bottom of the screen. Sooo annoying. When ACCIDENTALLY touching said ad, all concentration is interrupted. Stop that. Instead of looking at the ad, I hate the ad and can’t get rid of it fast enough. Incorporate some quick, short sounds. Rewards for cool moves. 3 rows at once - a sound. 4 rows in a once - a sound. How about a sound for the rare moment the screen is COMPLETELY cleared. And maybe some points could be awarded. Continuous sound is bad. Why? Because this game is played while multitasking. We want the game to be enjoying, not trying. We do not want to turn the sound off. That little dink sound for every move. No. That annoys every person in the house.

TSpenwave, Jun 26, 2020


Fun, simple, relaxing - join millions of players currently enjoying 100 Blocks! There is no time limit so you can enjoy this casual puzzler at your own pace and have hours of mind-bending fun. Inspired by tetris but without any time limits .

Easy to learn but difficult to master! - Drag and drop the random blocks into the 10x10 board. - Clear blocks by making a line of full bricks either horizontally or vertically. - This puzzle game ends when you run out of space and can't put any more blocks down onto the board. Download 100 blocks today for free!

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