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User Reviews for INKR — Comics, Manga, Webtoons

Paywall on top of subscription???

Coming from Manga Rock to this is absolutely painful. The app itself is phenomenal, and beautifully done! The collection isn’t bad either, but the outrage cost to read is beyond ridiculous and the system for it isn’t much better. You buy gold coins in order trade it into “Inkr” which basically from my best understanding, turns into time?? The best I can compare it to is a parking meter for manga. They do have a subscription based option, but it seems ludicrous that you subscribe only to be given extra “inkr . To add fuel to the fire, there almost no explanation to what Inkr is used for, or why it’s important to have it. Also, one would think that subscribing to this the monthly option would remove adds, NOPE! Their online help states in bold letters WITH ADDS. Also, it tells you in the online form (Not the App) that Inkr is used to unlock exclusive chapters, but they expire in 30 days from the time of receiving them. All and all, the biggest complaint I have is the lack of transparency of the purchase system and how the system is a ripoff. You subscribe just to have to use the reward from the subscription to read more on the app?? If they updated to reading method to match that of Manga Rock, this could very easily be a 5 star app. But until then, it’s almost not worth the hassle.

Blessed Loss, Jan 25, 2021
Not as good as before

I had manga rock for a couple years and deleted it about 3 years ago. I loved manga rock and recently I wanted to see if it was still in the app store. When I looked for it I had learned that Manga Rock had turned into Inkr. I had just thought they changed the name and the way it looked but when I started to read a few manga i had on manga rock they start to ask for a subscription and passes. I was so disappointed to discover this. I know the payment for the subscription is only $4.99 but I know my parents they wouldn’t pay for something like this. I tried the trail and I was so happy to be able to read manga for free but recently it finished so now I have to use passes. The passes aren’t very reasonable. The way you get ink is very easy but you usually get like 10 for an ad and 80 for a challenge. For a day pass it’s 500 ink, JUST FOR A DAY. So you can only read these blocked chapters for a day and it’s not really fair. For 3 days it’s 1500 and for a week it’s 3500. I only had this app for about 2 weeks, the first week I tried getting ink for the passes and the second week I decided to use the trail which lasted me a whole week. Even with this much time of having the app I only have 910 ink, barely enough for 3 days. I’m just very disappointed in how they remade the app.

I love this app so much !!, Jun 09, 2021
Pay wall

I get to read maybe 10-15 chapters maybe 20 chapters if I’m lucky I’ve been reading manga for a long time the best app I found was manga rock then it got closed down/removed then I used the same company/groups app called manga rocks pro was an even better experience might take a bit for chapters to be updated and release but was free and optional currency to by and spend in app feature the typical ones removes ads etc. but this was made by the same group who just broke my heart as they started to put their already limited catalog of mangas behind pay walls I wouldn’t mind if I pay once remove ads for life of the app but it’s based on a subscription that isn’t well prices considering the some chapters are still behind a pay wall even after paying a subscription to read the chapters it’s a confusing system and it doesn’t explain how it works does older chapters become free after a while or does it stay behind the pay wall it breaks my heart to see the group who made such wonderful apps disappear and become greedy monsters it’s hard to find good manga reading apps that don’t require a payment with any chapters if not limited chapters it’s something they need to fix or at least adjust to make more consumer friendly

kathy's_girl, Apr 10, 2021
Technical issues

When it comes to this app I have no complaints about the content or the currency for unlocking chapters. It has become one of my favorite apps to use. My issue is with the technical problems I have been experiencing. I’m not sure why but I frequently get the trouble loading try again screen. This is extremely annoying when binging a series. After hitting try again many, many times it will either load or the app itself will crash. There’s also an issue with screen rotation. I had to lock this function on my phone when using the app because if I accidentally shifted my phone causing the screen to rotate horizontally, after turning it back to a vertical position the app would freeze and then I would have to close and restart it to continue reading. This has been going on since I downloaded the app a few weeks ago. Today it was really giving me a headache so I checked for updates ands there was one so I thought this would solve my problem but unfortunately that’s not the case. I have troubleshooted by uninstalling and reinstalling the app, turning off WiFi and only using cellular data but it hasn’t worked. I hope this issue can get sorted out.

KDramaQueen1, Jan 04, 2023
I Miss MangaRock

I was a subscriber to MangaRock which I was ok paying because I had over 1,000 or so manga in my favorites. I was disappointed that they went with a different name and style of operating. Once they finally were Apple approved I downloaded them. I decided to subscribe again pretty much the same price as MangaRock. But I was happy for only a week or so with the new App. I still was getting small ads and being told I didn’t have enough ink to keep reading. So i tried to more ink which is odd if I already am being charged a monthly fee I shouldn’t have to pay for more. I even reached out to their support team and got no where just automatic responsive emails and not live person. I even can’t restore my subscription because it keeps saying not available. Don’t know what they did or who they went with for designing this but OMG why get rid of something that worked to this headache. -__-

KitsuneWTF, Sep 04, 2021
A very mixed bag that's hard to rate.

So let me preface by saying I loved manga rock and used their service for all my manga/webtoon needs for the longest time. This however is significantly better designed and aesthetically magnificent but there's just not enough stuff. When I think about downloading a manga app I'm more in it for what it contains rather than what it looks like, so something like this app is definitely promising if they can get more content that people want to read. Currently it's extremely bare bones with only a few large name titles and the rest is just fluff. I definitely understand that it's not easy to get licenses to manga and whatnot but there's not really any point to getting this app since there's nothing really here. It is by far the best designed app and is functionally brilliant but with nothing to do with all that there's not really much point personally. If you're looking to just pick up random Chinese/Korean/Japanese(rarely) then definitely check this app out, but if you're seriously looking for a reading app for all your manga and webtoons and stuff this just isn't it... Yet. Hopefully they expand their catalogue and make me want to return, but until then I won't be using it

Monkeys with ego, Oct 16, 2020
It’s good, but not the same.

Being an og of Manga Rock, I was upset that Manga Rock would shut down and start a new app. I appreciate the cause of why they shut down the app. Next, they set up a beta program for us to try it out. The one thing I dislike about it was that there were hardly any manga. I don’t know if they balance it out yet. But during the beta program, I love some titles that they offer. I found out this week that the app would be officially on the App Store; pre-order and wait. I remembered that some of the titles I read on the beta wasn’t updated, so downloading the official app would probably make me read up to date. Well, I was wrong. Couple of titles I subscribe on the beta are “special” that I had to pay for 4.99 monthly. Plus, so chapters are unlock and have to pay with coins. This is just like any other app that I had to pay for. I don’t have money for it. What about the 12-year-old? Do they have to ask their parents to do a monthly subscription just to read? And what about the coin system? Do I have to pay money to get coins to unlock chapters? At least the other apps that you have to pay explain it more than this app. Does each chapter get unlock each day? These are questions that I want to know.

monkeystarwars1011, Oct 15, 2020
good but eh

So i was in the beta and saw barely anything in at the time and i expected it to be released when it had more stuff but came out now and i got the app of course. However i’m a bit disappointed mainly with the fact i must pay to read. I understand the reasoning towards it but wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way for us to earn these coins rather than having to spend? I know an app called webcomics and you can simply earn coins by doing daily check ins but here i can’t seem to do that and must pay. And don’t get me wrong the titles aren’t horrible but i was only mainly interested in one and found out that i have to pay for it now which can disappoint people who may not have much money or did not want to spend money on an app. I know they could just go to a pirate website but they may want to stay safe so go with this. I love the visuals but the manga and manhwa aren’t the best and the coin thing is also not the best. If so it would be a great idea (in my opinion) if you were to add a feature where people can earn a certain amount of coins each day if they log in every day it would be nice and allow people who can’t spend money a chance to read everything just an idea tho :)

Nugget ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ, Oct 19, 2020
Close to perfect but a couple problems

As someone who used Manga Rock for years, I appreciate you wanting to give back. However, I have two main issues with the current incarnation of your vision.Problem one, is that you have a paywall behind a subscription, with no real explanation. If you are going to have a subscription based viewing of most of your catalogue. Then, I myself at least, would prefer to pay a $10 monthly, if not a little more, as an option rather than be reading a series and being told that all chapters past a point have to bought with an app based currency.While WEBTOON for example has a similar system they are also a purely free service that clearly explains their system and makes it optional along with timers showing when free viewing will become available.If you are going to charge for chapter along with a subscription, especially without explaining that before someone buys a subscription, and not explain the system in full detail first. It feels like a scam and over all ruins the experience of what I know to be an amazing app and company of people working hard to do the best they can.The second problem will fix itself in time, as it is nearly the extremely limited current catalog. When compared to mangarock at least.

Purgatory's Succesor, Oct 28, 2020
Stories previously free with INKR extra quite literally overnight and with no warning cease to be

As I said in the title, I have INKR extra and have had to stop reading multiple works 4 and 5 hunter chapters in because suddenly they’re asking you to pay coins for every chapter. There’s never any warning and it seems completely pointless to have INKR extra if all of the good works you get to read as a benefit suddenly aren’t anymore. I pay for extra because it’s cheaper to read and there’s tons of good works included but what’s the point in continuing to use the app if all of them are going to stop being free without any warning? That said they do offer free ink but the exchange rate to turn ink into coins is 1000ink for 5 coins. It’s absolutely ridiculous how long it takes to gather ink just for five measly coins. Despite these things the reading selection is vast and they’re mostly all quality reads. Just wish they would change the things mentioned above.

RadicalFinnley, Nov 24, 2021


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