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Piyarat Chayavichitsilp
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User Reviews for Manga Zone - Manga Reader

So slow

So I originally got this app to try it out since my old app was taken down. When I first started using it, I noticed everything loads so slowly. The cover page/preview page doesn’t load whatsoever some times, and if it does, you’re sitting waiting upwards to 3 minutes. So once it’s finally loaded and you find a manga that looks interesting, you choose it to then read it, but..it doesn’t load either. I’ve sat on a first chapter of a manga for a couple seconds, got up to do something for a couple minutes, came back and it still wasn’t loaded. So I noticed that if you pay for premium, it ups load times, so thats what I did. However there was absolutely 0 change. Literally paid money for a feature that didn’t happen. This in my opinion makes the app completely unusable. Please do something about this.

/Nelliel\, Feb 15, 2021
Great but please help

So the app was amazing at first. I was reading some of my fav manga and enjoying the app overall. Then one day I got onto to the app as one does and every manga I tried to read had this black page over it and said something about violating a terms of agreement (not sure exactly what it said). I was extremely confused because I’ve never done anything besides read the manga that was on the app. I didn’t even touch anything in the main menu (Ex: settings, help page, profile, etc.) I deleted the app and re-downloaded it to see if it would do the same thing. Fortunately it didn’t but I was incredibly disappointed when I saw that bnha was completely gone off the app and I was not able to read the rest of it🥺

A Very Annoyed Student, Feb 16, 2021
Needs improvement but does the job.

If you want to read manga it does the job.Note: this review is made after only a day of use.The app should make the navigation easier, I have used the app for the first time and the first page I see is a “today” page with just 1 manga title(I found out later I can scroll left to see other manga title under it) personally I would prefer if that page was simply changed to “recently uploaded” to show any recent updates on manga instead of needing to go to catalogue->all->sort by-> recent uploads. Another suggestion is to add a suggestion box ( not having this in app prompted me to write a review). Another change I’d like to see is the ability to lock screen rotation from the app itself instead of needing to lock my devices, it’s a minor quality of life improvement but nothing major. Having a small time/clock showing at any corner of the screen while viewing manga would be a great addition as I lose track of time often and I would prefer to check time without the need of leaving the app.

Ajcoolest, Mar 01, 2021
Great, could use work

This is most likely the best manga app out there that I’ve seen so far. I would like it if there were more variety of manga but so far my experience has been amazing. There are a few suggestions I would make such as decreasing all the ads that we have to watch to continue reading. It’s great that as customers we don’t have to pay to read or wait for coins but the experience would be more enjoyable if I didn’t have to wait for a page to load and then be bombarded by an ad. Not to mention some of the pages won’t load for me which is quite an annoyance, that’s why I give this app a 4 star. But I have to say this is probably the best manga app out there. The layout is a bit messy but I don’t have any other complaints besides the ones I’ve already mentioned.

BlushingSkye, Jan 19, 2021
Great App with One Small Technical Issue

I just downloaded & purchased the premium version of this app and it had been a great experience so far. Wide variety, everything’s loaded on time for me, good quality, however I really wish I could change the orientation of screen. I prefer to read my manga in landscape mode because it allows me to scroll down faster & I can easily read the words instead of zooming into each square to read the material. I found if I try to flip my phone, the orientation does not change. I’d give it a 4.5 due to this, great app and I’d recommend it to anyone trying to read manga.

JaimieNatalie, Feb 27, 2021
A Great Reading Experience

Overall a great reading experience. I appreciate the dark mode, and the amount of content especially with the ability to change your sources. If I were to add a feature it would to be to have the app be viewable in landscape. I find it very difficult to read mangas while reading in portrait especially if its in a smaller text. I have also tried to zoom in, it doesn't always work the way i want it to when your at the bottom of a page. Also having the ability to change sources from “my manga” instead of from the settings or filter by different sources.

Jingneji, Jan 07, 2021
Best manga app out their tbh

Okok- so uHm yes, just yes. Basically every manga you need. ( including manga that literally no one has even heard of, even mangwha or whatever its called. Meaning Korean styled comics) On the app you need to search for the manga you want in Romanji tho (Japanese but the english alphabet) and ofc- everything is translated. My fav thing about this is the upload manga/manwha(?) from source option. which basically lets you go online and you can download whatever manga you want and read it on the app! If you dont find what your looking for, you can find it on the source ^^ Everything is pretty much free- except you can only download from the source two times. But dont worry abt that bc you can just delete the other manga when your done and it’ll let you choose another one. Not much of a problem for me. Go for it.

Just a furry OwO, Dec 17, 2020
Good app, but needs a bug fix.

I recently got this app and even purchased the premium so that I could read even more! So far I love it, but there are some things that need work. 1) It can take FOREVER to load one single chapter and some chapters are only eight pages long so waiting, sometimes 10 minutes, to read eight pages is frustrating. 2) Recently the app has been glitching. My screen will go black, show a loading sign, and then completely close out of the app and bring me to my Lock Screen. Not sure what that’s about, but it’s something that needs to be addressed ASAP. Other then that the app is fantastic! There are so many things to read, and most have so many chapters out that you aren’t stuck waiting for weekly updates or having to pay per chapter to get more of what you want to read! If they fix the few bugs they have now I’ll definitely change my rating to 5 stars!

Kinzi-Jay, Oct 25, 2021
Great app with a few problems

PLEASE READ THE FULL REVIEW!!!I got this app about 2 months ago and just bought the premium version about week ago and I love it. It has tons of different webtoons and manga that I love and the import feature is especially nice. One small problem I’ve experienced are extremely long load times for certain panels of the comic/manga I’m reading at that time, for some reason sometimes some of the panels just don’t load unless I close and reopen the app. Another much bigger problem is absence of the “Import” button. This just happened today so I believe it might have been a bug that came with latest update, I hope it will be fixed soon because I was planning on importing a new webtoon to read but I can’t. Other than that this is a great app that I totally recommend!EDIT: Okay so it seems that the missing import button wasn’t a bug but was deliberately removed. The import button was an amazing feature that I used all the time and that other used a lot as well. If they never had the feature in the first place this would still be a 3 star review, BUT because they had this great feature that was well liked and yet still CHOSE to remove it I will be lowering my rating to 2 stars. Might be a bit harsh but there isn’t an option for 2.5 stars so it’s the best I can do.

Mystery_Man, Mar 29, 2021
Good, but please fix this annoying problem

The app itself is pretty good, but it has a flaw that directly affects my reading experience in overall. That flaw is the existence of the gaps that would separate pages from each other while it's on the vertical scroll mode. I read a lot of manhwas, which is why I need the vertical scroll mode to connect all the pages together without any gaps at all. Therefore, dear developer, please try to remove the annoying gaps.However, let's say that the majority of readers prefer to have the gaps to remain (which I don't understand why). If that's the case, at least give us an option to toggle between enabling and disabling the gaps. The gaps, to me, is just completely unecessary and is very very annoying.PS: 5 stars to the app as long as the flaw that I've mentioned above will be fixed properly.

pikapud, Dec 22, 2020


Manga Zone has thousands of manga for you to discover and read for FREE! We are a team of manga lovers and we designed this app to be one we want to use ourselves and the best one out there. Enjoy the smooth and uninterrupted reading experience!

Some of the highlights: - Massive and ever growing manga catalog from multiple sources - New chapters are added as soon as they are available - Super-fast and smooth reading experience - “Today” home page to give your daily recommendations - Curated content that bring popular manga to you - Save your favorites and reading progress, all in one place - Advanced filter and search - Download manga to read offline - Minimal and non-intrusive ads even for the free version - Many more features are being added in future updates.

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