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User Reviews for Translate

Terrible translations

After a while of trying to use this with studying Spanish I started getting suspicious and started double checking everything with SpanishDict. To put it nicely at best the translations are obscure or secondary (or tertiary). Nada bueno. Just one recent example: I was just listening to a song with the phrase “no te fallo”. I looked it up on Translate and it said “I won’t let you”. Well that was not convincing grammatically for in the context of the song. SpanishDict results gave me “I don’t fail you”. Yup, that fits. I was going to rate two stars but really what is the point of having a translate app you can’t trust. Extra disappointing since it’s Apple’s stock translate app. I would rather prefer using native apps… as long as they were arguably the best - or even worked! Disappointingly, unlike the Google translate app, there is not even a place for suggesting corrections, reporting errors, or any community input, nor are there any possible alternative meanings/ results suggested (in case of multiple possible meanings or in cases when it might be wrong).

Anon.023, Dec 10, 2022
Best translation service available for Spanish but…

This product from Apple is years ahead of all (I mean ALL) other translators. I use it primarily for Spanish. I’m irritated that Latin Spanish dominates the language but there’s no option. However, Portuguese? Brazilian only. I understand that Latin America has so many dialects and variations. However, there are commonalities from Mexico to Cape Horn. The Barcelona accent is ridiculous. No one in America is trying to sound like a Spaniard. However, someone at Apple needs to look heavily into the problem of pronombres. Apple Translate cannot properly translate with the correct pronouns. She, he, they, we, them, never translate properly. I have to feed the Spanish given to me back through, identify the problems, edit the Spanish which I’m not all that great at yet, feed it back through, and continue this process until the sentences are balanced and properly translate forwards and backwards.

B5611, May 01, 2023
Frustrating User Interface

The most simplistic part of this app is the ability to change languages to start a conversation. After that, everything becomes a chore:- Every feature requires two or three additional taps or interface selections, which often makes the experience confusing and leaves the user wondering what to do next.- App will often take an extended time to populate a translation, with no interface indication about the progress of the command that has been given.- Voice-to-text feature often will not populate a translation, and incorrectly continuing after ending voice option will erase what has been typed.- Selecting the text field to edit what has been written via voice-to-text, will often delete what has been written.

Cap. Linguist, Apr 30, 2022
It needs more languages

This is a great and accurate translator app and I am glad that Apple finally got on board in creating one, but it needs more languages including language variations. In case you're not aware - Spanish (Spain) is NOT the same as Spanish (Mexico) and can often differentiate depending on what the translation is. Please get up to date in regards to this and other similar issues plus the confusing difference between how the app works when On-Device mode is “on” and/or “off”. As I mentioned before; Translate is a great, necessary, and needed addition to Apple’s many apps and has amazing potential but until these mentioned and other bugs within the app are fixed then it will never be able to compete with and/or let alone be on the same level as/with Google Translate. Thank you tremendously in advance!

Dctisnum1, Sep 22, 2021
What a Disappointment! Doesn’t Work Offline Anymore

After recent 16.4 update this app stopped working offline. Doesn’t matter how many times you try downloading languages, deleting App ENTIRELY and reloading, or whatever else you can come up with. You get “Translation is unavailable at the moment. Try again at a later time.” Disappointing that Apple can’t even get their own App to work on their own iOS operating system. Especially something as simple as a translator which is nothing more than a few relational databases (call them dictionaries if you want) interacting. AI taking over the world on one side, Apple trying to make their own Apps work on their own system on the other. No way Steve would be pleased is all would venture.UPDATE: Few Days after iOS upgrade the downloaded offline languages are working again. Very glad to see and have changed the 1 star to 3 and crossing fingers going forward.

IJRRR, Apr 12, 2023
Aren’t apps supposed to work?

Literally nothing happens when I type in the text to translate and press the “go” button. The text simply disappears from the screen and doesn’t show any sort of translation. It doesn’t even show the original text anymore. It’s like the app resets every time you enter text and press “go.” The text disappears and nothing happens after that. Even trying to press the microphone to speak the translation doesn’t work because the microphone button doesn’t seem to do anything either. It won’t even initiate a recording to translate.It’s like this is a dud app developed solely to take up space. I followed all the directions and enabled all the permission, and still the app is a dud. Apparently it works for some people but a lot of people can’t get it to work for any language. I’ve deleted and redownloaded the languages, and deleted and redownloaded the app itself, and still it doesn’t work.It sometimes worked on my old iPhone 7, but has never worked on my iPhone XR. Maybe it only works on the newest iPhone models? As Apple’s way of forcing us to upgrade to the latest line of iPhones. But I’m not doing that. I’ll just go back to iTranslate or Google Translate instead. Those apps may collect data on me but at least they always worked when I needed them to.

JayyTownn, Feb 19, 2022
Great translations, broken UI.

This app has fantastic potential, and its translations are accurate and natural. The interface looks like it would be good, but once you try to use it you find that it’s shockingly broken. This isn’t normal from Apple, and it’s frankly a little surprising that this thing was even released in its current state. (My theory is that we’re seeing the result of 2+ years of WFH culture.)The main two issues: it’s difficult and confusing to switch languages and to make that setting “stick”. And more importantly, the “Go” button often does nothing except close the sheet into which you were typing. This button is the most important UI element in the whole app, and more often than not it just plain doesn’t work.I’m sure the app will be fixed in time, but it should never have been released as it is now.

LekkeM, Jun 01, 2022
App doesn’t count very well

When I entered seventy four in English it first offered up correctly, soixante quatorze. When I entered seventy four years old it managed, Soixante cinque ans, somehow coming up with the french for sixty five. It has also managed to come up with sixty-fourteen for soixante quarorze. Clearly something is amiss here. Haven’t checked any further as I don’t have the time to spend on it. Francis McCarthy. PS, I also noticed that it’s using the familiar of you, tu, when conversation is most likely to require vous.And more already, I’ve only had the app for 48 hours and I keep finding mistakes. I enter, Je suis un luthier, and it translates correctly, I enter, I am a luthier, and it tells me I am luthier. Perhaps it understands it as a name?I translate books and since I noticed some basic mistakes I have to check everything, sometimes from both directions, French/English or English/French. I have little confidence in this app.

Mac. Mac. Mac., Mar 19, 2023

hi please update apple translator app with the best of everything translation with all 7,149 languages please update the apple store every 2 weeks and every month and every year Best App Ever Happiest customer ever in the whole world it even has Dazaga language ❤️💋🐻 Hi there needs to be bosnian cyrillic albanian cyrillic spanish cyrillic azeri cyrillic armenian cyrillic languages and abkhazian language please add that language too and please add translator guru videos for studying languages and their dialects and please add dialects for all languages and please add the option to know what languages are popular in what part of village city or town from each country and what dialect is spoken there and please add the almost extinct croatian language spoken by 200,000 people in croatia and Slavonian language spoken by the Slavonian people in Slavonia part of Slavonia and Herzegovian language too Bosnia has Herzegovian people too not just Bosnian people Hi please update google translate app today please make it better to include sidewalk play couch play Fuschesia RVPG disc and PVDP 20k video graphics discs for computer that would really improve lots of lives in a good romantic way also u just won the lottery with this new video discs and update best app ever

ModelMirela22, Jul 25, 2023

I am using this for French, in conjunction with other apps and materials, and it does a pretty decent job of translating things well. Those are the good things. The bad things are…it’s not user friendly at all. If you’re working on something and have to get out of the app for more than about 5 mins, everything just disappears. There are no options to save anything, other than to add it to favorites, which doesn’t really work as a file. Another annoying thing is how the font jumps from normal size to giganto lettering, flipping the screen horizontally and upside down, without me touching anything but trying to scroll down ro read what I translated. When I tried to get it back to the previous screen, it somehow deleted ALL of the conversations and translations I had “stored” into favorites, and I only hit something that looked like a back-arrow. Super frustrating-I spent more time trying to figure out how the app worked, than doing my lessons. Bottom line: it mostly stinks and I deleted it. Lol

ndvevwonev36394, Mar 11, 2022


Translate lets you quickly and easily translate your voice and text between languages. Designed to be the best and easiest-to-use app for translating phrases, conversations, and even the text around you. Translate combines high-quality translations with an intuitive design, so that translating is quick and easy.

Features • Text translation - Text translation is fast, simple, and intuitive. All supported languages include their keyboards so you don’t have to download or manually switch between them • Voice translation - Translate your voice from one language to another. The app detects which of the two selected languages you’re speaking and provides the translated text and audio in the other language • Conversations - In the Conversation tab, tap the single microphone button to speak, and automatic language detection will transcribe what you say in chat bubbles on the correct side of the conversation • Translate camera - Translate text around you using the camera view. Translate text in real-time, pause the view to zoom in for a closer look, or translate text in photos from your Photos library • Dictionary - Tap a word in a completed translation to see the definition in the built‑in dictionary • On-device mode - Enable a fully offline experience in Translate and for downloaded languages. Keep your translations private without needing to turn off your internet connection • Auto Translate - Translate speech without tapping the microphone button in a conversation. Auto Translate automatically detects when you start speaking and when you stop, so the other person can just respond • Face to face view - Change the conversation view when chatting face to face so that each person can see the conversation from their own side • Favorites - For phrases you use frequently and want to keep, save them to your Favorites for easy access later Translate currently supports translation between any combination of these languages: • Arabic • Chinese (Mandarin - China Mainland) • Chinese (Mandarin - Taiwan) • Dutch • English (US) • English (UK) • French (France) • German (Germany) • Indonesian • Italian (Italy) • Japanese • Korean • Polish • Portuguese (Brazil) • Russian • Spanish (Spain) • Thai • Turkish • Ukrainian • Vietnamese NOTE: The languages listed above are supported in the most recent operating system. Not all languages may be available in previous operating systems.

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