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User Reviews for TestFlight

Poor coordination

The entire TestFlight process is difficult to navigate, especially when multiple release candidates are involved (i.e. app updates occur).When all about s are submitted and testers assigned, email notices are sent immediately, but in reality testers will not see apps in TestFlight until submitted apps have passed apple’s review process (a second email gets sent at this time).Apps that are updates may not appear if tester is testing previous app candidate. Resend invite option seems to be unavailable for some users (I haven’t figured out the logic yet).In summary, TestFlight has a monopoly on Apple testing, so we muddle through, but the is so much room for improvements in the use experience that it only warrants 2 stars IMO.

boston-support, Jan 23, 2020
Version 0.6 (5) Review

I love this app. It is very convenient and keeps every thing in one place. Has a great selection of sources, manga, manhua, and genres. If you are someone who reads on a website that has way too many ads or the ads are slow to load and mess with your reading, this app is for you. Before this app, I would read straight off of Asura Scans website, which had many ads right in the manga. This would take the manga longer to load, would disrupt my reading, and would cover some of the manga art or writing. Making it hard to read and ultimately missing important parts of the storyline. With this app, you can read from the same source website, but without those ads. It is extremely convenient. Overall, I give this app a 4 out of 5 stars because it does crash on occasion and it does not have a quick way to go onto the next chapter, which can be a hassle. Altogether, I think it’s a great app and with some small improvements / additions it will become exceptional!

Destiny1946, Dec 27, 2022
First time Product Manager

I am a non-technical founder who founded a Decentralized and Identity and credentialing company (HPEC) i’m very grateful for the test flight interface, it makes it easy to test the app, and to invite others to test the app. The control features are great, & version control and understanding is easy. Even though I’ve never done this before and there was a learning curve once I figured it out it all made sense. Thanks to Apple for making this possible!

Dr. Houstom, Jun 07, 2022
Cant use on device me and my son share bc he’s 12

Well so much for that.. I tried to use it and it told me I was too young. I’m 30. But I got my son an iPad and we share it for diff things it has a lot of space to keep apps unlike my phone and I can’t do much of anything because somewhere along the lines it found out he’s 12., although I created a whole new Apple ID and specifically said it was my birthdate etc. it still found out he’s 12. So this app blocks anyone under 13. Like a lot of apps. But it’s annoying and no one takes into consideration that families share devices. So they still put this age restriction on their apps so if you ever ( I’m guessing set up child screen time) or let you kid have their own Apple ID and was honest about their age. Or it somehow found out the person mostly using it is 12….your screwed.. out of a lot.. until that child finally turns 13. I’ve had this problem for years but finally I have 4 more months before the device and age restricted apps..recognizes me as anyone older then 13

every nickname i is taken, Nov 15, 2021
TestFlight age range

Test flight is a great app but I don’t see the point in saying it’s for age’s 4 and up when you have to be 13 to use it i’m a 10-year-old turning 11 this year two more years to go before I can use it but this app is going in the right direction and the wrong direction at the same time for example if I had Snapchat and I want to use the beta and if the age range of Snapchat was 12 and up I would have to be 13 to use the beta now sure time flies by pretty fast but it’s not like 1 million years flies by every minute and it’s such a long wait actually time doesn’t fly by as fast as it seems and I’m not gonna be mean by giving it a one star I’m gonna give it a three star actually wait scratch that four I don’t want to be extremely mean by just putting a one star and then just putting A stupid review I’m just pointing out the obvious Number one: Pointless age ratings rating an app four and up even though you have to be 13 to use it makes no sense it’s also kind of weird that you would rate an app four and up and have to be 13 to use it rate it 13 And then kids will get the point why you have to be 13 in order to use it anyways that’s all I have to say I give credit to you and all the people who made test flight

Giovanni Pizorno, May 19, 2022
Lets me use apps in beta

The only reason I have for using TestFlight right now is the iOS app Clear, which I have been using for years because it is for my purposes by far the best list-keeping app on the market. Clear was sold a year or so ago to a new company who put it into development but made it available (in a limited form) in beta. TestFlight reliably renews my access to the beta release every 90 days. One day, I hope, the present owners of Clear will release a stable, multi-platform version of the app. Until then, my thanks to TestFlight.

goodtutor, Apr 23, 2021
Good. Maybe even better since Apple Took Over

Didn’t think I’d say this but this app has actually gotten better since Apple took over. It works good and is a lifesaver for developers. It’s good to see that Apple didn’t just buy this and abandon it. It’s been well maintained and runs bug free. There are definitely features that could be added. But at least it’s in a solid spot right now so it’s hard to complain.

jacurtis, Sep 02, 2020
Great customer service

Ive had this app for a while and use it for my small business. Ive had a few bugs to work through but have always had great support from their team. I love all the features and its very easy to set up. I love having all the information on both my iPad and my iPhone. Can’t say enough good stuff on how they have always been available by email, phone calls and texts to explain something when i have a question or problem.

Kevstat1212, Jan 04, 2018
I hate this.

Ok, so I know you might think this review is bad for a dumb reason. But the only thing dumb on this page are the developers of the app. I needed this app for something important. So I got the app and stuff, but when I click continue after I open the app, it says I need to be at least 13 years of age. But why? It literally says 4+ here. Like don’t lie to people! This is so stupid. Now since ALL the other kids had the same issue, the program has to completely restart there whole thing with a different app. The program already started, and I don’t think they can do it in a week. So all of this happened because the developers straight up LIED on this page. I mean it might have been a mistake, but fix it. I saw other reviews saying this. I can’t point out any highlights in the app because I can’t open it. So Apple, I don’t mean to be rude, and I know it’s probably a mistake! But please fix it! I love Apple and only have Apple computers, iPads, and Apple products in general, but this mistake was really annoying. So if this was a mistake, please fix it!

LolaLove!💜🐶🎵🎤🎶😎🌈🦄🍔💋, Jun 07, 2022
Will definitely keep using!!

This app is amazing, it’s very accessible for adolescents & easy to use. You can find numerous resources to find the information you need as well! It’s a tremendous help for the students, you can see a description of the colleges you’re interested in & you can even see your test results for the PSAT so you’re able to pinpoint where you are. Despite that if you have an inquire for a college, you’re able to request a form which is really unique & nifty at the same time. There was only one minor bug, when I was clicking on help it kept sending me to a page said that wasn’t obtainable. Although, I loved this app & I feel it’ll be a great help. Love it!!!

MeIon615, Sep 07, 2023


TestFlight makes it easy to test beta versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, and iMessage apps and App Clips, then provide valuable feedback to developers before they release their apps on the App Store. Developers invite testers through email or a public link. When you test a beta app or App Clip, Apple collects and sends crash logs, usage information, and any feedback you submit to the developer.

The developer may use this information to improve their app and related products. Apple may use crash logs and usage information to improve our products and services. For instructions on installation, testing, and feedback submission and for details on how your data is handled, see testflight.apple.com.

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