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User Reviews for Texas Hold’em

Same ol poker

Every poker game I download seems like the computer knows the cards before they flip. At first I thought I was being paranoid. But then I paid close attention. The first 3 cards were 2,4,7 and the computer went all in. And I was puzzled because it wasn’t a flush and I had a pair of kings. Then the flop and river flipped and it was a 3 and a 6. The computer had a 5 and a jack. The next time the cards were 3♠️ , k♦️, 9♠️and I had a pair of queens. The computer went all in for a total of $3,000+. The flop and river were a 2♠️ and k♠️ computer ends with a flush having a 5♠️ and a 7❤️.When I first got to the cruise ship the first 5 hands were last card flushes whenever I had the winning pair going into the flop. It’s an entertaining game, but when you start going to different levels your cards are horrible. The skill of the computer doesn’t grow. They just give them high cards constantly. Or will bait you in knowing the other players know what’s coming next. The logic should be to keep the cards random and have the computer learn how to manage their cards better as you go on. It’s not a complete deal breaker as i stated before, all poker games do this. Even some spades games also. Aside from this - the game is solid. you can tell the developers wanted to produce a great game. Once/if this gets fixed I will return and upgrade to 5 stars.

annoyed fots, Jan 10, 2021
Lengthy sometimes but great!

I was in a game for nearly 3 hours before I kept folding too much and eventually lost and got 2nd place. The very next game all players got eliminated in almost 10 minutes. I had eliminated everyone and gotten there by getting 2 Flushes in a row betting 3000 chips at a time to get everyone to go all in. I was left with one guy who had a measly 225 chips left haha. He got me with a pair of 10’s but then the next hand I got him eliminated with a pair. I got 1st place! That whole game took about a little over 10 minutes. It can be very fun once you start getting good hands. But can be aggravating when you get bad hand after bad hand and the other guy bets 800 chips for no reason even though he has bad cards. Good tactic to boot the other person out. Sparky is a little devil! Good ad free game and I will continue to play.

Car and Music Lover, Apr 03, 2020
Most unrealistic poker game

The cpu just raises to raise, there are times pre flop where there are like 10 bets (not an exaggeration), and the cpu seems to always know when you have good cards post flop, because they will almost always check when you check, or fold even if you raise 10 dollars in a 1000 dollar pot. There are rarely pre flops that dont have 5 or more bets, and half the time the cpu has nothing, this doesnt happen in real poker games. Also i have just messed around and would go all in first hand everytime, and the amount of times the cpu hits their cards is ridiculous, you could have a cpu absolutely dominated pre flop but since they are a cpu they hit their cards.Try making an actual shuffle system, and cpus who dont 6-bet with 3-10 off suit, it would actually be an enjoyable game if it was the slightest bit realistic

djjwidxijwjhx, Dec 02, 2020
Stay Away!

Love the game play, the graphics, no ads. However the programming is horrendous. I’ve lost on the river card 63 times and won 7 times I’ve gone all in (it’s actually a lot more than that but I started keeping track after I saw how often it happened.) I’ve either got the worst luck in the world or there is some funky programming. To add to that, almost all of those have been losing to a much worse hand. The programming clearly is not random which takes away some of the fun of the game Note: After reading many other reviews I realized it’s not me. The bots are truly programmed against you in an unrealistic fashion. I guess the developers don’t read the reviews because clearly they have not fixed the issue Update: I finally had to delete the game after it became so ridiculous. Losing on the river 75 times and winning 7, consistently losing to much worse hands (last straw was losing three in a row, the last was pair Q to 8-4; two before that was pair K to 3-7 - hit flush on river card), and when suited flopped entirely opposite color 85% of the time.Edit - I downloaded this again to see if the problem had been fixed. Nope my first game I got beat on the river three times in a row.

Doob214, Nov 20, 2021
25% Fun, 75% Ridiculous unrealistic Bot hands!

This app could be a lot more fun if it wasn’t for the Botched programming! Really? I guess their trying to be like Vegas House?In real poker, u’ll never see as many 4 of a kinds, full houses, flushes,Etc etc! Bots betting with a 2 & 5 going all in against a pair of Aces & guess who pulls a straight every time… not me! 2 Kings-forget it, they’ll pull 2 Aces🤷‍♀️With this app, the Bots get them nearly Every hand. Bots tend to kno ur hand before u do! Most of the time I’ve gotta Lose up to 10 games before I'm allowed to win that’s how bad it gets. Has potential if it’s reprogrammed in a realistic manner. Graphics are really nice, table setting & avatars are cool too. Except for the unrealistic ridiculously So called Luck the bots have? overall a very nice programmed app. Has potential to be a 5 star app! I would NOT recommend this app for someone learning or a beginner. Way too Frustrating & jaw dropping with “Bot” Plays! Just read/see ALL the critical reviews. Or not & see for ur self.Again, app has potential to be One of the Better poker apps available if fixed accordingly!

Dori Hurst, Mar 13, 2023
Listen up...

As a game developer, I see the issue quite clearly. The algorithms are highly faulty, the Random distribution of cards is faulty, the computer bots follow the same dynamic protocol when bets are made, and no matter if you bet a 10 dollar bet or bet 100 BB’s, the bot has a unique insight to post flop hole cards, and 68% of all community cards, will favor the bot unless you value bet and the bot will fold. On our 6 games, we certified RNG, have fair card distribution and utilize no bots. For detailed information, visit 888Poker, Fulltilt poker, KashPoker and request developer packet #5, which is our online Emagazine which is free. I give a 2 star rating due to the fact this app has a lot of work to go until it becomes a POKER app.

Fulltilt.com Pro, Oct 03, 2021
Good game, but loses enjoyment with coding

Two major problems are: (1) persistently “rebalances the table” with no corresponding increase in original value of 1st, 2nd, 3rd place wins; (2) significant inconsistency in a multiple raise ‘traps’, based on the value of the online player ‘s hand (ie, game players repeatedly make baseless raises, until the online player is all-in, and then simply fold as if working as a team to beat the online player!(Later) I’m going to replace this game with another! I know it sounds stupid, but every time I get down to 2-3 opponents, the game injects an artificially meaningless “Rebalancing the table” and I’m back to 8 opponents. I feel like throwing my phone and frequently just dump my chips and start over. This feature really ruins an otherwise great game!!

jghorton, May 13, 2021
Bad Tilt

This rating is based on the single player mode, going up against AI bots. The game is great as far as a very clean interface, smooth flow, easy to read - and no ads. The bug is in the programming - whereas, in an all-in showdown, an AI opponent will beat you on the river 19 out of 20 times; regardless of how strong your starting hand is - or how weak theirs is. In one game, with all other opponents already eliminated - the lone remaining bot beat me on the river on 3 separate occasions. I had a huge chip lead - he was all-in on each of these occasions with 2-4 unsuited, ultimately pulling a back door straight; including the last one that took me out. These are not just random bad beats ; it needs to be fixed. It’s totally unrealistic. It wasn’t always like this; and perhaps it’s only the room I’m in (Paris). When I first started I quickly progressed through the lower level rooms; and even in Paris I was winning my fair share - for some reason though, at some point it just tilts this way - and once it does - there’s nothing you can do. It’s pointless.

Jhdbutdxee, Mar 09, 2023
The draws, though...👎

It’s a good, fun app when you hold the phone horizontally and play quickly. Having said that, there is usually one bot who gets nothing but good hands, even if they start with garbage, like 7-2 offsuit. Sometimes this is “Connie,” but more often “Chris,” who has drawn a full house on me to beat an ace-high flush and quads to beat a full house. In fact, he has drawn quite a few quads, usually at those moments you really need your straight or flush to hold up. The bots are also obscenely aggressive preflop and often see trash hands to the end and often draw out on them. They go all-in all the time, which is super annoying. They don’t give a fig for pot odds, either. So while I really like the music, speed and atmosphere, the card-dealing RNG is questionable and the bots’ betting behavior is outrageous. I also really dislike the inevitable “really lucky bot” who gets nothing but boats, straights and sets.EDIT: Played again today after a few months. The bots got quads four times in less than 10 minutes of play. What universe does that happen in?!

JohnnyRoastbeef1967, Apr 03, 2020
Good game. Few glitches

I am 100% blind, and the fact that this game is fully accessible is really awesome! The only problem is there is a few glitches. For example, when I first start the game and play for a few minutes or so the game plays really good. I get nice random hands that I can play off of. After a while of playing it seems like it stops giving me random hands, and it starts giving me one high card and one low card every time. I tested this by folding every time, and it happened at least 18 times in a row before I just quit. Another glitch seems to be when I actually do win, the game simply won't let me collect my earnings or continue to the next screen. Sometimes it will literally kick me out of the game completely. Other times it will keep my same cards, it will let me bet, then it tells me who wins. Then it just repeats. I have played this game in both Portrait, and landscape mode. I have an iPhone 13 that's only one year old, so I doubt it's my phone. Thank you for reading my review.

JRandel19, Apr 24, 2022


Apple’s Texas Hold’em is back! To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the App Store, we’ve brought back one of its first games, a popular classic. Originally created for iPod, then brought to iPhone, fans will love the polished redesign, featuring new characters, more challenging gameplay, and stunning graphics for the newest iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Players will also love that it’s free to play—for the very first time. Texas Hold’em lets you play like a pro against 24 realistic opponents—or with your friends over Wi-Fi. Use all of the hints, tips, tells, and your mastery to gain access to more challenging locations with higher stakes and even bigger rewards! Features: - Opponents bet, bluff, and have secret tells - Winning advances you to the next location - Includes 10 distinctive locations—including Las Vegas, Paris, and Macau - Bring up in-game hints, tips, statistics, and player ratings - Texas Hold’em is entirely free-to-play, works online or off - Play against up to 8 friends with Wi-Fi multiplayer - Rotate between immersive first-person and top-down gameplay - Re-designed, re-rendered, and re-built to use high-resolution graphics that look stunning - On iPad, use Split View or Slide Over to play Texas Hold’em while using other apps. - Designed for iOS 12 and later

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