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User Reviews for Apple Developer

Camera not working to scan ID

When I use my iPhone’s normal camera or my MacBook camera, I can easily scan documents, etc because the camera auto-focuses. When I’m trying to scan my id, the image has been coming up blurry every time!I tried various lighting settings, restarting my phone, un- and re-installing the app, and it wasn’t ever able to scan my driver’s license (I have an iPhone 12 Pro), because the camera absolutely does not change its focal length. I know this is a simple setting so I’m confused as to why this isn’t an option. I’ll take down this review if this problem is fixed, but the whole app development ecosystem is completely unusable for me right now, so this app is essentially pointless for me to use.

., Feb 26, 2023
App has great potential

The app works great in both iOS/iPadOS and, recently, macOS. The navigation is logical and and I’m able to find things easily. This app has some great potential to be a great resource for development on Apple platforms. I would personally love to see support for browsing documentation and viewing the developer forums in the app if possible.

Alicerunsonfedora, Jun 21, 2020
Rename it Developer Crash

Update.... I’ll be damned. Two months later and still crash not fixed. Because that is all it does on iPhone XS Max iOS 12.4. Can’t upgrade phone because Apple famously employed its new feature - eliminate compatibility with older Mac OS devices. On the plus side I bought a refurbished 2019 which is my $3500 bookend because I can’t even migrate data from older Mac to the new bookend iMac because migration assistant, or rather Apple, has decided they need to reset all administrative passwords and promote ALL limited users to ADMINISTRATORS rather than my password server!!!!CONGRATULATIONS APPLE for enticing me to buy into a lockdown worse than CA and NY combined since September 2020. Now it is December 2020 and don’t expect Apple to end lockdown any time soon.

dale.eshelman, Feb 19, 2021
A nightmare to enroll

Scanned my ID and got a message asking me to contact support team. Did so but only got kicked around a few times and was asked to upload photos of my ID to a site *twice*. Then they told me they to had to escalate this case to the operation team and they could not provide an estimation on when it will be reviewed. After a couple days I asked them to contact this so called operation team for an update and was only told there’s no way to obtain an update unless the operation contact the support back. Now I’m just here sitting and waiting forever, which is a completely unacceptable customer experience

Ethaye, Oct 16, 2020
Better Every Year

The WWDC app gets better every year. It’s awesome that I can start a video on my iPhone, and finish it later on my iPad or Apple TV. It’s also nice that I can mark a session as watched if I happen to have attended it in person.One thing I wish would change, though, is the Favorites view. WWDC19 just ended, and I favorited all the sessions I want to watch, but when I go to Favorites, I have to scroll past all my favorites from 2016, 2017, and 2018. I don’t want to lose those favorites, but it would be nice to be able to see only my 2019 favorites.Thanks for such a great app!

greenisus, Jun 09, 2019
Lost favorites with update

Seems that they removed all WWDC videos from 2015. Cannot search to find any of them. And more importantly, lost my previously favorited 2015 session videos. Why would an app ever delete user data?Update: while some of the 2015 videos are now back, some are still missing. For example, Protocol Oriented Design. What gives?Update: 2015 videos have returned as so did all my favorites in the last update.

IIRick, Aug 11, 2020
Better and better but still has bugs/missing things

The new speed control is great. I enable subtitles when watching videos though, and on my iPad if I pause the video, close the app, and reopen it, the subtitles are gone and don’t come back even when turning subtitles off and back on again.It would also be great if the app could properly restore the application state, since it tends to get jettisoned in the background quite easily.

janant98, Apr 15, 2020
2018 Destroyed a good 2017 WWDC app

The new 2018 version of this WWDC app is about useless on my iPad. It violates many of Apple’s own human interface rules!First, none of the session titles are visible (they are cut off). Second, they now use that silly (unprofessional looking) horizontal scroll where there is full bleed on the right margin. It makes it harder for the user to feel they have situational awareness of what is on the screen. Third, it is cluttered now with glyphs — we have spent 3000 years advancing from hieroglyphics — they are nice to have in small doses, but not a screen full of dozens of them. We could go on, but the overall user experience is a huge step backward last year’s app. Now, I’ve lost a great library app for all the videos through WWDC 2017. The programming idiosyncrasies of the app programming libraries are shining through in a most unpleasant way. Wow, did not expect this for the flagship app.

Law reviewer, Jun 06, 2018
Why Remove WWDC Videos?

The app in and of itself works well and has the nice intuitive design that you would expect from Apple.But why in the world would you remove videos? Among others, the main one I’m frustrated with is video 416 (Understanding Swift Performance) from WWDC2016 was removed! Why? This is such an important video that teaches so many things about how values and references work. Yet it is removed? Why not just add a note that the video is no longer recommended instead of flat out removing it?

MilkdotWhole, Jul 14, 2021
Speed controls

The app is not bad but the interface is interface is is very cluttered and there is no way to speed up the video. Of the two, I’d forgive the interface issues if I could speed through the video at 1.5 or 2x’s, slowing down for the sections that are new and unfamiliar. Right now I’m watching the videos in WebPlayer off the developer site and marking them as viewed in the WWDC app, in the hope that someday the dawn will break, the birds will sing, and most significantly of all, the app will allow me to speed up video.

oldmicah, Jun 07, 2018


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