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Nutrition Coach: Food tracker

  • Health & Fitness
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Nutrition Coach: Food tracker

  • Health & Fitness
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User Reviews for Nutrition Coach: Food tracker

Needs work

Overall I give a 2.5 star rating. As others mentioned, the amount of food in their database is very limited so even scanning a barcode does not mean the app will be able to find and log your food. Additionally, I wish the app kept a separate log of all the meals you’ve inputted for different meals throughout the day. It’s a pain if I’m eating leftovers for lunch from dinner the night before, and have to re-enter everything I inputted the previous night. If I eat the same thing at the same time (lunch and then eat the same meal for lunch the next day) it’s easy to select the food and add it to that days tracked meals, but if not it’s a real hassle. As someone whose trying to gain weight and has to watch calories and macros I find this app to be average. If they streamlined the input meals and expanded their meal database I’d highly recommend the app.

AAquariuss, Mar 03, 2022
Needs work but great concept

I switched from MyFitnessPal to this app, and at first was really happy with it and loved the layout. BUT, there’s no way to add foods that aren’t in their system!! And there’s not even any way to just add random calorie amounts to your daily total, you HAVE to pick something from their database of foods. Which isn’t horrible, but it is still quite limited.I’m probably going to switch back to MyFitnessPal, but I will be back if they make these changes. I will be back if they make it possible to make your own food entries with its own nutritional facts/names/brands that you can input yourself. Or even if they just simply make it so that you can add “X amount of calories” to your daily total. I don’t even care about the other macros besides calories.I hope they make these changes because I was really excited about this app, and would want to come back if it weren’t for this flaw.

bcmwk pamcna, Jan 07, 2022
Only one complaint

I downloaded this app for a school project, we need to count calories, protein, carbs, vitamins, all of it. This app has all that and more. Your able to put in the exact food you eat and it gives you all the information on it, you can also track weight, water and steps. The only complain I have is that once the week is over you can no longer see that weeks log. I counted for 1 week then lost all the information when going to make an essay on it. Other than that one feature this app is amazing. I highly recommend, just not for that specific feature!

Bianca N. Place, Jan 13, 2022
Sad to give it low stars

I wanted to love this app. As far as calorie calculation (for the day) and linking up to your activity trackers, it is the easiest, most realistic and most convenient. The recipes however, we’re NOT at all accurate in nutritional composition. I tracked the tuna sandwich and it calculated at 55 grams of fat with zero carbs and zero protein … being a Registered Dietitian, I know this is FAR from accurate. You also cannot add the recipe to any meal, it can only be added to the meal they have it marked as - so if you eat it for breakfast but they have it categorized as lunch, there wasn’t a way to add the recipe/meal to breakfast instead. I canceled my free trial immediately, because of the nutritional composition inaccuracies.

cocoa---loves ,,, Mar 16, 2022
Much better trackers out there

TL;DR: The macro recommendations are insanely off, and it doesn’t let you enter in meals that aren’t on their lists. One, the daily macro portions that it suggests for dieting make no sense. At 175 lbs trying to gain weight, it suggested that I eat 248g of protein per day…. That is absurd advice that not a single nutritionist would recommend. Typically you’d se somewhere around 1g/1lb for those seriously trying to gain muscle mass which is WAY under what Nutri Coach says. Conversely, the recommended fats are way too low. For a low fat diet, most references I’ve seen recommend about 85g per 2,500 calories. This recommended 27g which is absurdly little. Seriously, y’all are going to give people eating disorders with this app. It’s like they didn’t even have a nutritionist look at these recommendations before getting people on these crazy diets. Additionally the interface is just not great. You can’t even add your own food items if something doesn’t pop up on their list. The scanner works well which is why this gets 2 instead of 1 stars. All in all, there are just lots of other apps that do what Nutri Coach does so much better. I switched and am so much happier with it.

dbchebs, Mar 15, 2022
Love but wish I could customize entries

Switched to this from MyFitnessPal and absolutely love this app the only thing that I wish it could do is allow for custom entries. A few of the things that I normally have for coffee or just general entries for steaks etc. aren’t popping up when I search the barcode and there’s no way to manually enter or add macros on their own. This app would be perfect if it had that option but too many things aren't showing up through the search so might have to switch back and to Myfitnesspal for the time being

EcoKris, Nov 30, 2021
Stop making people pay

Start making people pay because you don’t know if they don’t have money to pay every week or every month or every day I have any more news channel trying start making people pay because you don’t know if they don’t have money to pay every week or every month or every day I have any money he’s trying to lose weight what if the child insecure about their body didn’t even have money on her account on their phone or something then how they’re going to even do it

ke'syanna, Mar 01, 2022
Cannot add half of what I eat.

I like the way the app looks and presents data like macros and such. Entering meals is easy EXCEPT half of what I eat isn’t available in the search even if I use a barcode. There is no way to manually input food and nutrients, so if I can’t accurately track my foods, then what’s the point? It kind of blows my mind that they charge $16/mo and you can’t even enter your own foods if it’s not available in the search. I looked for a “help” section, didn’t find one, selected “contact us” and there were 4 topics to chose from, none of which were to ask a question, so I didn’t even bother. I just found a new food tracking app that lets me actually track ALL of my foods for $0/month. So yeah, that’s kind of a big deal for me.Edit: I DID use the premium features for $3.99/week and could not see how to add my own foods or find help on how to do so

lawlawshops, May 11, 2022
Ounce measuring seems off

This app is still new and has better qualities than MyFitnessPal but there’s still some kinks within recording your meals. Depending on what brand of food you insert, you will not get all the serving options available (ounce, grams, etc). I prefer to use grams but most of the food items I selected didn’t have grams as an option and when I converted to ounces, the conversion is off. E.g. If you put 1 ounce of green seedless grapes from wegmans and it shows as 2,000 calories when it should only be only 20 calories. I have to click around to different food options so it won’t record the incorrect caloric amount.

NattyH17, Feb 28, 2022
Change goals

Hi there! I really like this app, I downloaded it to keep track of my calorie intake, as I need to gain weight. I put my weight down which is 105 lb and my goal is 125lb, however they won’t let me change my goal, it’s automatically set to lose weight, which is NOT what I need, I want to click the gain weight button. I am on the basic version, does that matter? I feel like it is kinda awful if you have to pay 4$ if you want to gain weight but 0$ if you want to lose weight. It feels like your preying on people with eating disorders :(everyone the developer of the app has just admitted that if you want to lose weight, the app is free for you to use, and you can use the goal button that allows the app to design a plan for you. BUT. If you want to gain weight, you cannot choose that option as a goal, meaning you would have to pay. Gaining weight is a premium option, whereas losing weight is not. this app isn’t worth it

Nova's Darkness, May 21, 2022


Effortless calories counter, customized meals plan, and delicious recipes. Loose or gain weight in a sustainable way to achieve your objective. Nutrition Coach is the result of 3 years of work by a team of passionate nutritionists.

Our programs and calorie counter have been tested for months and approved with visible and sustainable results. Have you ever experienced a very restrictive diet almost impossible to sustain for more than a couple of days? Have you ever experienced weight loss followed by immediate weight gain ruining your efforts? If you answered yes to those questions read what follows. Our approach is different from other nutrition apps: Nutrition Coach focuses on long-term results that will last forever. Nutrition Coach is based on achieving a daily and weekly calorie objective while eating what you like and even allows cheat meals. With Nutrition Coach you will be able to: - Track your calories with the most extensive food database - Search ingredients, meals, or branded food - Scan any barcode to automatically track your food - Track your macros and micro-nutrients in details - Learn facts about nutrition and food - Track your weight and see progress along the days - All your Fitness and Running app sync - Enjoy more than 1,700 delicious recipes - Adjust recipes to the number of people eating at your table - A diary to see your progress and complete the day you have missed - Clever reminders - Enjoy unique meal plans to improve your overall health and mental conditions Nutricoach works with Apple Health app which lets you share your data with other Health connected apps. For instance, you can: - get your daily steps automatically synchronized in Nutrition Coach - add your foods and their detailed nutritional information to the Health app - sync your weight to the Health app - retrieve Calories burned with your activities (running, fitness, cardio) in Nutrition Coach thanks to Apple Health SUBSCRIPTIONS - You can subscribe to this app to get access to premium features - Subscription options are: 1-week with a 3-day trial, 1-month with a 3-day trial, yearly - Privacy: http://privacy.appfeedbacks.com/1539625670 - Terms of Use: https://www.iubenda.com/terms-and-conditions/44220384

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