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Meditation Nest

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User Reviews for Meditation Nest

Calming but a bit annoying

The first time I opened the app I wanted to see if it had anxiety or stress relief sessions. I saw the stress relief sessions and I clicked on it and picked the one I wanted to do.Then after I finished that session I wanted to, I wanted to do another so I tried to find the anxiety relief sessions. I found them and picked out the session I wanted to do and then I clicked on it and a screen where it was taking about a free trial popped up. I hit the x in the corner and tried again. The same screen popped up. After that I tried to do another session and when I clicked on something that same screen popped up. I’m kinda disappointed..

Ash🥵👏🏻, Oct 17, 2019
Good but ambience sounds don’t work well

I used this app a lot this summer & recently redownloaded it. There have been lots of improvements and I was super excited to see the new illustrations and most excited about the ambience sounds. There are lots of different options but as I was meditating tonight the sound of rain really added to the experience but for some reason it cut off halfway through the meditation. It totally knocked me out of my focus. Hoping this review is considered for the next update - please fix the sounds!! They’re wonderful but a seamless sound experience is key.

aud_jones, Jan 03, 2020
Description For This App

I LOVE This app! It really does calm my anxiety, and it makes me believe that I will get through it! BUT, the only situation is that I can’t watch other videos in one selection, because there locked! I really DON’T want to pay for this because I am quite young. Besides that it’s GREAT! But please, maybe add more than one video unlocked for those who can’t pay like me but want to listen! 🥰😊❤️😇

bloomingsunflower❤️, Jun 18, 2020
Connors Review

I must say the app is amazing and I’m feeling great and pretty relaxed and relieved, I will really think about investing in your software as I really do feel comfortable using it in a powerful and useful way. My personal first thoughts was am I going to get hypnotized and I was just a little stressed but after listening to the young ladies voice as she guided me to success it really rose my levels of confidence and a little effort to write this review. With being I would be stoked to recommend the app to a friend! ☺️😄

Connor G Brown, May 02, 2020
Highly disappointing.

I saw an advertisement for this app on Snapchat, and like the rest of you, were excited to try it out. I planned to practice meditation every night with this app so I was more at ease. That dream came to a holt when I opened it. The first thing I saw was a subscription. I decided not to buy it because I hadn’t even seen the availability of the app. I exited out of the pop-up and clicked on a lesson. When you open it, the first one is free. Though, when you scroll down to open any others, they’re all locked because you have to buy them. I wasn’t mad, just disappointed. I didn’t even bother to look at how expensive premium was. Although, I did do the lesson that I clicked on. It wasn’t the best, but that’s normal since it was free. Some people just want to relieve their anxiety and stress, but with money sucking apps like these, they can’t.

Good night sleep

I really like the medication and I slept every night with a meditation on and it was really fun and I slept in like 10 seconds and I love and I love this app and I am really happy that after a long time I had a really good night sleepBecause before I was not having that much longer sleep and I was so tired I didn’t sleep on time but now sleep in like 10 seconds and I will be I am because before I was not having that much longer sleep and I was so tired and I didn’t sleep time but now I sleep in like 10 seconds and I really like this app hope you will love you and I hope you will thanks me for this feed back and thank you so much for this app thank you.

lovpaint, Jun 29, 2020
Amazing app

this app is absolutely amazing. i don’t even know who would hate it. it helped me sleep with their slew stories and overall it was very relaxing. the down side is that most of the audios are for a subscription, when you have to pay an amount of money every month. i would definitely recommend it if you love this app. i personally don’t have the subscription but i’m perfectly fine with what is offers m. if you are not pleased with the small selection of vids than you should definitely pay for the subscription! i definitely recommend this app!

ssssooomeeeoneee, Jan 03, 2020
Seems good, get nothing unless you pay though

I really wanted to try doing some sleep meditation to help me sleep through the night and tackle my insomnia. I had heard good things about this app and was happy that it was free to download because I don’t have the money to spend on apps at all. Turns out, you get next to nothing unless you pay per month to unlock it. Still, heard good things about it and it looks like it could really help people if you want to pay for it.

ThreeTailedWolf13, Mar 24, 2020
I really like it

The reason why I really like it it’s because it helps me fall asleep because I have had trouble falling asleep lately and it really helps my body control myself because I do get really stressed with now school being online and it’s very stressful because i have so much homework to do and this app is really help me stay calm about it!!!

Vanessa_1616_16, Sep 08, 2020
It could do better

It could do better if it was all free the whole point to have a relaxing app is so people can relax but they have to make a profit out of peoples stressful days In my opinion that is a little messed up it’s like” hey we know you hade a stressful day and you just want time relax but you have to pay for our premium if you don’t then you lose 95% of the app then your just stuck with ten relaxing things to listen to.” Then if you do want all of the things then you have to pay $16 a month just to relax

yeagerboss69, Aug 16, 2020


The best meditation app for everybody, and for your daily wellness. Meditate for just 5 minutes per day to reduce stress, improve focus, sleep better, relax faster, breathe easier, and more. SUBSCRIPTIONS - You can subscribe for this app to get access unlimited content, 150+ audios and sleep stories - Subscription options are: 1-week with 3-day trial, 1-year with 3-day trial, 1-month Privacy policy : https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/38687662 EULA : https://www.iubenda.com/terms-and-conditions/44220384

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