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Strange app, but not that bad

So this app is a little strange and a little bad, what I’m saying is that….. I checked the AppStore for free weather apps and this game has payment to do, and this is not what I meant to see, but it’s has 3 days free! In my suggestion this app is kinda bad cause it was freezing cold and when the weather was raining my iPad was working so fine but the weather app didn’t do anything much it said the weather was sunny and a great day when weather doom was in the air, for a few weeks this app didn’t open and work but I could play and do other things on my iPad. So this app made a waste of money from me and now I don’t want to play this anymore

🍒🌸ellianna, Sep 24, 2021
Pop-ups completely block usability.

I was using the Weather Channel app, which I have been using for several years, refusing to update it, knowing it would be worse and would try to get around privacy settings/desire. The app crashed and had to be deleted/reinstalled, which led to a terrible new interface (developers: simple = better). Searched for a new one and found this one (which reminded me of the old, simple Weather Channel app). I don’t mind a non-animated/distracting add at the bottom of the page, but this one has pop ups which block the whole page and worse yet, one pushing the premium version, which try’s to trick you into clicking into endless monthly payments (class action waiting to happen). Can’t understand the high rating (bots?) Walk (run!) away from this one...

Bro mater 18373728, Feb 05, 2020
Deceptive 3 day free trial click-thru charging $10 mo subscription

After downloading this free app containing in-app purchases, the first page you see is a large white screen listing a few of the app’s features and a large continue button at the bottom. Also in small print, it states 3 day free trial and $9.99 monthly. What is deceptive about this (which may not have been intentional) is that the initial page, immediately after downloading the app, is actually a large pop-up that can be closed with a small X in the corner to continue onto the forecast but is not immediately evident since it takes up the whole screen. To continue on the the actual app, most people will think to click on the large continue button to go on to seeing the weather forecast without realizing that doing so would initiate a charged monthly subscription. Instead of “Continue”, the button should instead say “Buy” to make it obvious that they are clicking thru to charged content and not to the free version that they were intending to use. We did not want a free trial nor a subscription to the app and it was never our intention to do so. We would like a refund.

Dissatisfied54321, Jun 22, 2021

Maybe it was a glitch, but it opened telling me that by continuing I was agreeing to a trial then 9.99 a month. I thought maybe it was one of those OMG I’m trapped adds if I want to continue I must agree only to find out that tapping the little X makes the add close allowing me to use the app with adds until I decide to take the lessor option that makes the adds go away, but no matter how many times I tapped the X nothing, so I backed out and made the app go away... Are you for real? Let me think Netflix monthly or a weather app monthly? What should I choose? I assume it is a glitch, but the Apple Store has been nothing but these kind of glitches lately and frankly I’m a little tired of Apple for it...

gnome8889, Sep 10, 2020
Honest opinion- terrible app

I would give this app a 2 out of 5 because once you get this app, you would have to pay, yes pay to see hour by hour forecasts, day by day forecasts, and you would also have to pay to get weather alerts. I do NOT recommend getting this app because what if there’s a hurricane or a flood near your area? This app wouldn’t alert you unless you pay, your basically paying this app to save your life. Take my advice, and don’t get this app, I only got this app because the reviews (which most of them are made by bots) said that this app is amazing but it’s not. I get that the seller of this app wants to make money, but they shouldn’t make us pay to know our weather. This app should at least let us know when it’s dangerous outside without giving them our money. If they seller is reading this, please find a better way to make money instead of not giving us the information we need to take shelter when there’s a storm outside.

Im_Leaving_a_bad_yelp_review, Jul 21, 2020

This app is actually very usefull and me and my family use it incredibly often. All we have to do is just type the name of the country and check it’s weather by just scrolling right or checking the other dates by just scrolling down. The only 2 problems are that i’m not sure how to understand farrenhite and celsius so I just ask meh parents for help. The problem I just talked about is actually a personal problem so I don’t count it in however, the second problem is that the appmay get a little confusing about the hourly forcast and the country typing.-best regards,your user.

Kyrgyzia-1, Nov 30, 2019
Amazing Weather

Hello I just want to say how amazed I am by this app it is really cool because it shows you weather gives the weather reports and you can edit it whenever you want another thing I like about this app is it can show you every hour of the day how much degrees it is the percentage of the Weather chances and it even lets you if you go to cities which is one of the tabs at the bottom and then you press the add button then you can choose I mean search which city or place or state you wanna know the weather is

Starfish 9, Jun 06, 2020
Botted five star reviews and not acutely calculating the weather

As most people would do to download a weather app for their iPads but in my area there was a fire going on close to my town and when I had went into this app first thing I see is “Buy Our weird subscription” so I decided it was not a big deal and I compared the accuracy of this app to the windows app, It was not even accurate at all it would not even show the air quality alert the windows one did and when I tapped to “unlock” the hour by hour forecast it told me to buy the stupid membership, and I was completely barged why I needed to do this and hen I closely read what it would do if I bought the “premium” version and it started to seem like a cash grab, and now time to address the botted reviews.Like don’t even try to fool us we know that all of the five star reviews are either from people they paid or a literal bot because nobody would use that many emojis in their review and I think that even if it did fool people just remember don’t fall for every little thing someone says.

The 209 man, Aug 20, 2020
Very good ok app but strange

Hello so I got this app months ago but not to long ago. Since it is chilly outside now I thought I would go to see the temperature, then I went to the app and it logged me off like I could not even see a pint of the app it just completely logged me off. I tried it multiple times, but it still logged me off. Then I decided to delete it and get it again. I hope you like my review if this happens to you maybe try deleting it and get it again or just get another weather app not saying that this one is bad.

Threth, Dec 04, 2020
Better weather app than the one apple has

This is the best weather app ever! Seems like there are no problems to me ever anyways the forecast lags a little bit as I zoom out but I think this is really a good app and when I bought it nothing bad really happened and I think this is a greatest app than the one apple has , also I am giving this app a 5.0 rated stars ✨ also nobody has ever purchased the premium because it seems like there is a glitch with the radar and that when you click “X” that the premium prevents you from checking the radar but the reason why people seem upset is because it seems like nobody wants to waste money on the premium because it turns out it doesn’t seem good to me at all. So I made a mistake saying 5.0 stars and now going for a 3 stars ✨ and please fix the glitch because the premium won’t let anybody use the radar at all and I’ve seen it personally .

Tyler #%Guy Plez_Now, Jul 09, 2019


Meet Weather. The most beautiful weather app. Ever.

Now available on the App Store. Don't let bad weather take you by surprise! Whether it is cloudy, raining, snowing or even stormy outside, Weather will provide you with current weather conditions and forecast in your city and multiple locations all around the world. Cold or warm weather, it will magically come alive on the crisp screen of your iOS device. You won’t even have to look out the window as Weather will make you feel like you are already outside! This app contains subscription : - You can subscribe for premium account with detailed forecasts, premium maps and no ads - Subscription is from $39.99 USD yearly, with monthly and quarter plan available Links to our ToS and Privacy Policy https://sites.google.com/view/weatherpolicy

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