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Well - Feel Better

  • Health & Fitness
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User Reviews for Well - Feel Better


I’m going to be honest I downloaded this app because I thought it would help me with a couple problems. But when I tried to do the first program it didn’t let me because I had to pay. I’m disappointed, I would have expected to be free. I’ve tried many other things to help.m, and when I saw that this app had great results. I thought it would’ve help and been free. Guess I was mistaken☹️

chelsy1223, Jul 08, 2020

I’m really trying to change and become better, I thought this would help. I was so exited to try my first session but it didn’t let me because I had to pay. For some people $5 a week isn’t a lot, but I’m too young to have a job and my (single) mom is disables and cant work. This app made me worse because I have a little less hope than before since even a get well app costs money.

dnnsbcbxndnjshdhhankZkkeh nd, Jul 11, 2020
Not good at all

I’ve been trying to get into meditation and hypnotherapy. This app looked really good to me so I downloaded it. Here are a few problems: 1) the text is white and there’s also a white background, so it’s almost impossible to read. 2) you HAVE to pay in order to do almost anything in the app. I find this annoying because I prefer not to spend money on apps and I think it would be much better if they simply charged money to download the app in the first place.

enicholesmit, Jun 30, 2020

It did take me a few times restarting the session so I can relax due to my racing mind.But after I finally relaxed enough I FELL ASLEEP!! 😂😂 and then Woke up as soon as it was over like 2 minutes from the end which was the closing statements. Mannnn I was surprised lol. I’m not even sure what was said during my approx. 20 min nap but It was nice regardless. Idk why everyone is tripping about paying. You’ve paid more on things worse for you.

Haha is, Nov 23, 2020
This app is stressful and you have to pay for everything

Well, being as i already want to die, not even being able to listen to these stupid things doesn’t help. it actually made me cry as i’m already in a very messed up state lol. if someone is already feeling bad enough to turn to hypnosis, the last thing we want is to find out we can’t even have that, because it costs money. what if we are coming to the app BECAUSE we don’t have money?? i understand that you need to make money, but maybe don’t make the actual hypnosis audios cost money😭😭 it doesn’t make sense.

jannahho99, Jan 25, 2021
Very sad

For someone who’s struggling and just wants to get a little help this made me so excited! then Broke my heart. I was ready to lay down after working all day and dealing with so much anxiety from just living. I get my phone out and I listen to the psa about the app then go to my meditation mind you I’m so tired even writing this...and I have to pay? I wish I could have at least Tried the app to really see if it was worth it?? Something I think would help is if the first three of every topic was free because we can’t tell if it’s a good app or if it’s worth out hard earned cash. 5 $ a month is a lot when you have bills. Thanks for the false hope ❤️

Kyrie Stone, Nov 17, 2020
“Available For All”

Sooo... basically I have to watch a whole 20 minute long introduction video, just to find that you have to pay for everything. And the other thing that I hate about this, is that they say “our goal is to make hypnotherapy available to all” well, all don’t have that kind of money to see if it actually works. I mean, at least have the first one free, or make a 10 minute one to see if we like it.

Peace Kitty Cat, Aug 03, 2020
Cash Grab

Honestly I don’t know why you would rate over a 2 star, you have to sit through 23 mins of a tutorial and how it works just to find out it’s $5 a month???? The fact that they don’t say on the appstore about $5 a month and you have to sit through a tutorial, it’s sad that they care more about money than they do people wellness and mental stability.

RealReview08, Nov 20, 2020
Great app!

I tried this app for the first time yesterday. I wasn’t sure I would be able to be hypnotized, but it actually worked! I felt super relaxed and came to as the audio was ending. And if you read the description, it tells you that it’s subscription based, so I don’t understand all of the one star reviews that are angry about paying. I’m okay with paying $4.99 to try something for a week to see if it will help me. I’ve spent $5 on worse things than self improvement/growth. And I honestly feel like it is already improving my mindset even after just one session!

Shay Brooke, Oct 06, 2020
How does this app have good reviews?

I downloaded this app for the many benefits it claimed to have, but was quickly disappointed when a i found out I had to pay to do almost anything. I honestly hate apps that do this, if you want people to pay for you app, then do that instead of having it free on the app store but not on the actual app. It’s a waste of time for the people who want to try your app, it only makes people angry. From what I can tell this is an overrated app, 3 reviews with two being negative is a bit suspicious. I’m not going to spend my money on an app that does this, because again, if you want your app to be bought, then make it a requirement before you’re able to download it.

Ssamm12413, Jul 20, 2020


We did it ! We made hypnotherapy accessible in mobile application format. Quit smoking, lose weight, treat a phobia or reduce stress ...

many pains that can now be treated in depth by communicating with your unconscious. Build your timeline according to your needs. Let yourself be guided by our sessions. This is not entertainment hypnosis so no worries. This method helps you to deal with issues relating to your childhood or trauma. The benefits are deeper and longer lasting than other methods. SUBSCRIPTIONS - You can subscribe for this app to get access unlimited content, 150+ audios and courses - Subscription options are: 1-week with 3-day trial, 1-year, 1-month Privacy policy : https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/48847499 EULA : https://www.iubenda.com/terms-and-conditions/44220384

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