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Fitness Coach: Home Workout

  • Health & Fitness
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Fitness Coach: Home Workout

  • Health & Fitness
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User Reviews for Fitness Coach: Home Workout

Pretty dope

I got premium thinking, “if I’m paying for it, I’ll probably have to do it more often” and that is honestly what got me going. I like that after each workout I can’t rate how I’m feeling. I also like the set up of the app. I’m able to navigate it fairly easy. I also like that I can go at the pace of the person guiding it. I honestly don’t rate apps because it’s just not something i appeal to but this one deserves it. I genuinely like this app a lot and it’s helping me stay in shape really well. I’m just trying to stay fit and get somewhat toned. When I tell you, “I’m close to getting my abs back” I am 100 percent ecstatic. Anyways it’s a killer app, the intensity levels can be adjusted and I don’t usually get premium for apps, but this one kinda required it, and I know that’s kind of annoying but it has really good guidance and if you’re into dieting as well, this app has it. All in all, I highly recommend:). Good luck with your workout journeys and have a good day everyone:)).

babababababannama, Nov 12, 2020
False Advertising at it’s Finest

These kind of companies are aggravating me lately. They portray themselves as a “free” app on their promotions on tik tok, the most popular choice of social media currently, collecting tons of downloads. But it requires a subscription? I’m sorry? 3 days for free, then a $4 subscription. Which isn’t a lot. However, I guarantee you that a huge amount of the audience these creators targeted on tik tok cannot afford to spend an additional $4 every month (on something they were promised would be free) when minim wage literally doesn’t even meet living expenses; but I digress. You promoted your app, on a popular social media platform, saying it was free, and it requires a subscription. Would it be acceptable if Netflix advertised itself as a free service? No, because it requires a subscription and it is understood that false advertising isn’t cool? I’m not sure but thus is garbage and it’s rude. TLDR: Angry gen-z telling you this app isn’t free. It requires a subscription. Thx

Cjdidnfksomemf, Oct 20, 2020
Good workouts but not enough explanation on form

I like this app, but compared to the Nike training app, they don’t really explain your form for workouts. I’ve only been using it for 3 days but so far the workouts don’t explain anything. It’s just silence during the reps or seconds. Even the most challenging workouts on the Nike app explain the form, where to tighten your muscle, keep a flat back, where you should feel the burn, etc etc. it’s crucial to know these things to get the best workout. Also, the workouts that are being recommend to me often have equipment I don’t have at home, so I’m left scrambling trying to find an alternative or just using nothing. For the price you pay a week there needs to be more fine tuning for your specific needs. I might go back to Nike, as their interface design is simply unparalleled. But I got bored of using the same app and wanted to try something new, so I’ll give this a few weeks and see if it gets better.

Dothehop, Jan 31, 2021
Good 😊

Some times you might get sweating but it’s a really good work out I think all of you people reading this straight here I think it’s up to ages 10 and up so you can try this I know you can do this I believe in you I don’t really understand the meals on this app but other than that it’s good you need to keep healthy drink lots of water eat a lot of healthy meals and I think you’ll be all right sometimes it might push you a little farther but that’s the goal and sometimes it might not push you far enough show me about you may have to adjust your settings but it’s a good app and I think a lot of other people should have this app if you’re trying to look your best!😊😊😊😊😊

Emojis oh yea, Feb 03, 2022
terrible app!!

i saw this app on an add and i’ve been wanting to workout and be more fit lately so i get the app thinking it’s free unless you want to buy the premium. i open the app and it asks me a few starter questions and made a workout with good exercises to do. i look at all the exercises and run around the house trying to find dumbbells a jump rope and a yoga mat even though one of the questions was “do you have any equipment to workout with” and i chose the answer no. after thirty minutes of trying to find the things i go out to my backyard because it’s t he only place with enough room to workout. i go out even though it’s raining because i felt motivated enough to workout anyways because i just spent half an hour trying to find everything i needed. i set everything up outside and tap the “start workout” option and it immediately brings me back to the get premium tab. i thought it was just a glitch so i exed out of the tab and tapped the “start workout” option a second time, same thing. i soon realised that in order to start the workout i needed to buy the premium for 4.99  ͟pe͟r͟ w͟e͟e͟k͟. so there i am standing in the pouring rain in a tank top and shorts thinking i was going to be productive and workout for once. i am very disappointed with this app.

J Granese, Aug 08, 2020
Good Fast Workouts

I’m kind of surprised by all of the recent negative reviews. There are a lot of features in this app. I really like that you can go with their plan for you or you can randomly decide to do something else. The workouts you can build from are good and well thought out. They can be difficult. If you are not used to HIIT training or calisthenics then you may think the workouts are strange or not worth it for some reason. I don’t understand this. One reviewer said they are “fake” workouts. I have been doing similar routines although less structured on my own and have had good results. I am happy to have an app to keep things organized and keep my workouts fresh. The instructional videos for each exercise are really awesome as well. So far it’s been a good purchase I’m on week 3.Edit: You manage subscriptions inside of your Apple ID in settings. You can cancel the subscription outside of the app. This is not uncommon, don’t blame the developer because you don’t know how to use your phone or google things.

jtosbornex, Sep 30, 2020
Payed subscriber that app doesn’t recognize

I payed for the 3 month subscription and loved the app. The problem came about after I bumped it up to a yearly subscription. I payed but then the app acted like I wasn’t a subscriber and kicked me off. I checked to make sure the subscription processed and it did but the app wasn’t processing it. I tried restarting my device, I tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Eventually I canceled my subscription and asked for a refund. I tried again a second time with the yearly but again, it worked for two days before acting like I wasn’t a subscriber. I contacted Apple and followed their instructions to try and fix the issue but that did not work so I contacted the app developer only for them not even being able to do anything at all as they “ don’t have access to personal accounts”. I had to unsubscribe again and ask for a refund. Such a disappointment. I really liked the app while it worked but it is permanently deleted as a third time is NOT happening!

MelodyoftheMoon, Aug 29, 2020
Love Love Love

Just Great ! Hoping for a cheap yearly special though. But I will continue to use this app. On day 5 of 3 of my challenges.. Great for moms , short 5 minute workouts & more etc .. The meals show you the pictures of the ingredients and simple recipes. I pair it to my Apple Watch and can control the workouts from the watch.. I can’t do that with any other program I have tried so far. I love the custom training, stretching, workouts that was pretty awesome. The Challenges are so easy and definitely challenges you to do more. I love how my goal of steps was already at 12,000 steps. I am still on the free trial and will be exploring more of the app. Can’t wait ! So far 5 stars. Check it out .. Hope you enjoy!!! So I read some of the negative reviews.. nothing negative about the App , just people didn’t like the cost. I choose the premium monthly rate . Not bad ! Cheaper than a gym and I don’t have to wear a mask to workout .. Thought I would give my opinion.. Have a great day!

Severeweather, Dec 05, 2020
Great workout plans BUT.....

I’m being very nice and giving it a 3/5. The work outs are great and the apps ability to track your work outs is awesome. Sadly here’s where it loses 2 stars maybe 3 if I wanted to be really critical. The app loads fine but the workouts for me only load half of the time. Most of the time if I’m able to even “finish” the work out it’s saying that I finished a 30 minute workout in 8 minutes. Most of my time is spent just trying to get the workouts to actually load and start like they are supposed to. This is very hard and discouraging for someone who is naturally lazy and just now finally working out after this long quarantine. Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed the app and gotten some good workouts in the last few days since I started using it BUT I am paying for this service and the fact that it doesn’t even load or keep track of half of my workouts is pretty annoying. I would love to do the special daily workouts but they don’t even open for me. I really hope this problem is solved so I can continue to use the app.

Shaney poo 123, Dec 18, 2020
Stop putting reviews that rate the price instead of the actual app.

This app is a great app. Yet, I wouldn’t download it. I’m here to explain that, you can’t dislike the app because it’s not free. Like, I understand you want it to be free so you can engage in it but not liking it because it’s not free is very dumb. It’s not a logical reason to not like the app. The app doesn’t provide free applications, and not everything in life is free. Giving bad reviews because of it is really immature. The app is a great workout app and whether you can experience it or not, is not how you rate it. It’s the features in the subscription/app. Nobody said this was free. It’s your fault for assuming.

The._.Gibbsta, Mar 27, 2021


Follow programs adapted to your goals directly via your iPhone or iPad. Whether at home, at the gym, or outdoors, stay in shape with Fitness Coach! - Choose your GOAL and we make you a program according to your LEVEL. - Dozens of SESSIONS of various trainings. - A HUNDREDS of exercises to progress on all the MUSCLES of your body. - Choose your RHYTHM and train in a 30-minute session. - FOLLOW your evolution and PROGRESS over the weeks. " I had a hard time getting into fitness ... now I get what I needed " - "Easy to use, all you need to progress" - "A very complete application to achieve its physical purpose!" This app uses HealthKit to track and log your water consumption, steps, and activities SUBSCRIPTIONS - You can subscribe for this app to get access premium features - Subscription options are: 1-week with 3-day trial, 1-year with 3-day trial, 3-months - Privacy : http://privacy.appfeedbacks.com/1472638797 - Terms of Use : https://www.iubenda.com/terms-and-conditions/44220384

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