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User Reviews for Novel Effect: Read Aloud Books

I LOVE this app!

This app is so, so good and I hope it stays around. My family loves it. We have so many of the books that Novel Effect has sound effects for and I love that they keep adding! We probably already owned about 20 books they have in their library! So much fun! And the technology works incredibly well. We’ve been using it for about 2 months and never had a glitch! It can read my voice so well! Thank you to the creators.

AdrienneBTN, Dec 19, 2020

We are avid readers and have read over 500 different books to our 2 year old, and we are always looking for screen-free options for her and this fits the bill perfectly! Love the sounds and music and so does she! We can’t wait for more books to be released! Also, a way to favorite or save books in one folder would be nice, so we could save the books we own in one area and reference which books are compatible easily. For now, I’m just going to do it the non-tech way and put all of the books that work with this app in a basket together :)

AmesIrene, Jan 07, 2019
Really fun, unique and powerful. I love the sounds !!!

This App is amazing. I love that it brings sound to the world of reading. The fact that you can just turn it on and set it aside while you read is so unique and not just another reason for kids to stare at a screen. I work with audio everyday and the quality of the sounds and music that Novel Effect uses is excellent. I have already shared the app with other friends that have kids or nieces and nephews like myself. They are loving it.

Jamie Hunsdale, Jan 23, 2018
Absolute magic!!

This really got my child excited about reading, and honestly motivates me to read more to them as well. It’s so much fun finding new books to read now. Thank you to the developers of this app, you have helped so many children get excited about reading. This brings so much magic to books again; I can read them over and over and not be bored by them!!

Kelsncat, Feb 19, 2022
Amazing app & wonderful customer support

This app makes read alouds so engaging for my students, even for older kids who mistakenly think they’ve outgrown picture books. Whenever I have teachers or aides in the library they’re mesmerized as well! It even makes older classic books like “Where the Wild Things Are” new again. I’ve had a couple minor technical issues and my emails to customer support have been answered within hours or minutes with a prompt resolution. I am a huge fan of this app and the dedicated people behind it!

Lisa5676, Sep 17, 2020

I really don’t have the words for how phenomenal this app is. I am a huge fan of the read along vinyl/storybook sets of the seventies and eighties—I had a massive collection and spent hours listening to them as a kid. This is the only modern experience I’ve found that lets me replicate the feeling for my child. They’ve included so many truly GOOD kids’ books, and clearly have put a lot of passion and talent into creating these background effects. I already own a dozen of the books featured and now I will be collecting most of the rest. I will support this app with all my heart, I hope it continues to grow and becomes HUGELY successful. Thank you thank you to the brilliant minds making this possible!!!

Merry Shannon, Feb 28, 2020
One of those magical apps

This is one of those apps that brings a little magic into your life. I was introduced to it by a school librarian when I was visiting my son in kindergarten. She let me read a book to the class using Novel Effect and the kids (and I) loved it. My son now really likes to try to read the books himself in order to get he sound effects going, and hopes that means re books continue being added to the library. Looking forward to seeing what comes to the app.

Oo7slice, Feb 21, 2018
Sound issues

I love this app but the volume from my phone is not good at all. I don’t have any other issues with sound using my phone except with this app. I’ve tried going into the app settings and adjusting audio boost all the way up but it is still to faint to hear sounds over my voice reading. If I use a Bluetooth speaker then there is too much of a lag in the sounds and I will have to pause constantly while reading for the sound to catch up. Any suggestions for a fix to this? I would really prefer for the sound to be better coming through my phone.

sandraleelee, Oct 19, 2021
Whole family loves this app

My kids are grown and I read books to my granddaughter with this app. They over heard me reading and sat around to hear the sound effects with their niece. Novel Effect brings a whole new joy to reading and draws new readers into the stories. The ability to pause and discuss the page just read is great for allowing the child to put their input into the story and to participate. We’ve even stopped to talk about the sounds and how they go with what was just read. My granddaughter likes to imitate the sounds heard when read a story again and again. I’ve even been to my local library with the app to get books that can be read with the app. Giving a child the physical book that I can add sounds to makes me the best magical Meemaw around! Thank you! I found out about this app one Sunday morning on a news show. So glad I didn’t sleep in! Please keep the amount of books coming and I can’t wait to try the new update.

Sheilabeen, Jan 18, 2020
Librarian Love

My K-5 kids love novel effect stories I read to them. They are still trying to figure out how it works. They get to experience literature at a deeper level with the soundscapes, which adds mood to the story. They are absolutely pin drop quiet during these times and I get to ham up the characters. P.S. I’m not a bit embarrassed doing these productions for them! It’s a miracle these days getting 25-30 kids at a time engaged in a great story!

Storczon1, Sep 22, 2021


Welcome to Novel Effect — an award-winning app that follows your voice as you read out loud from a children’s story book and responds at just the right moment with interactive music, sound effects, and character voices. Bring the story to life, promote literacy, imagination, and fun for kids 12 & under! In the classroom or at home, see why parents and teachers alike say Novel Effect “…turns reading time into a magical experience." - App Store Review.

There are 3 versions of the Novel Effect service accessible through the app. New books are added weekly. FREE Free Novel Effect offers hundreds of soundscapes for a library of children’s books curated for teachers, librarians, kids and families. Enjoy limited access to soundscapes for free when you bring your own copy of the print book or ebook! PREMIUM For families and individual educators, Novel Effect Premium offers unlimited access to a library of kid friendly content. Enjoy soundscapes for popular children’s books when you bring your own copy of the book, or read aloud from hundreds of in-app eBooks, including non-fiction and early reader chapter books, as well as exclusive members-only content. CLASSROOM For educators, Novel Effect Premium Classroom offers unlimited access to Premium features and content for one teacher and up to 30 students in a safe and secure environment. Overwhelmingly, educators say reading with Novel Effect is more engaging, creating motivated, confident, and empowered readers. HOW IT WORKS Novel Effect’s service follows along as you read out loud, playing interactive music, sound effects, and character voices in response to your voice. Our library includes a wide variety of high-quality soundscapes for carefully selected family friendly books to engage and promote imagination and learning, updated weekly with new titles! Hundreds of titles are available as in-app eBooks, some titles may require you to read aloud from your own copy. FIND - Use search or browse our collections to find the book you want to read out loud. PLAY - Tap the cover and then choose how you’ll be reading — with print or an eBook. READ - When you hear the chime, start reading aloud! LISTEN - Hear the music and sounds respond to your voice and change with the story. Add a little magic to story time with Novel Effect. PRESS AND EXPERT REVIEWS Novel Effect was featured on Shark Tank, The TODAY Show, and in Forbes, Variety, Lifehacker, and more. “I felt like a real audiobook narrator. My five-year-old tried reading a book on her own… and amazingly, the system picked up her little voice and played the effects at all the right moments.” - Michelle Woo, Lifehacker "Not only did this tool help make poetry come alive for [my student], he asked me if he could try reading... I about fell out of my chair because he never wants to read aloud... and he has asked to go to the library to check out books that he can read along with the app." - Julie Smith, The Techie Teacher® "I think this is cool as cool can be… I love it, I love it!" - Lori Greiner, entrepreneur and investor on ABC’s Shark Tank SAFETY, PRIVACY, AND SUPPORT - Novel Effect requires access to the device's microphone to perform voice-recognition. - The privacy of kids and their grown-ups is our top priority. Voice-recognition is performed on your device, no voice data is saved without express consent. - Please go to http://www.noveleffect.com/privacy-policy or www.noveleffect.com/classroom-privacy-policy to learn more. KEY FEATURES • Hundreds of books with more added weekly • Also includes Spanish books • Online and offline reading • A reading log tracks books you’ve read with the app • Access Novel Effect’s digital library and soundscapes on almost any device Terms of Service https://www.noveleffect.com/terms-of-service

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