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User Reviews for ThriftBooks: New & Used Books

Thriftbooks=Great! App=Disappointment

*NOTE* My review is not of THRIFTBOOKS, but of the THRIFTBOOKS APP. The app is trash, but thriftbooks as a whole is great, and worth checking out online if you’re new to them. I love Thriftbooks, and while they’re not always the best price for certain books, I’ve never had a problem with the quality of books I’ve received, and the prices are often far better than anywhere else online. They’re decent books for good prices. You can choose the quality of book for a variant of prices, add books to a wishlist and opt for notifications when the books you’d like are available. However, their app is trash. While the app was severely buggy before, now it won’t even load. It times out and crashes before I even get the option to log in. I don’t want to have to go onto the internet, load up their website, and re-log in every time I want to glance at my wishlist and tell my friends. It’s not worth the time, and the mobile website is frustrating to navigate. I talk about books A LOT, and the app used to be so convenient. Now, it’s entirely unusable. I’ve tried redownloading the app multiple times on multiple different occasions, and the same thing always happens. It is entirely compatible with my phone, and nothing has fixed it. All I can hope is that this bug will be repaired soon! In summary: the app isn’t worth it. Check out and order your books on the website, when you happen to be seated at a computer.

Apollo Jones, Jun 13, 2021
Thriftbooks is great!

I LOVE thriftbooks for their incredible prices and large selection. Their customer service is great, every time I’ve had an issue they have resolved it quickly and satisfactorily! The only reason for 4 stars is their quality control is SO unpredictable. I’ve ordered a book in “acceptable” condition (the worst condition out of their options) and the book arrived in brand new, untouched condition. On the other hand, I’ve ordered a book in “like new” condition (their top quality option) and received a 30 year old edition that was falling apart and covered in stains. This unfortunately happens often here. A lot of library books slip through the cracks too (there is an indicator on the website that tells you if you’re purchasing a used library book). Multiple times I have ordered a book not specified to be library, and I receive a library book. I’ve also twice received “unedited proof” copies of books. Like I said at the beginning, their customer service is incredible and has always sent me replacements or refunds if replacements are not available. I will never stop ordering from thriftbooks, but the unpredictable condition of books is very frustrating.

boonenralph, Sep 18, 2020
I absolutely love this app and site!

Not only do you get books for cheap (they are used. Other than the ones labeled as new), but there are so many extra perks as well.First off, when buying a book, you have a number of choices of their quality rating new to poor. You also have choices of hardback, paperback, library binding, etc. Obviously the better the quality, the more they cost. I usually get great or good which are about $4-$5. The new books are usually a little about $10 but that’s still a lot cheaper than you would get it anywhere else.I can’t remember if you need to make a profile to buy anything but I don’t think you do. If you do make one though, your purchases give you points, the more you buy the more points you get. Once you hit a certain number of points, you get awarded with a free book. Also, when it is your birthday month, they will email you a notification telling you you can get a free book then too!It’s absolutely amazing! On my latest purchase I bought nine books for only about $25 dollars!Which reminds me, if you buy (if I remember correctly) $10 worth of books, you get free shipping and tax! You may get free tax no matter what but I wouldn’t know bc I always buy at least a few books at a time. Even if you’re just looking for one book, I would say it’s definitely worth spending an extra buck or two on another book that you’re eyeing just to get free shipping and tax.I love this app/site!!

Britainmichelle, Jul 03, 2019
Disgusted & horrified

I used to love this website & app. I’ve purchased countless books for myself and my 3 year old daughter. However, after the most recent purchase, I’ve decided I would never order again. They clearly don’t check quality or even look at the book for that matter. I ordered a holiday book for my little one, and it was supposedly in “good” condition. When my order arrived, that particular book was not in good condition at all, but I didn’t mind; I know I’m ordering used. The issue that changed my mind completely was when I flipped through the book and found a dirty, used bandaid inside the back cover! Had I not checked beforehand my 3 year old could have gotten ahold of a strangers old bandaid, complete with dried blood and all. I reached out to the company, horrified, and I got some generic response about how they were sorry I wasn’t satisfied and I would get my money back. They didn’t even address the issue of the disgusting used bandaid and have since sent emails asking me to rate them. Thanks for the reminder ThriftBooks! Here’s the rating, and I hope no one else gets something as disgusting with your zero quality, non-checked books that are being sent out! RETHINK BEFORE YOU PLACE AN ORDER!

D_C1024, Dec 04, 2019
Great Company!! Great Customer Service!!

This company offers so many books and at such great prices. I have read quite a few bad reviews on the quality of the books. I am not very interested with the quality as much as the price myself, but even the cheapest book quality is pretty good quality! I love the points system used in the app that allows you to get free books after a certain amount of purchases. Shipping isn’t particularly fast around 4 or 5 days is pretty standard though. I have only had one issue with the books not being shipped to my home. When I contacted customer service they gave me a full refund and told me if the books end up showing up to keep them free of charge. It was an incredibly nice jester, especially when it ended up being the post office’s fault not theirs. I highly recommend buying through Thrift Books!

jhite0145, Apr 08, 2020
Good and Bad

I’ve been isn’t ThriftBooks for a few years and there’s some pros and cons to it...Pros - Inexpensive used books you won’t find cheaper anywhere outside of a yard sale - A massive selection so you’re most likely going to find the book you need- Free shipping on orders of $10 or more (which is 3 books at their least expensive)Cons - Shipping is odd. No matter where the books ship from, they always follow the same insane route (EXAMPLE - Some books ship from Phoenix AZ, I live in Tucson less than two hours away yet the shipping always sends the books through Nevada and other states before it ends up back in AZ). This happens no matter where the books are being shipped from and a shipment that should take a day or two to reach two hours down the road takes an entire week. - The “Free Shipping” no longer includes the original price of the free books you’d earn in your rewards like it used to towards the free shipping limit - Their customer service is pretty much non-existentI do like ThriftBooks and I’ll continue to utilize them but their shipping methods are insanely awful. From someone who’s spent most of his career handling shipping and receiving issues, I really don’t understand why the shipments ALWAYS go for a multi-state tour when the delivery address is less than 120 miles down the road.

Jon Autopsy, Dec 10, 2020
I love ThriftBooks I love this app

ThriftBooks is by far the best thing that has been suggested to me. I’ve been buying books off of their websites for years but their app makes it so much easier. The have a huge selection usually for under 5$ and free shipping for purchases over 10$ in the US. If you are a member every purchase you get accumulates points to get a free book and just recently they gave their members a free book (just pay shipping which was like a dollar). Every book has been in great condition and the most worn one I’ve gotten was that it had writing in it (I actually loved it more bc it showed the soul of someone who had loved it before me). Anyone this is me rambling but long story short use ThriftBooks, use the app and you will not regret it, I haven’t.

lettyinthenow, Dec 24, 2021
Great App for Avid Readers

I found this website/app during COVID lockdown. I usually either buy books used from Goodwill or rent from the library, neither of which was a good option for COVID. My library is also kinda hard to get to, and unless you’re just looking for any book to read, is hard to find specific books. I love this app even more than Goodwill or the library! I love that I can find pretty much any book on here, even if it’s new, and I can choose what kind of book (paper or hardback) and the range of pricing. I even found a college textbook or two that I needed. To make it even better, the company supports several charities and offers good employee benefits, or at least they claim to on their website:). And you get free shipping on orders over $10, which, let’s be real, is super easy to achieve when the books are usually around $5. Every purchase gives you points and once you get a certain amount of points, you get a free book under $5, plus shipping. I wish I knew about this in high school, it would have made finding the required reading much easier and cheaper. I highly recommend this app to anyone who doesn’t mind a pre loved book and who loves to read.

libitts, Dec 27, 2020
Like New... I think not!

First let me say the app is wonderful. Haven’t had any problems. Ordered on Monday received on Saturday. I live in Arizona so most of facilities are not that far from me. So I made my first purchase... I bought 8 different types of books. The thing with this is you can’t see the books or SMELL them!!!I bought hard cover books. I also bought a variety of books so that I can see what condition each of the books were in by their standards. I bought 2 like new books. Only one of them was like new. The other one had highlights throughout the book. Now the one that really bothered me was the fact that they would ship a book that smells like Mold. It smells like it was stored in wet moldy basement. This was the very good condition book. Very disappointed. My other very good condition book looks like some spilled something on the front cover of the book. Finally the good condition book was in better condition than the like new book, despite the highlights in the book. I’m a serious book collector. If I pick a book that’s like new. I would think that’s what I would receive. I’m scared to pay anything more than $4.99 for the books they have. I have books that’s $79 in my wish list... but I would refuse to pay that much for a book and get anything less than new. Don’t like markings in my books. Dust jacket needs to look like it was stored on a bookshelf and not a garage. Very disappointed with first purchase.

MzCare, Jun 03, 2018
Read More. Spend Less.

That’s the motto, and I’ve been able to get books I’ve been wanting to read at a huge fraction of the cost. Even books that are posted as “Like New” are less than $5. Hardcover, too. I recently got a $50 gift certificate and was able to buy 12 hardcover books, whereas if I had bought them new, in paperback, I would’ve been able to get maybe 5. I’ve recently ordered 2 “Acceptable” books, and have yet to receive them, but there’s a list of what each rating means, so you’ll have an idea of what you’re purchasing. The app, itself, is basically a shortcut to the website, which is fine because with the app, you get 100 points towards a free book with your first app purchase. I’ve already redeemed one free book and looking forward to redeeming more. Thanks you, ThriftBooks.

The Real CoCo Butter, Jul 24, 2019


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