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Little Stories: Bedtime Books

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Little Stories: Bedtime Books

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User Reviews for Little Stories: Bedtime Books

Not worth it

It’s honestly a good working app, but I wish it would read the books. I’m a single mom of two and working 80 hours a week and juggling two toddlers is exhausting and I just don’t have the extra energy to sit and read 4-5 books every night so my son doesn’t freak out and scream for over an hour at bedtime. I also wish I could put in multiple children. I’m doing the three day trail but I don’t see myself finding it’s worth to actually purchase it all. It doesn’t actually add any actual value to me for me to spend that kind of money.

AerialF791, Apr 19, 2022
Why the Cost? And More Holiday Books

So I downloaded this app so I can read to my upcoming nephew and I opened the app to add his gender and name after that I had started to look around for a few good books to read when I found out that it cost to read some of the books the only one I could read to him was The Brave Eaglet and I saw some good books that cost. One thing that you could add is no cost for all single books but the jumble of books can cost.Aunt Kit-kat here so I’m so happy about the Christmas book please make them stay and also more holiday books should be made.

Aunt Kit-Kat, Nov 04, 2018
My kids love this app!!

I’ve had this app for about a year now. I absolutely love it, my boys love it. They really enjoy being able to put there name into the stories. I see a lot of people saying that the stories are pricey or they want them to be free, personally I think it’s a reasonable price for a children’s book compared to store prices plus the bonus of the convince of being in your home already. I only wish that we could add more names to the story I have two boys I read to at bedtime and only one gets to be the main character. I always have to insert their name into another character luckily, my youngest isn’t old enough yet to know his name isn’t really there my six year old however enjoys letting him know. Overall fantastic app!! Teaches them life lessons also which is always a plus.

Couldn'tgetanybettersrly, Jul 12, 2018
Love this app for bedtime

I read these stories every night to my 5 year old! I say the story name in the beginning then I also say goodnight Zach I love you. That way if I’m not at home or if something would happen he will always have that. The recording has become a huge part of bedtime routine now. I think I’ve recorded most if not all already. We can’t wait for new ones to hit the “shelves” we check every night.

ddfyukmjg, Feb 16, 2023
It has put my toddler to sleep! ☺️

My 2 year old son loves reading books and sometimes I am too tired at night to to read for him so I searched for an app that can help as a substitute ☺️. Surprisingly, this app has really helped and has put my son to sleep. It has a selection of story books and I can either opt to read for him or a voiceover can read for him so he'll just watch the pictures and listen. Win-win! 🥰 This is not sponsored. I just love the fact that there is an app to help moms with bedtime stories sometimes. ❤️

dxkwizitchiq08, Jun 29, 2023

I am raising My granddaughter, she has multiple special needs, including Autism, and is blind. She doesn’t speak, but is learning sign. She can hear very well! She is very smart. She didn’t want to go to bed. I read her one story and recorded. After listening to it the second time, she fell asleep before it was over. Thank you so much! We love this app. Now she will have my voice to hear when I have to be away. She loved hearing her name, Elyanah, in the story!

goldensunrays2047, Apr 01, 2020

Not only are these story's perfect for children but everything along side it making the main character the childs name i feel like my son paid more attention with the background music and being that the main characters have his name helped him get into the story more 5 out of 5 no question and ive never written a review about an app ever but this is one that i feel like i had to rate myself i would personally recommend everyone that had children and like to read them book to give this a try 100%

irvinp22, Jun 03, 2019

I have had this app for a while. I loved that I could personalize the story with my child’s name. One day, I unknowingly purchased all of the stories.. I did not see anything any option for the story to be narrated by a voice in the app. As I was reading in the app tonight, we used the recording button and wouldn’t you know, the app recorded my voice telling the story. Personalization on top of personalization. It is amazing. Our eyes lit up. We are so in love. And the app keeps on giving. Thank you to the creators of this app. Now, even when I'm not present in a room with my daughter, she can hear me telling the story!

Jenni P. L., May 12, 2020
Add option for more than one child profile

This would be perfect if you could have different profiles within the app for each child’s name. I don’t want to put more than one child’s name in each story…I understand that would change the story and make things more complicated. I want the ability to have a profile for more than one child….then I could change the gender and have each of my children have their own profile within the app! Each kid could open up their individual profile on their individual device and listen to my voice reading the version of the story with their own name in it! That would make this app 5 stars and worth the full price.

mamamamamir, Aug 02, 2021
Beautiful illustrations, badly written stories

I love the look and functionality of this app, and the ability to record your voice and play it back is wonderful. Unfortunately, I can’t quite get over the bad writing. Not only do the stories drag on and have no real plots, it also seems as though the stories were translated into English from another language using a bot. The English doesn’t often flow well, or the use of some words is bizarre: “[character name]...had noticed something disgraceful...” Fix the writing and you have a perfect app that parents will enjoy reading to their children more.

Marmotteface, Oct 21, 2019


The “Little Stories” series is a collection of fairy tales in which your kid plays the main role. It's quite simple – just enter your kid's name and gender into the settings window and enjoy reading fairy tales about your son or daughter. To make it even cooler, we've added beautiful melodies and wonderful pictures to help you raise your child by giving him or her only positive examples.

Moreover, you can also make your own audiobooks! Just spend a few minutes to voice-over the story. Let love and kindness fill your family’s leisure time to make your life and the world around you happier! Why “Little Stories”? • 2500+ pictures • Gender determines the choice of illustrations • 60+ exciting fairy tales so far and more to come • Enchanting music accompanies each story • You can create audiobooks by recording your own voice! • 1st place in the “App For Kids” category of Golden App in 2016! We’d like to tell you more about the process behind creating stories for kids so that you have a better idea about the hard work we put into “Little Stories”. 1) It all begins with searching for an author. He/she can live in any country of the world, but the important thing is that he/she is able to create an interesting and insightful story. Before writing a bedtime story, the author has to read the conditions first. For example, the story may not contain more than 50 scenes (each of which can consist of 146 symbols max.) otherwise the text won’t fit into the app. Once the story has been completed, the next stage can begin. 2) It is now time to create the storyboard. A storyboard is a selection of simple sketches for each of the illustrations of the story. It gives us a better idea about the visual images of the children’s story. 3) Once the storyboard has been approved, we move on to searching for an illustrator. It should be noted that not all styles might be appropriate for a certain bedtime story and, therefore, it’s important to achieve a perfect fit between the story and the illustration style. 4) Meanwhile, the composer creates the melody. Both the story itself and the artist’s illustrations serve as inspiration for the creation of music. The composer also has conditions to meet: the melody must be soothing and prepare children for a good night’s sleep since most often stories are read for bedtime. 5) What’s more, we also translate our stories for kids into other languages. 6) But that’s not the end! It’s important to see how the book for kids looks inside the app. Line breaks should be checked to make sure the text looks nice and neat. This is done by two professionals: the programmer and the tester. 7) Only after this final step do we release the story for kids. This entire process might take anywhere from two to nine months. So, it’s a hard, but interesting, journey! We continuously add new fairy tales to our collection! Fairy tales are designed for kids aged 3+. Follow us on: facebook.com/diveomedia

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