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User Reviews for Libro.fm Audiobooks

Frustrating Bug

I’m all for supporting local indies, so this is my preferred audiobook app. But it’s also the most frustrating. To wit, it will randomly backtrack to earlier in the book between listening sessions. This doesn’t always happen, but just often enough to be maddening. Sometimes the jump is hours long, and it’s difficult to find my way back to where I actually was in the narration.Though random, it’s most likely to happen in one of two circumstances: after a long break, say overnight, or when I switch the way I listen such as from earbuds to CarPlay. Having to spend time figuring out which track I was on, and where, is hard enough when I’m home, but impossible when I’m driving. It’s very frustrating when I have a long drive but can’t continue where I left off because the app randomly decided to backtrack a couple of hours in the story.

BC Mystery, Feb 03, 2022
Only the mission is worth it

Love the mission and I’ll continue using the app just to support local bookstores alone. However, the app doesn’t offer much functionality for searching or accessing your account, and often leaves me confused. The FAQ instructions say you can pick a specific bookstore to support ‘at anytime by going to your account’ but I still cannot figure out how to do that from ‘my account’ on the app. It might only be an option from a computer, but either way the instructions are not clear, not helpful, and frustrating. The search function also needs to be improved. I cannot seem to search within the app for available books, regardless of if you can purchase through the app. For example, even just a search of ‘p’ returns zero results with the app, which I find hard to believe is accurate (do no you have no authors with a name starting with P? No titles starting with P?). This makes it a lot harder to recommend and actually get other people to switch over, who might not be as altruistic.

Jacqueline-a11y, Apr 25, 2021
Doesn’t Sync Across Devices

I love this app because I love supporting my local bookstore. However, I listen to my audiobooks on different devices throughout the day. Sometimes I’m on my phone and other times I’m on my iPad. Unfortunately, the current version of this app doesn’t update from my previous place on one device when I switch to the other. Or if it has this capability, I cannot find where to turn it on. I still would recommend this app and company over others, purely to support local bookstores.

kbwm, Oct 21, 2018
Generally great, hard to scrub

I love supporting local bookstores, and I like this app better than Audible’s. However, I have trouble scrubbing forward or back. The circle indicating the current position on a track can sometimes be dragged forward or back to change position, but it often doesn’t respond. Sometimes it improves if I use the skip forward button a couple times first. I tried to contact app support, but the link for support from the App Store leads to what is apparently a read-only site.

manducasexta, Apr 04, 2021
Cryostorage needed

By the time this book downloads, humans will have invented the cold storage I would have needed to stay alive long enough to read it. Half an hour and we’ve made it to 6% downloaded. Moreover, I don’t even need the whole book- just the last third. There was a hold in l library me after me with the library audiobook app and I can’t wait 4 weeks to read the ending! A feature (such as Overdrive has) where you can download individual parts of the book (files) would have been doubly handy in this case.

Oliioxenfree, Feb 04, 2021
Feels good to support my local bookstore

As much as I like physical books, most of the reading I do is actually audiobooks on my commute and I finally asked my local bookstore (Volumes in Chicago!) if I could somehow buy audiobooks from them. They directed me to this app and I’m so happy that (most of) my book-buying now supports them instead of the online giant. The app update is great and you can now buy audiobooks directly in the app. My only complaint is that sometimes it seems like too many clicks to continue listening to a book I’ve been listening to. But if I’m using Bluetooth headphones it starts playing automatically as soon as I put them in, so it’s not really a big deal.

R138, Jun 10, 2021
Ditch Audible and support local bookstores!

The app functionality is overall pretty great. I love the curated list from different bookstore employees and the recommendations are always on point. I love that I can now see my wish list in the app and, if I have credits, purchase most books right in the app. What would shift this from a four star review to a five star review would be if I could purchase books that don’t accept a book credit for purchase. Most do, but some don’t.

Sillyspot, Jul 18, 2021
Recent update needs work

Play stops when the iPhone goes to sleep or when you open another app. You have to continually wake up the phone to keep it playing. I often listen to a book while working on another app but I can’t do that any more. Also when using the sleep timer it stops abruptly, even in the middle of a word. Better to fade out gently like the A app.

Teri9999, May 06, 2021
App stops when phone sleeps

I’ve had a good experience so far with customer service (I bought a book in Spanish by accident and they refunded me) and for the usability of the app. Except for one big issue, that unfortunately will be a game changer if I can’t get it fixed- the app stops playing when my phone screen turns off. If I can’t listen without constantly have to turn my screen back on, I will have to get rid of the service. It’s hard to relax and listen when it’s cutting off every 3 minutes.

Tscully, Mar 06, 2022
Buggy forward & backward skip, losing my place

Ok, in general I’m a fan of this app and enjoy using it! Recently, though, it’s gotten very annoying how frequently the app will forget my location and jump back to a previous location. I’m currently listening to a title that’s over 24 hours long, so losing my place & having to find it again is getting very old. In addition, the app seems to “freeze” its tracking. I’ll try to use the forward or back skip buttons in the iOS Control Center, and it won’t work. Then I’ll go to the app itself, and the app will be stuck at 0:00 on a certain chapter, even though the story keeps playing. I won’t be able to skip forward or back, either using buttons or the scrub bar. It’ll often continue to have the same problem even if I force quit & restart the app. Weirdly, placing a bookmark helps kick the app into tracking where the audio actually is, and reactivates the forward & back features. While I’m on here complaining, there’s a QOL thing I’d really love to see from this app! I’d really love to start listening to books while they’re still downloading. The Audible app has this feature, and so does my most used podcast app. Please make it so I can start listening before the entire book is downloaded!!

Violinknitter, Jun 03, 2022


Libro.fm makes it possible for you to buy audiobooks through your local bookstore, giving you the power to keep money within your local economy, create local jobs, and make a difference in your community. Choose from more than 250,000 audiobooks on Libro.fm, including bestsellers and bookseller picks, and your audiobook purchases are synced with the app immediately so you can start listening right away. If you ever have questions, feedback, or just want a good audiobook recommendation, you can reach out to us at [email protected], and a real, audiobook-loving human will get back to you.

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